Friday, February 22, 2019

Nyepi 2019, silent day without internet and television broadcasts

Religious assemblies in Bali again agreed to propose a 24-hour internet halt during the Nyepi Holy Day on the 7th of March. The Bali Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) along with the Bali Provincial Government and the Bali DPRD signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the appeal not to broadcast and relay broadcasts during the Nyepi day on March 7.

The purpose of terminating the internet was the same as what was done last year, so that Hindus can be solemn to carry out Nyepi day and keep no provocation, no bad words on social media that are not good when Nyepi day. Nyepi in previous years often appeared slander, utterances of hatred, and insulting words sent by irresponsible people on social media, even leading to fights. The hate speech about Nyepi in Bali is sent via social media and the internet. So that there arises resentment and slander between religious people in Bali.

Even though the internet will be turned off for 24 hours on Nyepi day, it does not apply to the interests of government facilities, hospitals, airports, security and other vital public facilities. The internet will be accessible in these places, for example hospitals to access insurance services whose data is internet based.

Not only the internet will be turned off during Nyepi, also television and radio broadcasts. Stopping all television and radio broadcast activities in Bali has been carried out in the last few years, and it is very effective and without contra.