Monday, December 4, 2017

TripsAdvisor: Bali is the best and most popular tourist destanation in the world

Bali is the best

When volcanoes in Bali erupt and disrupt the arrival and return of tourists in Bali, contrary to that just released several of the most popular and best destinations, the best hotels, the best amusement parks, the best restaurants and some of the best ratings by TripAdvisor user choices from around the world on 2017.

From the release released by TripAdvisor, Bali is one of the preferred users of TripAdvisor as the world's most popular tourist destination. Not only this time, already from recent years Bali was selected as the island's best tourist destination. It can not be denied, because Bali has many reasons to be the best. Cheap, whatever there is, whatever there is, anything close, fun, Balinese are very friendly, culture well preserved, safe, father of choice hotels and villas.

As quoted from TripAdvisor, the following 7 most popular destinations of the world, including one of which is ranked the top is the island of Bali, Indonesia.
1. Bali, Indonesia
2. London, United Kingdom
3. Paris, France
4. Rome, Italy
5. New York City, USA
6. Crete, Greece
7. Barselona, Spain