Saturday, December 2, 2017

The latest update of the volcano eruption in Bali, looks calm

Update about the volcano in Bali, Gunung Agung

Live camera monitoring activity of Mount Agung

Mount Agung is always a concern. The latest update on the volcano in Bali today is what is visible and observable by naked eye, that this volcano looks very calm. Only a whitewasm of visible white smoke, without the usual massive ash blast as it erupted on November 25, 2017 until the next several days.

The latest information from the relevant authorities on the volcano in Bali, after two shaken overscale tremors, the activity of Mount Agung is now beginning to calm down. Since Thursday November 30, 2017 to Friday 1 December 2017, Mount Agung only issued white smoke as high as 1500-2000 meters above the peak. The latest update shows a sign that the mountain is still resting, almost the same as the eruption in September 2017, initially occurred a cloud of smoke with hundreds of earthquakes, but a few days later returned to calm.

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Head of Sub-Division for Mitigation of the Eastern Volcanoes of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) explained that from monitoring PVMBG, Gunung Agung was observed to emit a cloud of white smoke. The information and updates of this volcano in Bali will continue to be submitted. So people do not panic when there is greater activity on Mount Agung in Bali.

The condition of the volcano in Bali is not like a few days ago, when the highest mountain in Bali was always spraying dark, dark-colored volcanic ash. This latest update can certainly confuse citizens and related authorities. Because the residents are already waiting, but Mount Agung looks more calm at this time.

Although the latest update on the eruption activity of Mount Agung appears calm, the relevant authorities explain that activity inside the crater of the mountain continues to occur. It is recorded on a device that records an ongoing tremor shock. Small and large earthquakes can be felt up to several kilometers from the top of the mountain. This earthquake shows that the mountain is still active and can erupt at any time. The existence of magma movement inside the mountain urges upward. Although it can not be observed from a mountain monitoring site, the effusion or growth of lava to the surface of the crater is still ongoing. Based on the results of earthquake recording.

The latest update on Friday night about the condition of volcanoes in Bali, that earthquake shook Karangasem regency on Friday night approximately at 09:54 pm. An earthquake of magnitude 3.5 SR occurred at 8.27 LS - 115.64 east longitude (17 kilometers northeast of Karangasem). An earthquake with a depth of 6 kilometers was estimated related to the activity of Mount Agung. Although it is located far from the top of the mountain. Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG), does not dismiss if the earthquake is related to the activity of Mount Agung. Although the location is quite far from the mountain.

Based on the latest update about the volcano, about the earthquake that occurred east of Karangasem regency as far as 17 kilometers, it is clear that the magma in the earth is very unstable and move the earth's crust. It also shows that there are still many magma still pressing the earth's crust in Bali, so it can exit through Mount Agung, the highest volcano in Bali.

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