Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pacha Festival 2017 will be held in Bali

Pacha Festival 2017 will be held in Bali

Pacha Festival
If you like Electronic Dance Music (EDM), be ready to welcome is Pacha Festival Bali 2017 which will be held at Anantara Resort, Seminyak, Bali on Friday, August 18, 2017. Will feature nine international disk jockeys from various countries ready to make the fans Parties to entertain, jumping and partying.

The nine DJs to be present in the Pacha Festival are Steve Angello, Fedde Le Grand, Roger Sachez, Leroy Styles, Patrix Johnson, Danny Wade, Justin Strikes, Moski Love and James Sullivan. Also two local DJs that have been famous in Indonesia. The two DJs also joined to give a taste of the archipelago at the Pacha Festival 2017 in Bali. The two local DJs are Dipha Barus and JYAP.

Pacha Festival Bali 2017 will be the first Pacha festival held in Southeast Asia. Previously, this festival has been a success for five years vibrating tens of thousands of party goers in Amsterdam and has been successful in the title last year in Tokyo.

Bali was chosen as the first Pacha Festival location in Southeast Asia, as Bali is the perfect place to bring the Pacha-style cheer. Bali Indonesia also has a beautiful panorama with a charming Seminyak beach, and is believed to hypnotize party goers to enjoy the music of the DJs.

In Bali a few years ago has been successfully held various international-level festivals. Similar festivals have also been held in Bali Dreamfield. Currently a similar festival will also be held in the area of ​​Kuta, Pacha Festival 2017.

All the first phase tickets have been sold. Currently, ticket sales enter the second period, and there will be a third stage at a slightly more expensive price. Parties Maxima Entertainment also provides VIP tickets, including tax and handling free. And for those who want to feel the intimacy with a close friend is also available VIP package for five people.