Monday, June 5, 2017

Japanese surfers were killed while surfing in Kuta

News sorrow of Kuta, Katayanagi Susumu (50) surfer from Japan died while surfing in Kuta Beach, Badung Bali. Katayanagi was killed by sea waves as high as two meters. The victim had been rushed to the hospital, but his life was not saved.

Information collected, before the wave crashed, Katayanagi Susumu do the game approximately 15 minutes. At that time the weather was not very good, the wind is very fast with very high ocean waves, sea water rate is also very fast.

At that time, the waves are more than 2 meters above the surfers, to make the victim rolled up and not seen again by his colleagues. The new victim was found already in a state of limp crashed ketepian beach approximately 10 minutes later.

Katayanagi Susumu died of too much water, causing her lungs to not function properly. Once found on the beach, the victim's body was evacuated to Sanglah General Hospital for a visum.