Monday, March 27, 2017

Ogoh-ogoh parade in 2017


Nyepi: Ogoh-ogoh 2017 parade
Ogoh-ogoh 2017

Nyepi 2017 celebration this year is a very good and full of joy. Because there is no negative issues and bad sentiment that accompanied the celebration of Nyepi. The issue of terror bombing, politically unstable. Usually political tension and insecurity always become an obstacle to creativity and comfort in the celebration of Nyepi, particularly in the implementation of ogoh-ogoh parade. Because the ogoh-ogoh parade always involves a lot of people.

Ogoh-ogoh parade in 2017 has been running well and safely. Not bad happened, although there was a small commotion between the youth in the village, but it can be overcome with a good and peaceful. Ogoh-ogoh parade this year is more calm and quiet. Not too buoyant and jorjoran. Because the parade this year is more kengedepankan sense of saving and economical.

The government is very enthusiastic in supporting the implementation of ogoh-ogoh parade in 2017. Starting from the village government, district governments in Bali to give full support to the implementation of the parade. Government to provide financial assistance, and create competition to pay tribute to the youth, who make ogoh-ogoh with creativity and high artistic value. Competition ogoh-ogoh has become something that must be implemented to give passion and creativity of the youth.

Now ogoh-ogoh with organic raw materials become a trend. Although not all the boys want to use organic materials to make ogoh-ogoh, because it is difficult to form the ogoh-ogoh be nicer and attractive. The organic material is actually very accessible and cheap. The Balinese have high creativity in utilizing the objects around to serve as objects of high artistic value, also in terms of making ogoh-ogoh.

Now ogoh-ogoh are no longer traditional. In making the ogoh-ogoh now been combined with electronic sensors, mechanical movement, decorative lights. Not only the determination of the color, material or high, people are now beginning to make ogoh-ogoh using sensor technology electronic sounds. So ogoh-ogoh more impressed sophisticated and attractive.

Now many ogoh-ogoh use environmentally friendly materials, made of natural materials, such as the use of bamboo in the manufacture of the frame, foliage, starch glue and natural or organic dyes.

From the data, the ogoh-ogoh paraded around Bali there are thousands of them. Denpasar as much as 1121, 1380 in Buleleng, Gianyar 1355, and 894 in Tabanan, Klungkung about 400 of ogoh-ogoh, 380 in Karangasem, Bangli 372, 645 of ogoh-ogoh in Jembrana, and Badung is 532. This does not include the ogoh-ogoh are made individually by small groups of youth, independently without coordinated government.

Nyepi: Ogoh-ogoh 2017 parade