Sunday, March 26, 2017

In the past, Bali has a beautiful rural nature and soothing

Bali villages (Ubud Seminyak Kuta)

Ubud Bali is known as a very nice village. Ubud also has a nice rice fields. Kuta yore is a very quiet fishing village, also seminyak. Nusa Dua is more quiet and calm. Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Ubud is now very crowded and very soothing.

Bali is now very different from the time immemorial. In ancient times nature is still very friendly with and very calming. Peace is still a very common thing. Without competition which can lead to disputes. The natural feel of the village is still strongly felt throughout the islands. Very fresh air without pollution, the trees still decorate the back of the house. The road is always quiet, only the sound of barking dogs, without a vehicle, a sign of commotion. Sounds of birds are common. Birds flitted from tree to another. Butterflies are easy to find. Dragonflies always be an ornamental ceiling.

Village in Bali
Bali is the island that is very dense population. Almost on all sides of the island were crowded with citizens. In fact, high mountains with vast caldera, has been overrun by the population. All roads in Bali are always traffic jams. Air pollution is a matter of course. The noise of a vehicle on the highway is a bully ears. The villages in Bali has now turned into a stuffy and crowded by residents. Almost all the area with an access road has been overrun by the population.

Today many villages in Bali has been tapped as a tourist destination. Tourism is growing and becoming a part of the population lives in Bali. Remote villages are often targeted development by the government, to explore the potential of new tourism. It can indeed provide benefits in terms of economy. However, the changes will have an impact on the natural atmosphere of the village. Because the village has been turned into a tourist destination will be crowded. Many of the vehicles going towards the village. So as to bring a new crowd, apart from the crowds in a distant city.

Village in Bali on yore have a life that is very united with nature. The forests are preserved and become a very sacred place. The river is still clean without litter, with very clear water. Formerly rivers have water discharge very much. The fields surrounding the village is very easy to get water. Water was plentiful facilitate the planning of planting rice. Forests are preserved and still has a lot of trees are the factors that make the river have water discharge very much. Villagers do not have to worry about if you want to drink the river water. Because the clean river water would not poison the villagers.

Vast rice fields around the village a sight that soothes the soul. Formerly the rice fields are a common sight at the back of the house. Because the fields are the place where people work to create a source of food. Not only fields, gardens behind the house with supporting plant life, is also a natural green plants to the village.