Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bar girls in Bali

Bar girls in BaliBar girls is part of a decoy customer, so that people can be interested and comfortable hanging out at the bar. Barmaid is work still needed. In Bali there are plenty of places to hang out. Bars and cafes in number more and more, so people have a lot of choices of places to hang out. Needs of workers to bars and cafes is increasing, especially working women, girls or young women attractive is the most sought after.Bars and cafes in Bali is perceived differently by the people of Bali, depending on where and what is provided by the bar / cafe, as well as what kind of working girls / young women in the bar. In the case of tourist centers of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, bars and cafes are common. Locals also assess cafe and bar is a great place to hang out and fun. Because it has the feel of a really make at home, by hiring young girls are beautiful, good music, and a selection of drinks and the food was delicious.

Bar girls in BaliDifferent things in the area of ​​West Bali and the region that is not a center of tourism, and is not a tourist destination area. Bars and cafes in the region is seen as a bad place by many people. It was very reasonable, because most of the bars and cafes in this area only provide high alcoholic beverages, the bar girls who look sensual. People who visit the bar / cafe are men who get drunk and play women. So that the image of the waitress bar / cafe to be very bad in this area.Many bar girls in Bali brought in from outside Bali, particularly in Java.  Bar / cafe girls is usually the girls who are already accustomed to working in places with lots of naughty boys. They did not hesitate to work as a waitress bar / cafe. So the impression naughty girl has become a bad image of themselves. Cewek kafe is the name for the girl who works at the bar / cafe in this area. If people hear about a job as cewek kafe, then they will assume that the girls working as maids naughty boy who likes drunk at the cafe.

Cewek kafe (bar girls) are girls who work in cafes / bars in Bali which is considered bad with her image as a seducer of men, and can be taken out as an entertaining girl. They are often viewed poorly by the residents. It is reasonable, because a lot of the story that says that many men who have been married have saved the girl who works as a barmaid / café, cewekkafe. Men like this often chaotic lives, because they have to take care of the two women in his life, namely his wife and maid in the cafe. There was even a man who had to have two wives, the first wife and the girl bar / cafe.

Balinese Girls are rarely willing to work as bar girls. Because the image as bar girls are very bad. Although there are Balinese girl who works in a bar or cafe, they would choose a bar and a cafe with a good image. Bar which is providing a service to people who want to hang out, not the ones that come with lust and want to do nasty.