Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bar girls in Bali

Bar girls in BaliBar girls is part of a decoy customer, so that people can be interested and comfortable hanging out at the bar. Barmaid is work still needed. In Bali there are plenty of places to hang out. Bars and cafes in number more and more, so people have a lot of choices of places to hang out. Needs of workers to bars and cafes is increasing, especially working women, girls or young women attractive is the most sought after.Bars and cafes in Bali is perceived differently by the people of Bali, depending on where and what is provided by the bar / cafe, as well as what kind of working girls / young women in the bar. In the case of tourist centers of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, bars and cafes are common. Locals also assess cafe and bar is a great place to hang out and fun. Because it has the feel of a really make at home, by hiring young girls are beautiful, good music, and a selection of drinks and the food was delicious.

Bar girls in BaliDifferent things in the area of ​​West Bali and the region that is not a center of tourism, and is not a tourist destination area. Bars and cafes in the region is seen as a bad place by many people. It was very reasonable, because most of the bars and cafes in this area only provide high alcoholic beverages, the bar girls who look sensual. People who visit the bar / cafe are men who get drunk and play women. So that the image of the waitress bar / cafe to be very bad in this area.Many bar girls in Bali brought in from outside Bali, particularly in Java.  Bar / cafe girls is usually the girls who are already accustomed to working in places with lots of naughty boys. They did not hesitate to work as a waitress bar / cafe. So the impression naughty girl has become a bad image of themselves. Cewek kafe is the name for the girl who works at the bar / cafe in this area. If people hear about a job as cewek kafe, then they will assume that the girls working as maids naughty boy who likes drunk at the cafe.

Cewek kafe (bar girls) are girls who work in cafes / bars in Bali which is considered bad with her image as a seducer of men, and can be taken out as an entertaining girl. They are often viewed poorly by the residents. It is reasonable, because a lot of the story that says that many men who have been married have saved the girl who works as a barmaid / café, cewekkafe. Men like this often chaotic lives, because they have to take care of the two women in his life, namely his wife and maid in the cafe. There was even a man who had to have two wives, the first wife and the girl bar / cafe.

Balinese Girls are rarely willing to work as bar girls. Because the image as bar girls are very bad. Although there are Balinese girl who works in a bar or cafe, they would choose a bar and a cafe with a good image. Bar which is providing a service to people who want to hang out, not the ones that come with lust and want to do nasty. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Australian woman dies after drinking 27 cups of vodka

An Australian woman died in a complex of luxury villas in Seminyak, Bali. The woman named Jean Simmons dies after drinking vodka. She had been drinking up to 27 cups of vodka. Not yet known the exact cause of death of the woman. The woman is 38 years old.

The mother of five children died on Sunday (26/3) early morning local time. The woman stayed in one of Peppers Seminyak villa with two female friends who comes from Queensland, Australia.

According to police, the victim and his friends drank vodka in their villa at around 21:00 on Sunday (26/3). He is believed to have been drinking about 21 cups of liquor and then drank six glasses of vodka again in the evening.

Shortly after the victim vomited and then fainted. When the heartbeat is weak and face and his lips turned blue. Friends of the victim tried to help him by giving artificial respiration. A doctor arrived at about 0:13 pm local time, but the doctors failed to save the lives of victims.

Local police are still investigating the cause of death. Police are seeking to do an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death. But this time police Bali still awaiting approval from the victim's family for the autopsy.

Ogoh-ogoh parade in 2017


Nyepi: Ogoh-ogoh 2017 parade
Ogoh-ogoh 2017

Nyepi 2017 celebration this year is a very good and full of joy. Because there is no negative issues and bad sentiment that accompanied the celebration of Nyepi. The issue of terror bombing, politically unstable. Usually political tension and insecurity always become an obstacle to creativity and comfort in the celebration of Nyepi, particularly in the implementation of ogoh-ogoh parade. Because the ogoh-ogoh parade always involves a lot of people.

Ogoh-ogoh parade in 2017 has been running well and safely. Not bad happened, although there was a small commotion between the youth in the village, but it can be overcome with a good and peaceful. Ogoh-ogoh parade this year is more calm and quiet. Not too buoyant and jorjoran. Because the parade this year is more kengedepankan sense of saving and economical.

The government is very enthusiastic in supporting the implementation of ogoh-ogoh parade in 2017. Starting from the village government, district governments in Bali to give full support to the implementation of the parade. Government to provide financial assistance, and create competition to pay tribute to the youth, who make ogoh-ogoh with creativity and high artistic value. Competition ogoh-ogoh has become something that must be implemented to give passion and creativity of the youth.

Now ogoh-ogoh with organic raw materials become a trend. Although not all the boys want to use organic materials to make ogoh-ogoh, because it is difficult to form the ogoh-ogoh be nicer and attractive. The organic material is actually very accessible and cheap. The Balinese have high creativity in utilizing the objects around to serve as objects of high artistic value, also in terms of making ogoh-ogoh.

Now ogoh-ogoh are no longer traditional. In making the ogoh-ogoh now been combined with electronic sensors, mechanical movement, decorative lights. Not only the determination of the color, material or high, people are now beginning to make ogoh-ogoh using sensor technology electronic sounds. So ogoh-ogoh more impressed sophisticated and attractive.

Now many ogoh-ogoh use environmentally friendly materials, made of natural materials, such as the use of bamboo in the manufacture of the frame, foliage, starch glue and natural or organic dyes.

From the data, the ogoh-ogoh paraded around Bali there are thousands of them. Denpasar as much as 1121, 1380 in Buleleng, Gianyar 1355, and 894 in Tabanan, Klungkung about 400 of ogoh-ogoh, 380 in Karangasem, Bangli 372, 645 of ogoh-ogoh in Jembrana, and Badung is 532. This does not include the ogoh-ogoh are made individually by small groups of youth, independently without coordinated government.

Nyepi: Ogoh-ogoh 2017 parade

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Creepy appearance on Rangda

Rangda is the embodiment of ancestral spirits are applied in the form of masks and usually part of traditional rituals and religion in Bali. Embodiments of Rangda in Bali not only as a ritual supplies, also part of the tourist attractions. Rangda dance is one of the most desirable dances to be witnessed in Bali.

Views rangda always made creepy, with long fangs, big teeth, long hair, bulging eyes, a look awful. Rangda looks creepy as possible so that anyone who saw that had a feeling of fear. If they are afraid, it will not underestimate the ability of Rangda. If the insects are not sinister, perhaps people will dump the embodiment of ancestral spirits.

In the temple, the insects and the symbol is the embodiment of ancestral spirits. Placed in the most considered sacred, and maintained well. Each implementation of a temple ceremony, insects have always been part of the ritual. Embodiment Rangda become a symbol of the spirit lelehur presence at the temple. At a certain point, sometimes insects temple in traction. Insects dance in the temple will evoke mystique and austere. In fact, sometimes there are people who become hysterical see Rangda dance.

If the places of tourist performances, insects danced with a concept and a specific theme. Some insects also accompanied by a dance another dance, or even accompanied by supernatural attractions, show of force by piercing a sharp object into the body of a dancer, but without causing injuries. Rangda dance is also usually accompanied by a barong dance.

In specific terms, the figure of Rangda is the embodiment of ancestral spirits who protect the citizens. But in other respects, Rangda figure became a symbol of evil, evil, negative things that interfere with human life.

Bali is the best tourist destinations in the world by TripAdvisor

Bali beach and sunset
Beach in Bali
TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards, 2017, Bali obtain high marks in the results of the calculation, using an algorithm that takes into account the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants, and attractions in tourist destinations all over the world, collected over a period of 12 months, as well as reservations conducted through the TripAdvisor website. A ranking of the island of Bali as a tourist destination in the world for 2017, beating several other famous destinations such as London, Paris, Rome, and New York City.

Not only as the best destanasi, this calculation also produces the world's finest hotels. Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Ubud, Bali, occupying the second position in the category of the Best Hotels in the World.

Here is a list of Top 25 Destinations in the World winner TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards 2017:

Bali, Indonesia
London, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Rome, Italy
New York City, New York
Crete, Greece
Barcelona, ​​Spain
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Prague, Czech Republic
Phuket, Thailand
Istanbul, Turkey
Hoi An, Vietnam
St. Petersbug, Russia
Roatan, Bay Islands
Marrakech, Morocco
Ambergris Caye, Belize Cayes
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
St-Martin / St Maarten
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Kathmandu, Nepal
Bora Bora, Society Islands
Cusco, Peru

Each year, Bali has always got good ratings in nomination as best destination travel destination. Bali is a great and satisfying island as a tourist destination. Any requested exists in Bali. Bali presents many tourist options. From the mountains to the sea. Close, inexpensive, and easily accessible.

The Balinese woman in tradition

Balinese girls grow into women. Growth is going through a lot of experience and journey. Following the prevailing culture and traditions living environment. That emotion faced by women in Bali.

Balinese women in Bali and tradition
Tradition in Bali is very strongly associated with the presence of women. Without women, the tradition in Bali would not maintained properly, it will likely become extinct due to changes in the era of increasingly advanced and filled with everything very practical. Women are the most important part in maintaining the tradition and culture in Bali.

Bali has many unique traditions. So as to foster a culture that still exist today. Culture in Bali is one of the strengths of existence Bali as a tourist destination island were very famous. The unique culture that grow with the tradition, into Bali continue to improve and bring a uniqueness that can not be found in any country of residence, only in Bali and will continue to exist until the earth is destroyed.

Balinese women ranging from children, girls, to grandmothers, all very instrumental in keeping the tradition and culture in Bali. They do a lot of things related to religion, ritual, and many things in the life of a family will consider the traditions and culture that has been passed to date. Women Balinese also be key in maintaining harmony in the life of the Balinese.

Since childhood, the Balinese women have been taught to be alive and able to grow into the traditions and culture that flourished in Bali. Many of the activities of religious ceremonies and rituals involving minor female role in it. Young girls were taught how to maintain cultural traditions and, indirectly, the existence of culture and tradition that is maintained by the Bali since childhood. Although they did not realize what they have done to Bali.

Men also have to keep the feeling and the pride of the women. For the attention of men to women is very important. If the woman feels humiliated, the culture and tradition in Bali will be destroyed quickly. Because of the cultural life in Bali is very complicated and difficult to do without the presence of women.

Culture is a very important part to the existence of Bali. The tradition in various aspects of life must be maintained to keep growing well. If tradition and culture did not chime well. Then Bali will be abandoned by tourists. As tourism is the main income and the most promising of the citizens of the Balinese economy. Bali without tradition and culture will be the island without economic good. Bali without women would destroy the traditions and culture that has grown and developed long ago.

Girl Balinese are rarely willing to work as bar girls. Because the image as bar girls are very bad. Although there are Balinese girl who works in a bar or cafe, they would choose a bar and a cafe with a good image. Bar which is providing a service to people who want to hang out, not the ones that come with lust and want to do nasty.

Beach with garbage is still a serious problem in Bali

Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, Canggu Beach, Legian Beach, and several other famous beaches in Bali is a gathering place for the garbage during the rainy season.

The garbage on the beach are a common sight in Bali. There are still many beaches in Bali has continuously accumulate garbage and more. Although at several beaches in the area have had a clean beach, but during the rainy season bins will adorn many beaches in places famous tourist destinations, such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, even in the beach area of Nusa Dua. Trash on the beach came from the river brought by the floods.

West Bali region, trash on the beach come from homes of people living along the coast. The fishermen who live along the coast are less concerned with cleanliness. That keep the beaches are kept clean to provide a better atmosphere and beautiful. Most of the fishermen living in poverty. So less attention to hygiene problems. Throwing rubbish around the beach which becomes a habit. Though landfills can be made easily behind the house, or with burn all garbage owned.

Not only from the communities living close to the beach, trash on the beach is also derived from the rituals performed at the beach. As in the coastal region around Pura Goa Lawah, ritual activities at the beach almost every day carried out at the venue. Ritual ceremony means submerge into the sea is something that is often done. So a lot of the remnants of ritual activities that will be stacked on the shore and a sight is not good.

Every year when the rains come, along the southern coast of Bali as Seminyak, Kuta, Uluwatu always crowded with trash floating in the ocean, scattered on the beach, making anyone who would be disgusted to see garbage in tourist attractions. Trash can undo the tourists to relax on the beach may intend to surfing or just sun bathing on the beach, but canceled because of the problem of garbage strewn on the beach.

Trash is not something that is desirable for the island paradise known as a tourist destination. There must be strong action and awareness of the whole society to be able to deal with this problem. Plastic waste is the biggest problem in Bali. Plastic Trash clogs waterways. A study which said Indonesia is the second largest marine polluters in the world after China. The rapid growth of plastic waste globally threatened marine life and death variety of sea life.

Local authorities should be committed to policies related to plastic waste. Suppose that by educating the public with regulations to reduce the use of plastic, promoted a trash in its place. We all know that it is very difficult to find trash in the area around the beach. It really must be considered. Local authorities should put bins in every corner of the coastal areas, especially places that are crowded by people, so that they are not difficult to dispose of waste.

In the past, Bali has a beautiful rural nature and soothing

Bali villages (Ubud Seminyak Kuta)

Ubud Bali is known as a very nice village. Ubud also has a nice rice fields. Kuta yore is a very quiet fishing village, also seminyak. Nusa Dua is more quiet and calm. Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Ubud is now very crowded and very soothing.

Bali is now very different from the time immemorial. In ancient times nature is still very friendly with and very calming. Peace is still a very common thing. Without competition which can lead to disputes. The natural feel of the village is still strongly felt throughout the islands. Very fresh air without pollution, the trees still decorate the back of the house. The road is always quiet, only the sound of barking dogs, without a vehicle, a sign of commotion. Sounds of birds are common. Birds flitted from tree to another. Butterflies are easy to find. Dragonflies always be an ornamental ceiling.

Village in Bali
Bali is the island that is very dense population. Almost on all sides of the island were crowded with citizens. In fact, high mountains with vast caldera, has been overrun by the population. All roads in Bali are always traffic jams. Air pollution is a matter of course. The noise of a vehicle on the highway is a bully ears. The villages in Bali has now turned into a stuffy and crowded by residents. Almost all the area with an access road has been overrun by the population.

Today many villages in Bali has been tapped as a tourist destination. Tourism is growing and becoming a part of the population lives in Bali. Remote villages are often targeted development by the government, to explore the potential of new tourism. It can indeed provide benefits in terms of economy. However, the changes will have an impact on the natural atmosphere of the village. Because the village has been turned into a tourist destination will be crowded. Many of the vehicles going towards the village. So as to bring a new crowd, apart from the crowds in a distant city.

Village in Bali on yore have a life that is very united with nature. The forests are preserved and become a very sacred place. The river is still clean without litter, with very clear water. Formerly rivers have water discharge very much. The fields surrounding the village is very easy to get water. Water was plentiful facilitate the planning of planting rice. Forests are preserved and still has a lot of trees are the factors that make the river have water discharge very much. Villagers do not have to worry about if you want to drink the river water. Because the clean river water would not poison the villagers.

Vast rice fields around the village a sight that soothes the soul. Formerly the rice fields are a common sight at the back of the house. Because the fields are the place where people work to create a source of food. Not only fields, gardens behind the house with supporting plant life, is also a natural green plants to the village.