Friday, February 12, 2016

Weather in Bali is always with the rain became a flood

Rain and flooding are most frequent in Bali related to bad weather with a variety of natural disasters.

Weather in Bali at this time is not good for a vacation in Bali. Rain always happens every day, all day, without a foreseeable. Bad weather with typhoons cause natural disasters. Trees felled by the hurricane resulted from traffic flow to be disrupted. Hurricane very rainy in Bali is very common during bad weather.

Buleleng flash floods due to bad weather in Bali today. The houses on the edge sungan be damaged, destroyed. Roads were cut off, it becomes difficult to go into a disaster area. The provincial government has be to relocate the residents who live along the river were affected by natural disasters. Natural disasters flash floods are very frequent in Buleleng, because the forest in Buleleng has been damaged due to illegal logging and illegal logging in the forest.

Vacation to Bali would be disrupted by bad weather conditions with rain and hurricanes. Because of attractions in Bali is for outdoor excursions. To get to the attractions then have to use a car or motorbike. In case of rain, the road in Bali will be traffic jams. So it is very hard to pass. Cars will be difficult to pass and can not interfere with holiday activities in Bali. Due to the holiday in Bali is very dependent on the weather conditions are good or bad.

Every day the sky was covered by dark clouds coming from water vapor. Dark clouds in the sky over the sun. Every day Bali was dark, as if the darkness was enveloping the island. This kind of weather is expected to continue until early March 2016. It is a long and troubling. Whereas last year the Bali hit by drought very long. Now the rainy season, causing widespread flooding everywhere.

Floods occur everywhere in Bali. Weather in Bali at this time was the rain that continues to happen every day, all day, every time, without stopping. Flooding occurs almost in all regions and districts in Bali. Denpasar and Badung is the city's most routinely flooded during the rainy season. Because the settlements in the city are very solid but with very poor drainage system.

Kuta as the center of tourism in Bali is also a place that is always flooded during the rainy season. When the weather in Bali is getting worse with heavy rains, the flood must have occurred at the corner of the city. Small alleys without a drainage system that will surely get flooded during the rainy season.