Thursday, February 25, 2016

The negative impact of tourism on the environment and local wisdom in Bali

The tourism industry is a clear positive impact in terms of the economy, also have negative impacts on all aspects of life in Bali. The negative impact is most keenly felt by residents of Bali is the destruction of the environment and cultural changes.

Environment in Bali is everything to be around people who live on the island of Bali, and affect the lives of citizens of the Balinese, directly or indirectly, from the negative impact of very small to very large negative impact. From the description of the environment, describing that the environment has an important role in the life of the Balinese people. If the environment in Bali damaged by the negative impacts of tourism, the residents of the Balinese people who will feel the impact. However, the current environmental problems in Bali is a problem that most often occurs in the life of the Balinese people. Although much has been learned that the environment is a very important part in the lives of humans, but humans are still not prioritizing environmental sustainability as a priority in the development of all sectors, especially the tourism sector in Bali's most threatening environmental sustainability and natural. Environmental problems are problems experienced by all countries in the world, including Bali as the island is not only famous because of local knowledge, but also the scenery supported by state of the natural environment of Bali.

Bali as a world tourism destination, facing a difficult situation and in doubt, due to the negative impact of the tourism industry. Globalization makes people tend to be human individualist and consumerist impressed, so trying to get what it needs to process natural resources without regard to environmental sustainability. This is causing many environmental problems faced and have a negative impact on all sectors, ranging from the industrial sector and the tourism sector. Pollution and contamination is one of the negative impacts and become like a tradition that is always there in the corners of the city. Damage to the environment is also an impact on the flora and fauna because their habitats are disturbed so that makes shortages for some populations. The tourism industry can provide positive and negative impacts for Bali.

One of the negative impacts of tourism in Bali is globalization, making large-scale development of profitability without regard to environmental conservation. Pollution on water, soil, and air caused by development that exploit resources that lead to reduced soil fertility, irrigation stunted, as well as air pollution is getting worse. Piles of garbage everywhere, the result of the behavior patterns of society create pollution and environmental damage. In addition, the development of tourism in Bali has a negative impact on the physical environment that is easily visible dikawasana waters, soil, or air.

The negative impact on the tourism industry is the rapid growth of property development. Thus, the area of ​​forest cleared for tourism facilities, it has an impact on the preservation of the environment in Bali. If the entire forest area is cut down and used for tourism purposes as well as the exclusion of forest functions, will bring negative impact is very bad for the life of the Balinese people, such as floods and landslides. So that although the purpose of development of tourism facilities, but the negative impact this can certainly be a boomerang deadly for Bali tourism.

The negative impact resulting from the tourism industry in Bali's most visible is conversion. Expanse of agricultural land has now turned into buildings, villas, shopping malls, and hotels, built with the override function of the land. Many of productive land were transformed to enable just for tourism development. Just look at the tourist area of ​​Ubud, Gianyar Bali as well as the southern region, and other places in Bali. Many tourist attraction built by utilizing the productive land. Not only that, the development of tourism often displace or disrupt the presence of the holy places. This is an increasingly implies that the progress of science and technology in this era make more and more people are guided by the interests of each and the race for profit as much as possible and ignore the environment in which we live. Not only that, people also further eroded the moral and cultural values ​​in the building of tourism facilities so that the exclusion of the customs and cultures and beliefs held by citizens of the Balinese.

Many construction of accommodation and tourism in Bali did not pay attention to the customs and cultures that have run on Bali. Development of tourism accommodation is often put aside the concept of Tri Hita Karana, namely the human relationship with God, man's relationship to man, and man's relationship with the environment. Often accommodation and tourist attraction built on a strategic place, as well as imposing building with a background image only, without seeing the trust that the citizens of the Balinese, causing problems and friction with communities around the construction, related to the development of tourism, accommodation, restaurants, bars, and cafes in Bali. Also the development of tourism accommodation ruin places that are considered sacred by the people around, so the disruption in traditional ceremonies and religious processions. For example, a tourist attraction that closed the beach area in Bali and closing function of the beach as a sacred place for the people of Bali in conducting traditional ceremonies and religious processions. Padaha beach has become a ritual by the Balinese since dahuli time, and it must be respected.

Changes over the function of productive land for agriculture, are now mostly used for construction of uncontrolled and unsupervised well. These conditions have a negative impact on the environment, also have a negative impact on flora and fauna. The decreasing availability of land and a place to live for wild animals and many of them became angry, and evacuate to a safer place, and then create new problems by the animals. If the physical development of tourism only promote the beauty and the exclusion of environmental sustainability, the impact is not only on environmental pollution alone, also can disrupt ecosystems. Tourism development which also does not pay attention to public confidence in Bali, will cause a negative impact to the survival of the citizens of the Balinese.

Any damage and environmental problems that occurred in Bali is one of the negative impact caused by the absence of rules which strictly regulates the layout of the development of tourism in Bali. As well as law enforcement officers are unprepared in meninkap violations occurred. However, Bali Clean and Green program launched by the provincial government of Bali is a significant step as an attempt of the government to overcome the environmental pollution. In addition, the support of the community is very important to realize the program of the government for survival together. Society should not be easily affected by the lure of money on tourism development is not systematic, thus causing damage to the local wisdom and balance reduced.

A systematic environmental management and integrated carried out to preserve the environment and prevent pollution and environmental damage. Balancing trust and local knowledge is a key point that a government priority and the citizens of the Balinese in maintaining harmony with God, fellow human beings, and the environment as part of the successful implementation of the development of tourism and the environment in Bali.