Saturday, February 13, 2016

Swedish woman was raped in Seminyak Kuta

Swedish foreigners suspected to be victims of rape on Saturday, February 13, 2015, at about 3:30 am. The woman was raped in the area of ​​Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Bali. A rape victim is a woman with the initials AJW, 24 years old.

The rape incident started when AJW with his friend were in one minimarket in the Seminyak area. Then AJW and his friend were approached by a man (Indonesian). The man was carrying a motorcycle and offered to take AJW to the villa where she was staying. The man was dressed as a motorcycle taxi driver.

AJW is willing to transfer to the villa. However, while on the road motorcycle that brings AJW to an unknown place. Arrived at the place and AJW raped. After being raped, the woman dibonjeng again by the motorcycle taxi drivers. But amid the journey, AJW jump from motorcycles to fall into the asphalt.

When AJW fell, he cried out for help as he ran to a hotel, then ask for help to the hotel clerk at Jalan Sunset Road, Kuta. Then the hotel contacted the police and the woman was taken to the police station to get more help.