Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cheap Hotels in Kuta Beach Bali is more and more

Kuta Beach is a beautiful beach in Bali, which became the main destination for holiday travelers to Bali. Accommodation is very much available with various options. Vacation spots around Kuta Beach is also very much, make Kuta as the most preferred tourism city in the world.

Cheap Hotels in Kuta Beach Bali is more and moreNow, the hotel in Kuta Beach Bali increasing number and growing. Investor makes Kuta is a hotel development targets. Because this city is where the most visited by foreign tourists. There are thousands of tourists in Kuta, and it is a great potential for profit. Hotel is one of the most profitable investments in Kuta. With beaches that are the main assets as a decoy to tourists. The beach is very long to be developed into a hospitality area in Bali. The coastal scenery is the most sought after tourist locations while on holiday in Bali. That is why Kuta Beach be the best location to build hotels and other accommodation. One hotel in Kuta is The Playa Hotel & Villas.

Because the number of hotels in Kuta Beach Bali is more, the room price competition even more stringent. Every hotel in Kuta strive to provide the most affordable price with the best service. The price war is the most commonly heard in Bali. The price war with a growing number of hotels, impact on competition to provide the best quality services. It also affects the image of the island of Bali continues to improve in terms of availability and comfort of accommodation services. Bali island increasingly in demand as the main destination for the holidays.

Jalan Pantai Kuta BaliCheap hotels are one tourist destination for a vacation to the island of Bali. Because the cost of stay to be one of the considerations during the holidays. Bali now has many cheap hotels. Many cheap hotels in Kuta Beach is the impact of a growing number of hotels. Kuta Beach Bali is one area that can provide cheap accommodation, with the best service. Of each survey conducted by the independent media, around Kuta Beach in Bali is the best in terms of price, service, and comfort. Cheap Hotels in Kuta Beach Bali is one of the main lure tourists to holiday in Bali.

Not only is the hotel that makes Kuta Beach Bali became the city's most desirable. Also homestay, villas, boarding houses, and other small inns. This type of lodging is in high demand by tourists with a small capital. They chose the inn cost of this type in Kuta with is just to the bed and put the luggage only. No need of service, comfort is not a priority, it takes just a pretty place and secure. This type rating only spend the time to walk around, have fun, and enjoy nature outdoors. Then the inn is not important.

Kuta Beach BaliCheap Hotels in Kuta Beach is a great choice of accommodation very easily obtainable. Data are many hotels in Kuta, ranging from the location close to the beach, up in the small alleys and narrow, very easy to find cheap hotels in Kuta. Class accommodation boarding house is also very much in Kuta. Locals house also provides room to be rented by tourists with little buged, which only require a room and the room for sleep, comfort is not a priority.

Because so many cheap hotels in Kuta, five-star hotel with the best service must be willing to lower their room rates, if not inging bankrupt and sold his hotel to the other party. Make the price becomes cheaper is one way to compete in Kuta to continue to get guests to stay. Even to reduce costs, the hotel sometimes layoffs on employees, to save expenses.

Jalan Pantai Kuta BaliBali Provincial Government has issued a moratorium on new hotel development. But the moratorium is unable to stop the construction of a new hotel in Kuta Beach. In fact, there are many new hotels continue to wake up after the moratorium was issued. They argue they have got permission to construct hotel in Bali. It seems that there is foul play in the process for issuing the permit. Permit toyed with how to set the date and license number. That led to more and more cheap hotel in Kuta Beach Bali

Residents who live in the surrounding Kuta they are very uncomfortable with the construction of new hotels. High buildings are made close to home is very disturbing local residents their views. Their life was interrupted by tall buildings that block sunlight.

The proliferation of hotels in Bali, resulting in fierce competition arising between fighting hotel guests or tourists as customers. Also in Kuta and around Kuta beach. Result, various hotel pursuing a strategy to reduce the cost of management while still providing the advantages, one of which improve doing things repairs. As is commonly done is to improve the quality of service. Improving the quality to attract customers is a good thing, but in fact many hotels do not do that. In fact, more hotels are lowering prices to win the hearts of tourists both local and foreign tourists. By lowering the price, the more cheap hotels in Bali, but the quality of the service is getting worse. This has an impact on the business climate is getting worse.

If the price is cheap but do not provide good service to the guests, it will clear the lower the quality of tourism in Bali. In fact, the price of the most fantastic room, very cheap at all and surprising is the rate below 10 dollars for a 3 star class hotel room's price for star hotel is commonly found in Bali.

Growth in the number of hotels in Bali since 2014 is very much fast, like a mushroom. Hotel built not only in the near-near the beach or attractions, such as near Kuta Beach, but uneven in many big cities in Bali. The moratorium is needed to be able to build a good kualialitas hotel services, for the sake of the good image of Bali tourism. Because this time the image of tourism in Bali worsened with various problems.