Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Living in Bali, European Americans could get rich quick

Differences in the currency in Indonesia with the developed countries make a different exchange rate differences. 1 dollar can be worth 13000 rupiah in Indonesia, and it also applies to in Bali. When compared with the value of the goods, then one dollar can buy a bottle of beer favors in Bali. Very cheap for earning dollars. But if the people who earn the rupiah, it is not cheap.

Europeans and Americans who have never visited and stayed in Bali will feel shocked. They will feel themselves to be a millionaire when staying in Bali. Because the money they bring will be worth very expensive in Bali. They will find it to be very rich in Bali, and can buy whatever they want. Because the dollar alone, can be used to purchase a portion of freshfood delicious food. Food freshfood in Bali cheaper than junk food.

Foreigners living in Bali is very easy to buy the house. Because home prices in Bali is still relatively cheap. Foreigners as very rich while in Bali. Although actually in the country of origin is a normal. Many foreigners who build a business in Bali only with small capital. They make shops, inns, restaurants, bars, cafes. Only the little capital they can build a business in Bali.

Many success stories of foreigners who build a business in Bali. They become richer, even very rich after building a business in Bali. Since most tourists in Bali are strangers, then all forms of business and business is made by foreigners in Bali, definitely got success. Because they know what foreign tourists need in Bali.

Foreigners residing in Bali becomes the target of women. Indonesian women really like male strangers. Because male strangers diangkap has a wealth of very much, and are considered able to provide for them. That is why male strangers is very easy to get women in Indonesia.

In Bali everything is cheap, which is why Bali is the best island in Asia, and the second best in the world as a destination for a vacation. With a little pocket money can be as much a holiday in Bali. Everything is cheap, cheap food, cheap hotel, cheap beer, cheap souvenirs, anything cheap in Bali. Strangers would become very rich if you are in Bali.