Monday, January 25, 2016

ISIS and the threat of attack on Bali bombing in 2016 was not proven

Indonesian police chief confirms that the threats and attacks by ISIS on terror bombings in District Kabutambahan, Buleleng, Bali is not proven, and only an issue that continues to grow. Police conducted an investigation into the letters in the name of ISIS group will attack the target Bali with offices, shopping centers and tourist spots in Bali.

Attack of the ISIS presented with a letter to the government office in Buleleng Bali has been disturbing residents. Police confirmed that the threat of the Bali bomb attacks by the letter merely Bali deployment issues that citizens increasingly restless and unsettled. Police ask the public that everything is calm, as police continue to anticipate all possibilities that occur. Police have not found and have not been able to detect threats of terrorist attacks in Bali.

It is natural that people panicked by threats and issues circulating in the community. Due on January 14 telaj bomb attacks in Jakarta conducted by ISIS group. The attack in Jakarta became a serious lesson for the people of Bali to always be vigilant and careful, to minimize the possibility of bad that can happen.

The issue of attacks by groups of ISIS in Bali create conditions of security and peace in Bali became chaotic. Tourists from various countries have canceled his visit to Bali and terror-related issues circulating in the community. In fact, many tourists were forced to leave Indonesia before the vacation ends. Tourists go to his home country with an excuse to avoid the worst of acts of terrorism is often the case in Indonesia.