Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Is it appropriate if the holiday to Bali in the January to March?

Holiday in bali bad weather
Holiday in Bali is a dream of many people worldwide. Together the family holiday to Bali is the right decision, because a lot of things to do in Bali with family, children, husband / wife. Many choices attractions, playground families with many options. Restaurants range of flavors and menu. Cheap hotel with outstanding service. Also the unique culture and do not exist in any country other than in Bali. Natural shades and air in Bali provide a different experience for all members of the family while on vacation. See also: Cultural and religious attractions in 2016, the holiday feel of the real Bali.

But not always holiday in Bali will have a pleasant experience. Because Bali has many conditions that are difficult to predict well what will happen in the season. Residents of Bali also has its own calendar to determine the seasons and cultural activities. Calendar different from the one used globally. Bali but residents still use the global calendar for the work and activities, just for cultural activities and traditional religions, the Balinese use their own calendar, the Balinese calendar.

January to March is the month that is not good for a holiday in Bali. Because this month Bali is during the rainy season. Bali during the rainy season in very bad condition. The rainy season in Bali can cause many problems and disasters on the lives of the people of Bali. During the rainy season, flooding will occur in almost all areas in Bali. Not only floods, as well as landslides, traffic accidents, fallen trees on the road, tornado. During the rainy season in Bali, almost all roads will be traffic jams.

Holiday in Bali in January to March should buffer accepts all natural conditions occur. Because the consequences for a vacation in Bali from January to March was discomfort, dissatisfaction, disturbed by the nature that is not conducive to traveling.

Weather in Bali in January to March will usually occur rain. Rain for the month was very heavy and frequent flooding. Typically, in the rain occurred from morning to night. Even once it rains up to three days without stopping. Floods can not be circumvented.

Is it appropriate if the holiday to Bali in the January to March?
Should avoid January to March if you want a holiday in Bali. Because of your trip will be disturbed in Bali by bad weather and natural disasters that often occur in the month. Your holiday will be very unpleasant if stuck in a traffic jam. Traffic congestion that often occurs as a result of fallen trees blocking roads, landslides, bridges are cut, traffic accidents due to slippery roads.

In January to March is also the month of hell for Bali tourism. Months of hell for tourists who vacation in Bali. Nickname months of hell can be seen on the beaches filled with garbage. Piles of garbage on Kuta Beach is one of the most famous in January to March. Rain happens area of ​​Bali, causing widespread flooding in the river. Garbage in the river will be drifting and drifting toward the sea. Garbage will be stranded in the middle of the sea to the shore. Garbage piled up on the shore, causing the stench was disgusting, disgusting trash scenery is hell for tourists who vacation in Bali. Piles of garbage not only in Kuta Beach, also occurs in Legian Beach, Seminyak Beach, Canggu Beach, and other beaches that have rivers.

Months of hell in Bali also can be felt when crossing the street covered by the vehicle. Traffic congestion resulted in the vehicle can not move. Vacationing with the traffic condition is very bad of course can make a liver upset and disappointed. Hoping to find rest on vacation, even got it sucks and makes the heart annoyed.