Monday, January 25, 2016

Canggu new road will be created.

Residents of Canggu very hope to get a new road. The road in Canggu is very narrow and somewhat damaged condition. Many residents of Canggu who complain to the condition of this road. Even people who plant split on the road as an expression of dissatisfaction of citizens to the condition of the road. Though Canggu is a tourist area that is often in the tourist pass.

The local government through the Department of Public Works has programmed activities to make improvements and road widening in the area of ​​Canggu. Based on the promise of the government, that this year will be on the road works and the process begins. Canggu have damaged roads in the area will begin to be repaired this year. With the hopes of the people are satisfied and comfortable through this road.

The new road in Canggu very expected of citizens because of the current road conditions in this area is not very feasible to traverse. The road has a lot of holes, so that potentially cause an accident. Even during the rainy season, the hole in the middle of the road could potentially cause waterlogging. Which can cause accidents.

Canggu new road will be made by the local government this year, according to the promise of the Department of Public Works that ditarakan to residents in the past year. Residents are asked to be patient with this condition, because the budgeting process are adequate and have to go through many stages and the approval of Parliament.