Saturday, January 2, 2016

Beginning in 2016 in Bali, garbage piled up on Kuta Beach

As in previous years, in 2016 these Kuta Beach always got a shipment of garbage from the river. Kuta Beach at the beginning of the year is filled with garbage. The rain that occurred previously resulted in the upstream garbage into hanyud, heading out to sea and washed up on beach.

Based on the report of the sanitary service by the local government, beginning in 2016 at Kuta Beach, there are about 260 tons of garbage collected. Trash it meets the beach. Derived from the sea that is also filled with trash.

Janitor helped by traders who used to sell along Kuta Beach, clean up trash. From the west end to the east, trash picked up and stacked in several places. Garbage heap and then transported by truck, and taken to a landfill.

Garbage on Kuta Beach every year has always been a disgusting phenomenon that often happens. Garbage always fouled Kuta Beach. Whenever there is heavy rain in Bali, the trash always meet Kuta Beach.

Travelers who are in Kuta Beach worried if they indulge in seawater. Because garbage also meets the water. Garbage floats, and also at the bottom of the water. They are afraid of getting hurt and become sick if the water playing with garbage.

The local government has done everything possible to maintain the cleanliness of Kuta Beach during the rainy season. Clean up the river, to educate people not to throw garbage into the river, do the relocation of residents living along the rivers. But always piled up garbage on Kuta Beach during the rainy season.