Wednesday, January 20, 2016

3 bomb will be detonated in Bali by ISIS

Bali bombing will happen again!

Indonesia is now the most insecure countries in the world against terrorist attacks. Because it has circulated a note that allegedly belonged to the group ISIS. The little notes written in places that became the location of bombings, Bali included. Bombings and attacks by ISIS will commence from January to February 2016 throughout Indonesia.

In a note circulated in writing that Bali is one of the targets of attacks by ISIS. Three bomb will be detonated in Bali but not specified the place and location. If in associate with terror threats letter obtained by the government office in Buleleng (See also: Terror bombings in Bali have begun, given the terror letter to government officials), the location of the bombing in Bali are offices, shopping centers, and tourist centers.

In the note allegedly belonging ISIS group, there are 26 targets of attacks and bombings. Office of the Embassy of the United States, Italy and France also became the target of attack. Indonesian police headquarters has also become the target of bombings. Very terrible if all the bombs were menledak in Indonesia. Read also: Bali attack 2016 by ISIS.

3 bomb will be detonated in Bali is threatening the tranquility of residents and tourists in Bali. If a bomb explodes in Bali, the Bali tourists will be dropped and abandoned. When three bombs exploded in Bali, then Bali will have a very long economic crisis. Due to security and peace is the main capital of Bali as the island's main tourist destinations in the world.

Bali bomb is a humanitarian tragedy that should not be repeated. Bali had experienced terror attacks and bomb explosions. 2002 and 2005 Bali bombings have destroyed the economy of Bali. Bali suffered a long economic crisis. If the Bali bombing repeated in 2016, then a very long predicted a crisis will happen again in Bali. Bali is likely to be very difficult to be able to get up and fix the economy.

Bali residents currently rely heavily on the tourism sector as a driver of the economy. Because many Balinese who work in the tourism sector. The Bali tax also comes from the tourism sector. From hotels, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. If all businesses were closed because there are no buyers and customers, then the tax revenue will be reduced. Bali is likely to be in crisis. Because many people in Bali to switch jobs from the farmer to be part of the tourism industry, such as working as a hotel employee, a chef at a restaurant, tour guides, and more.