Thursday, January 28, 2016

About Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2016

Nyepi Day is synonymous with Parade of Ogoh-ogoh, also for this year, Ogoh-ogoh Parade 2016 will be held the day prior to Nyepi Day 2016.

Ogoh-ogoh 2016 will be held on March 8. There is a possibility for this year there will be no parade because it is associated with terror threats and attacks were done by ISIS. Usually as 2003 to 2005, the government banned the parade for security reasons. Security this year has been in testing with the bombing in Jakarta Sarinah. Security in Bali also tested by the threat of attack by ISIS letter that has been circulating on the internet.

Ogoh-ogoh usually made one month before the parade. Because the process of making ogoh-ogoh require enormous resources. If ogoh-ogoh made very large and beautiful, it requires a huge cost.

Until now there is no appeal from the government about the ban ogoh-ogoh parade. Residents also felt uneasy, especially young people of Bali, because they are still free to make ogoh-ogoh. If you do the preparation and conduct fundraising calls from the government feared that prohibits parade. Then a big loss will be gained by young people.

Ogoh-ogoh is the most eagerly awaited by the young people of Bali, as well as children. Because a lot of fun activities that can be done. Gathered with friends, joking, playing, while making ogoh-ogoh. Mutual demonstrate artistic ability and creativity to other youth groups. Copy race prestige of the ability to make ogoh-ogoh. Because ogoh-ogoh was the hallmark creativity of young people Bali.

Ogoh-ogoh are works of art in a giant paper dolls depicting the Balinese culture personality Bhuta Kala (evil creatures). In the teachings of Hindu Dharma, Bhuta Kala represents the power of the universe and time is not measurable and irrefutable. In the embodiment ogoh-ogoh, Bhuta Kala portrayed as large and frightening, usually in the form of a giant.

In addition to the form of creature creepy, Ogoh-ogoh often made in the form of the creatures that live in the wild, supernatural, heaven and hell, like dragons, elephants, angels, even in its development, there is made to resemble famous people, as world leaders, artists or religious leaders and even criminals. Related to this, there is also a political nuance, although in fact it is deviating from the basic principle Ogoh-ogoh. Examples Ogoh-ogoh to form a terrorist.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bad weather, storms in Bali

Bad weather occurred in Bali today. January 27, 2016, at about 2:40 pm, a storm in Bali. Angon the piece flew a lot of leaves and rubbish. Fallen trees middle of the road, causing traffic jams.

Hurricanes occurred approximately 20 minutes, making all those concerned with the threat of natural disasters. Bali feels tense with weather conditions like this. Very scary if you are outdoors.

In the area of ​​West Bali, hurricanes hit all the existing trees on the roadside. Many trees uprooted, roads become difficult to pass.

In coastal areas, the beach becomes a horrible place with sea waves suddenly become very big and tall. People who live in the area pensisir became very scared. Takun in case waves like tsunamis.

A cyclone accompanied by heavy rains in Bali today is very big. People move a vehicle in the parking under the trees. They fear that if a tree falls and hit the vehicle.

In the traditional market traders became very panicked. Stalls, which uses plastic as a shade tarp and become damaged and fluttering in the mounting of strong winds.

About Nyepi Day 2016

About Nyepi Day 2016

Sunset in Bali

Nyepi Day 2016 is a day for quiet and silent all day for 24 hours in Bali without doing any activities outside the home, without lights, without fire, not traveling, do not make a fuss, would not have found such conditions in any country other than in Bali.

About Bali's Nyepi Day 2016 will take place on March 9, 2016. Just as in previous years, Nyepi Day this year is a new year based on the Balinese calendar. Based on years of Caka, Nyepi Day 2016 is Caka New Year 1938.

As usual, the day before Nyepi Day 2016 will be the implementation of ogoh-ogoh parade. Ogoh-ogoh parade this year is not certain about its implementation, whether the government has allowed the implementation of a parade, or prohibiting execution of the parade. Because of terrorist bombings in crowded places still threatens Bali. ISIS possibility of attacks will still occur.

During Nyepi Day, Ngurah Rai International Airport will be closed for 24 hours. None of the flights to and from Bali. The television broadcast also closed only in the area of ​​Bali, as well as radio broadcasts. All roads sterilized, no vehicles are allowed to pass.

Nyepi Day is a national holiday in 2016. A holiday to honor the Hindu people who will carry out the rites and rituals of the celebration of Nyepi.

Very unique, new year is usually celebrated with a party, but Hindus, especially keturan Balinese Hindus, celebrated the new year with the imprisoned, without performing any activity. There are even people who celebrate the new year with nothing to eat all day.

How many temples are on bali?

Many people ask, how many temples in Bali? Because it is synonymous with Bali as a place of worship Hindu gods and ancestral spirits. Bali also has a nickname as an island with thousands of temples.

The number of temples in Bali it can be seen from the Provincial Government of Bali as a leader who set about the construction of houses of worship in Bali. In Bali there are about 6002 temples were recorded. Number of temples was based in 2012.

Why Bali has so many temples? Because Bali has many cult system. Pura also has a structure and levels, as an organization. Bali Temple berfitas derivatives and inheritance. Built based on the area. Bali Temple also made as a form of tribute to the leaders who are considered influential on the spiritual life in Bali.

How many temples are used for the public? At least every village there are at least five temples. If based on the village and the quantity of people living in the village. Each regency also has a large temple. So temples in Bali is made as like to the organizational structure of a government.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Galungan Celebration Day 2016

Galungan celebrations day in Bali in 2016 will take place on February 10, 2016. Galungan day in 2016 would give the feel beautiful and soothing for the people of Bali. Celebration with ceremonies and prayers, with the aim of getting the safety of the world and the universe.

Galungan celebrations in 2016 are still in the shadows shadowed by terror and attacks from ISIS. Because Bali is a world tourist destination area, so fear and attacks still threaten Bali as the island is quiet and comfortable place to vacation.

Vacation in Bali while watching the ceremony and celebration of Galungan is the right choice. When Galungan Day, all citizens of Hindu in Bali will celebrate the anniversary by praying in the temple. Visiting each other brother and family in distant places.

Galungan Day 2016 is a day that is most awaited by children. Children will receive prizes and pocket money to play. Children are looking forward Galungan Day, they will vacation with the family, visiting grandparents and nenet in the village, together with extended family. Galungan Day when children made snacks and delicious food. Of meat and snack food of rice and glutinous.

Galungan celebrations in 2016 took place before the day of valentine day. So after celebrating Galungan, people will return to celebrate the day of love on February 14, 2016. The day Galungan who continue with the Valentine day.

February is a wonderful day for the citizens of the Balinese. The full day of happiness and joy. Holiday continues until Valentine's Day.

When Galungan, roads in all regions in Bali will be decorated with Penjor 2016. Penjor is a symbol of happiness and win souls. Penjor is the work of art created for the victory of Dharma over Adharma. Penjor will adorn the streets, giving the feel of the real Bali culture.

Cultural and religious attractions in 2016, the holiday feel of the real Bali

2016 Holiday in Bali

Holiday to Bali in 2016 are not comparable with previous years, if you want to enjoy and witness the cultural and religious attractions in Bali. Because of cultural and religious attractions in Bali using a calendar that is different from that used globally. Bali has its own calendar for determining the good days and the establishment of religious and cultural activities. Balinese calendar month is calculated based on the rotation around the earth.

So, when should a holiday to Bali in 2016? Vacation in Bali in 2016 to see and enjoy ataraksi cultures and religions, with the feel of a typical Bali and the Balinese people with activity and religious rituals are unique and beautifully nuanced art.

Here is the attractions and activities in the context of religion and culture in Bali that can be seen as a tourist attraction during the holidays.

  • February 9, 2016: It is the day for the citizens of the Balinese to install Penjor 2016 in front of the house as a symbol to welcome the victory of Dharma over Adharma, the victory of good over evil. See also: Pictures: Penjor Galungan 2014.

  • February 10, 2016: Galungan Day, the excitement for the people of Bali. Galungan Day is a day to pray at the temple, so at this is all Hindus in Bali will pray in temples. All the temples in Bali crowded by people who pray. Galungan give a feel of the real Bali in the entire region of the island. Shades of yellow will be seen along the road, visible from Penjor colors that adorn the streets in all regions. Read Also: Galungan Celebration.

  • February 20, 2016: Kuningan Day, the feel is almost the same as Galungan Day.
  • March 6, 2016: Melasti Day. Is a day for cleaning all equipment that is in temple ceremonies, spiritual cleansing, brought to the sea to be purified, as a symbol of cleansing to welcome Nyepi Day 2016. The beach in Bali will be crowded by Hindus in the ritual of Melasti, Bali shades will be very terasi on the day. Read also: Melasti Ritual in Bali, on March 18, 2015.
Melasti Ritual in 2015

  • March 8th, 2016: Parade of Ogoh-Ogoh 2016 (Tilem Kesanga). Ogoh-Ogoh 2016 this year will be a little tense, because the issue of ISIS attacks in Bali still threaten the security of Bali. There is no appeal from the government on the implementation of Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2016 in Bali. Read also: Ogoh-ogoh parade before Nyepi Day 2015.

  • March 9, 2016: Nyepi Day 2016. If you like tranquility, then came on Nyepi Day will take place. Because on the day of Nyepi in Bali all activities will be stopped. No lights illuminating the houses and roads, no vehicles on the road, no one on the road, not allowed out of the house, quiet, quiet, no noise, no light, pitch dark all day. Airports also closed all day.
  • March 10, 2016: Omed-Omedan 2016 mass kiss attraction performed by the young people of Bali. Only in Sesetan Indigenous Village, South Denpasar, Bali.

  • March 23, 2016: Temple ceremony in Besakih. Besakih gets very crowded by Hindus to pray. Besakih will feel alive, beautiful, mystical. Many religious activities will be carried out on that day. See also: Pictures: Pura Besakih, Temple in Bali.

  • June 25, 2016: Saraswati Day. Is the science for Hindus in Bali. All students will carry out the ceremonies and offerings to the Goddess Saraswati.
  • June 29, 2016: Pagerwesi Day. Nuance is almost the same as Galungan Day. Just not as vibrant as Galungan Day.
  • 6 September 2016: Day for Penjor 2016 to install a second time, with regard to the celebration of Galungan, as Galungan Day normally takes place twice a year.
  • 7 September 2016: Galungan Day. Galungan second time after February 10, 2016.
  • 17 September 2016: Kuningan Day. The same shades as Galungan Day, this is the second time after Kuningan day in Februari.
Bali real nuances can be felt on those days. Bali increasingly looks lively and lovely with religious nuances unique and distinctive. During the celebration of religious holidays and culture in Bali more memorable and different when compared to normal days.

Is it appropriate if the holiday to Bali in the January to March?

Holiday in bali bad weather
Holiday in Bali is a dream of many people worldwide. Together the family holiday to Bali is the right decision, because a lot of things to do in Bali with family, children, husband / wife. Many choices attractions, playground families with many options. Restaurants range of flavors and menu. Cheap hotel with outstanding service. Also the unique culture and do not exist in any country other than in Bali. Natural shades and air in Bali provide a different experience for all members of the family while on vacation. See also: Cultural and religious attractions in 2016, the holiday feel of the real Bali.

But not always holiday in Bali will have a pleasant experience. Because Bali has many conditions that are difficult to predict well what will happen in the season. Residents of Bali also has its own calendar to determine the seasons and cultural activities. Calendar different from the one used globally. Bali but residents still use the global calendar for the work and activities, just for cultural activities and traditional religions, the Balinese use their own calendar, the Balinese calendar.

January to March is the month that is not good for a holiday in Bali. Because this month Bali is during the rainy season. Bali during the rainy season in very bad condition. The rainy season in Bali can cause many problems and disasters on the lives of the people of Bali. During the rainy season, flooding will occur in almost all areas in Bali. Not only floods, as well as landslides, traffic accidents, fallen trees on the road, tornado. During the rainy season in Bali, almost all roads will be traffic jams.

Holiday in Bali in January to March should buffer accepts all natural conditions occur. Because the consequences for a vacation in Bali from January to March was discomfort, dissatisfaction, disturbed by the nature that is not conducive to traveling.

Weather in Bali in January to March will usually occur rain. Rain for the month was very heavy and frequent flooding. Typically, in the rain occurred from morning to night. Even once it rains up to three days without stopping. Floods can not be circumvented.

Is it appropriate if the holiday to Bali in the January to March?
Should avoid January to March if you want a holiday in Bali. Because of your trip will be disturbed in Bali by bad weather and natural disasters that often occur in the month. Your holiday will be very unpleasant if stuck in a traffic jam. Traffic congestion that often occurs as a result of fallen trees blocking roads, landslides, bridges are cut, traffic accidents due to slippery roads.

In January to March is also the month of hell for Bali tourism. Months of hell for tourists who vacation in Bali. Nickname months of hell can be seen on the beaches filled with garbage. Piles of garbage on Kuta Beach is one of the most famous in January to March. Rain happens area of ​​Bali, causing widespread flooding in the river. Garbage in the river will be drifting and drifting toward the sea. Garbage will be stranded in the middle of the sea to the shore. Garbage piled up on the shore, causing the stench was disgusting, disgusting trash scenery is hell for tourists who vacation in Bali. Piles of garbage not only in Kuta Beach, also occurs in Legian Beach, Seminyak Beach, Canggu Beach, and other beaches that have rivers.

Months of hell in Bali also can be felt when crossing the street covered by the vehicle. Traffic congestion resulted in the vehicle can not move. Vacationing with the traffic condition is very bad of course can make a liver upset and disappointed. Hoping to find rest on vacation, even got it sucks and makes the heart annoyed.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentino Rossi will come to Bali

Valentino Rossi, will come to Indonesia. Valentino Rossi will go to Bali this week. Valentino Rossi will follow several events that have been compiled by Yamaha Indonesia.

Valentino Rossi will be in Bali to attend a national meeting of the main dealer and the dealer at the beginning of the year, organized by PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) and Yamaha Motor Company (YMC) of Japan.

He will also meet consumers loyal Yamaha, Yamaha community, and Yamaha Racing rider Indonesia. Previously, Rossi and Lorenzo are already present in the launch of the 2016 YZR-M1 will be used for MotoGP in 2016 in Spain.

Rossi admitted very close to Indonesia, and his visit to Indonesia is always special. He also had never come to several major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan. Indonesian fans are very special for Valentino Rossi. Valentino Rossi will provide the best capability to thank the fans to win as much as possible this season.

Rossi's arrival is a form of Yamaha Indonesia appreciation to the people who love him, and to always have a strong emotional attachment to the Yamaha.

After visiting Indonesia, Rossi will join the other MotoGP riders to undergo first pre-season official test at Sepang, Malaysia, February 1 to 3.

The negative impact of the tourism industry for Bali

The negative impact of the tourism industry for Bali

The tourism industry in Bali has been threat to the lives of the people of Bali. In fact, not only threatening the lives of citizens, endangering the conservation of nature and the environment in Bali. Fact, now the island of Bali has undergone many changes in terms of environmental sustainability. Is not only an environmental and cultural changes in living habits Bali residents are now getting worse. The positive and negative impacts of tourism in Bali greatly affect life.

Here are the most perceived negative impact of the tourism industry in Bali.

1. Environmental Damage
Actually tourists in Bali does not threaten the environment directly. But the means of support of the tourism industry is very influential on environmental sustainability in Bali. The construction of hotels and villas in places that should remain in the keep and save, for example, with establishment hitel in mangrove area in the protected forest area, and near rivers should be kept clean. Many rice fields in Bali have also been converted into a hotel and villa area.

2. Economic Instability
This makes people vulnerable to fluctuating tourism. As a consequence, tourists and local people can pay a higher price to get the service, food and beverages, fuel, lodging, etc.

3. Density and Leisure
Too many tourists will interfere with the tourists themselves and also the people who live in Bali, especially if this occurs in a protected area. People are more and more coming, then the number of people in Bali are also increasing. Increasing people in Bali will interfere with the comfort of living. Traffic congestion is one of the inconvenience of living in Bali of a negative impact on the tourism industry.

4. Excessive development.
Tourism development if not controlled properly will cause a negative impact bali Bali, and can interfere with and damage the environment. Development in this case can be divided into two types, namely the construction of planned and unplanned development. For example is the planned construction of resorts, hotels, docks, access roads and other tourist support facilities. They already occupy space and a certain amount. Unplanned construction of houses for example is the tourist industry workers. Unplanned development is usually caused by a society that is looking for a job in the tourism sector. This development is often arbitrary, do not pay attention to sanitation and environmental hygiene in Bali.

5. The setting of the order of life of the citizens of outsiders excessively.
Although it is seen as a subjective judgment, but it also has become the center of attention of the observer of tourism activities. Employers outside usually have experience as well as more sources of funding. Often the experience, knowledge and strength they have incurred a tendency that they will organize tourism activities and can suppress local people in Bali, or give the impression as if the local people only as a supporting role only. This will affect not good for tourism activities in Bali, because of tourism activities can be hated and not supported by local people.

6. Leakage economically.
Tax from the tourism sector can become leaky, and fixed to a place or another area, if the tourists prefer to buy goods or use the services of those businesses that are managed by non-Balinese (non-local).

7. Changes in culture
Cultural changes taking place in society can be both positive and negative for Bali, depending on the pattern of view in understanding. However, people usually are not able or are not given the opportunity to decide whether they want to change or not. Changes will occur with just unwittingly. For tourists, there are hopes that the community has not changed, but for some other traveler communities to be affected is the target changes.

Canggu new road will be created.

Residents of Canggu very hope to get a new road. The road in Canggu is very narrow and somewhat damaged condition. Many residents of Canggu who complain to the condition of this road. Even people who plant split on the road as an expression of dissatisfaction of citizens to the condition of the road. Though Canggu is a tourist area that is often in the tourist pass.

The local government through the Department of Public Works has programmed activities to make improvements and road widening in the area of ​​Canggu. Based on the promise of the government, that this year will be on the road works and the process begins. Canggu have damaged roads in the area will begin to be repaired this year. With the hopes of the people are satisfied and comfortable through this road.

The new road in Canggu very expected of citizens because of the current road conditions in this area is not very feasible to traverse. The road has a lot of holes, so that potentially cause an accident. Even during the rainy season, the hole in the middle of the road could potentially cause waterlogging. Which can cause accidents.

Canggu new road will be made by the local government this year, according to the promise of the Department of Public Works that ditarakan to residents in the past year. Residents are asked to be patient with this condition, because the budgeting process are adequate and have to go through many stages and the approval of Parliament.

ISIS and the threat of attack on Bali bombing in 2016 was not proven

Indonesian police chief confirms that the threats and attacks by ISIS on terror bombings in District Kabutambahan, Buleleng, Bali is not proven, and only an issue that continues to grow. Police conducted an investigation into the letters in the name of ISIS group will attack the target Bali with offices, shopping centers and tourist spots in Bali.

Attack of the ISIS presented with a letter to the government office in Buleleng Bali has been disturbing residents. Police confirmed that the threat of the Bali bomb attacks by the letter merely Bali deployment issues that citizens increasingly restless and unsettled. Police ask the public that everything is calm, as police continue to anticipate all possibilities that occur. Police have not found and have not been able to detect threats of terrorist attacks in Bali.

It is natural that people panicked by threats and issues circulating in the community. Due on January 14 telaj bomb attacks in Jakarta conducted by ISIS group. The attack in Jakarta became a serious lesson for the people of Bali to always be vigilant and careful, to minimize the possibility of bad that can happen.

The issue of attacks by groups of ISIS in Bali create conditions of security and peace in Bali became chaotic. Tourists from various countries have canceled his visit to Bali and terror-related issues circulating in the community. In fact, many tourists were forced to leave Indonesia before the vacation ends. Tourists go to his home country with an excuse to avoid the worst of acts of terrorism is often the case in Indonesia.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bali attack 2016 by ISIS

Terrorists attacked the police in Sarinah
Terrorists attacked the police in Sarinah

Bali gets serious threat. 2016 Bali attacks given by ISIS through letters to the government office extremely disturbing residents. Because of the threat of attack was related to an act of terrorism and bomb. Bali bomb attacks in 2016 will take place from January to February. The threat was openly communicated through letters to government officials in Buleleng, also leaflets with the words that contain the targets of bomb attacks.

Terrorist attacks in Bali have occurred in 2002 and 2005. The Bali attack was made completely collapsed and the impact on the economic crisis that is very long. Bomb attacks in 2002 and 2005 led to a lot of foreign tourists dead, as well as local people who are working. Bali attack that resulted in rounds of Bali's economy took a big hit. Massive layoffs by tourism businesses, bankrupt hotels, restaurants were closed, many people become unemployed and lose their jobs.

The threat of attack by ISIS to Bali this year, 2016, taken seriously by the police and the national army. Police and army jointly maintain security by monitoring in crowded places, in the attraction of potentially bomb attacks. Police raided the entire vehicle, car, motorcycle, truck passing in the path of national trade, Jalan Raya Denpasar-Gilimanuk. Throughout the day, day and night always looks police guard in crowded centers in Bali. Kuta in particular, as the center of tourism in Bali, as well as an international city, a gathering place for people from different countries. See also: Terror bombings in Bali have begun, given the terror letter to government officials.

The threat of terrorist attacks through the mail by ISIS has been circulating on the Internet. The world has been aware of the threat. It has an impact on the number of tourist arrivals to Bali continues to decrease. In addition, the open threats ole ISIS also led to warnings of countries to be careful while in Bali. Everyone has been aware of the threat, causing unrest everywhere, not only in Bali also in countries that become large accounts for tourists visiting Bali.

3 bomb will be detonated in Bali by ISIS

Bali bombing will happen again!

Indonesia is now the most insecure countries in the world against terrorist attacks. Because it has circulated a note that allegedly belonged to the group ISIS. The little notes written in places that became the location of bombings, Bali included. Bombings and attacks by ISIS will commence from January to February 2016 throughout Indonesia.

In a note circulated in writing that Bali is one of the targets of attacks by ISIS. Three bomb will be detonated in Bali but not specified the place and location. If in associate with terror threats letter obtained by the government office in Buleleng (See also: Terror bombings in Bali have begun, given the terror letter to government officials), the location of the bombing in Bali are offices, shopping centers, and tourist centers.

In the note allegedly belonging ISIS group, there are 26 targets of attacks and bombings. Office of the Embassy of the United States, Italy and France also became the target of attack. Indonesian police headquarters has also become the target of bombings. Very terrible if all the bombs were menledak in Indonesia. Read also: Bali attack 2016 by ISIS.

3 bomb will be detonated in Bali is threatening the tranquility of residents and tourists in Bali. If a bomb explodes in Bali, the Bali tourists will be dropped and abandoned. When three bombs exploded in Bali, then Bali will have a very long economic crisis. Due to security and peace is the main capital of Bali as the island's main tourist destinations in the world.

Bali bomb is a humanitarian tragedy that should not be repeated. Bali had experienced terror attacks and bomb explosions. 2002 and 2005 Bali bombings have destroyed the economy of Bali. Bali suffered a long economic crisis. If the Bali bombing repeated in 2016, then a very long predicted a crisis will happen again in Bali. Bali is likely to be very difficult to be able to get up and fix the economy.

Bali residents currently rely heavily on the tourism sector as a driver of the economy. Because many Balinese who work in the tourism sector. The Bali tax also comes from the tourism sector. From hotels, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. If all businesses were closed because there are no buyers and customers, then the tax revenue will be reduced. Bali is likely to be in crisis. Because many people in Bali to switch jobs from the farmer to be part of the tourism industry, such as working as a hotel employee, a chef at a restaurant, tour guides, and more.

Bali bomb threat in 2016 by ISIS, residents fear

The threat of bombing in Bali that is delivered by mail to the Bali government offices make people frightened. Bomb threat targeting the offices, shopping centers, and tourist attractions. The threat can not be considered trivial, since the Bali bomb blasts have occurred twice at many locations. Is the 2016 Bali bombings will happen?.

Residents of Bali today panicked. Fear of visiting crowded places, fear to the mall, cafes, discos, afraid to government offices, afraid to tourist spots, afraid to Kuta. Of leaflets circulating in the media online, in Bali will be three bombs were detonated. It is a terror that can not be taken lightly. Because since November 2016 there has been a warning from the government and also the terror group that there would be terror attacks in Bali and Jakarta.

Letters and leaflets about terror attacks in Bali have been circulating on the Internet. The contents of the letter reads about the attack in Bali ISIS group will target crowded places and tourist center in Bali. Not specified the exact location of the bomb explosion will occur. But residents of Bali have guessed that Kuta is the place that became the target of 2016. Since the Bali bombings in Kuta bomb ever happened twice with a lot of different locations. Read also: Terror bombings in Bali have begun, given the terror letter to government officials.

Noted, the Bali bombing occurred up to two times in Bali. Bali bombing in 2002 was a series of three bombings that occurred on the evening of 12 October 2002. Two of the first explosion occurred at Paddy's Pub and Sari Club (SC) on Jalan Legian, Kuta, Bali, while the last blast occurred near the Office of the US Consulate, although the distance is quite far apart. The series of bombings this is the first bombing was followed by bombings in a much smaller scale are also held in Bali in 2005. Recorded 202 people died and 209 people were injured or wounded, most of the victims were foreign tourists who are visiting locations is the tourist spot. This event is regarded as the worst terrorist incident in the history of Indonesia.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is the 2016 Bali bombings will happen?

Residents of Bali are now beset with anxiety by the Bali bombing in 2016, after the terrorist attacks in Sarinah. Because Bali is the next target after Jakarta.

2002 Bali bombing in Kuta
2002 Bali bombing in Kuta

Is the 2016 Bali bombings will happen? after the Jakarta bombings occurred again on January 14, 2016.

Bali received threats from terrorists on January 18, 2016, at the government offices. The threat of terrorism in the form of a written letter saying that members of the terrorist tragedy in Sarinah is now in Bali, Denpasar and Buleleng. The letter is a serious threat to the security of Bali. Because of Bali's economy is highly dependent on the security and the situation is always conducive.

If the 2016 Bali bombing case, then Bali will be a big hit and is likely to experience economic crisis in Bali. The economic crisis had occurred in Bali in 2002 and 2006. At that time which resulted in the Bali bombing occurred, hundreds of people dead, and is the most horrific terror attacks that have occurred in Indonesia.

After the Bali bombing of 2002, tourist arrivals to Bali continues to decline. Hotels, restaurants, caf├ęs, bars, discotheques, and all the tourist attractions in Bali became deserted by visitors. Massive layoffs conducted by the management of hotels and other businesses. Unemployment continues to rise, fewer and fewer jobs. Hotels and restaurants many of which went bankrupt due to empty. Bali bombing resulted in a very long crisis. The crisis occurred over the years in Bali.

If the 2016 Bali bombing occurred, then the event will be penghacur very serious for the economy in Bali, as well as the tourism industry in Indonesia. Terrorist attacks by bombing is a very horrible incident for the tourism industry, wherever it occurs. Because of bombing by terrorists is a crime against humanity, and the impact on the destruction of social life.

If the Bali bombing occurred in 2016, many people in Bali will suddenly poor. Economic turnover of the tourism industry has become part of the good life for the people of Bali. Tourism is the only industry's most profitable and bring in money for the people of Bali. Many aspects which benefited from the tourism industry in Bali. If bombing occurs, then partly the economic turnaround in Bali will cease.

After the incident at Sarinah, the security condition in Bali is very tense and mengangkan. The police and the national army know that terrorists threaten Bali. It is visible and can be proven by the layman that Bali is not safe. Because of all places, in all the centers, on the street, in the tourist center, the police and the army are very much visible. Pilisi and soldiers on guard in crowded places, as if to indicate that Bali is indeed received serious threats from terrorists.

Airports, hotels, malls, public offices, discos, bars, cafes, and restaurants are crowded by visitors clack now guarded by security forces. This situation shows that the Bali bombing was under threat from terrorists and radical action. The security forces manning very seriously and stare at anyone they saw.

Terror bombings in Bali have begun, given the terror letter to government officials

This year the 2016 Bali terror bombing threatened, by an unknown person. Terror bomb conveyed through a letter that has been given to government officials in Buleleng. After the bombings and terrorist attacks in Sarinah, Jakarta, now the threat of terrorist bombings in Bali have begun. Could the 2016 Bali bombings will happen?

The situation in North Bali is now very tense by a mail containing a bomb threat sent to government offices, KantorCamatBuleleng. Jalan Kartini No. 4 A Singaraja, Bali. The letter was sent by an unknown person on Monday, January 18, 2016.

The mail stated that as Sarinah bomb terror network members who are already in Singaraja and Denpasar. The letter will attack a shopping center, offices, and tourist center in Bali.

Mail bomb threat is disturbing residents of all government officials and the people of Bali. Because, on Thursday, January 14, 2016 terror bombing occurred in the area of ​​Sarinah, which had previously been warned by the terrorists that the bomb would explode in the region. The contents of the letter refer to as members of the terror network Sarinah bombs already in Singaraja and Denpasar.

Buleleng Police Chief said the incident began in chronological 08.30 am, when the driver was sitting in the Buleleng district head office parking. At that time, the government official driver suddenly approached by someone unknown man, riding a motorcycle with a closed helmet, wearing a black jacket, and into the parking lot in a hurry. The driver answered questions from an unknown person is, and invited to meet with employees in the government office to deliver a mail. Mail from an unknown person is stored in a white envelope wrapped in black plastic bags. After giving the letter, the stranger immediately leave the government offices.

Employees of government offices recipient of the mail from an unknown person, and then open the mail from an unknown person. When opened and read the contents of the letter, found to contain about a bomb threat addressed to the shopping center, offices, and tourist center in Bali.

The contents of the letter bomb threats are:









Very clearly legible, the contents of a letter from an unknown person, the states will commit terror by detonating a bomb in a shopping center, offices, and tourist center. This terror was terrible, because it is not known when the bomb will blow up, where the bomb will blow up, and who the real target.

Buleleng Police officers continue to improve the security pattern and expanding the number of personnel on duty.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Kuta Beach Bali was very dirty with garbage

Kuta Beach in Bali has always been the dirtiest beaches in Bali. Though this beach is an icon for tourism in Bali. Being in the crowded center of Bali, with thousands of people from different countries, but the beach is very dirty conditions worsen the image of Bali as the best island in the world. Because garbage is always piled on the beach, without a serious and continuous handling of all parties in Bali.

Garbage on Kuta Beach is submissions from the river that surround the coast. Trash washed up river during the rainy season which ssering occurred in September to May. Each end of the year and the beginning of the year at Kuta Beach is always soiled by garbage. The conditions were very embarrassing for Bali. Ironically garbage that comes from residential and shopping around the river.

The traders and the coastguard in Kuta each morning always clean up trash that washed up on the beach. They pick up and transport the waste to iklas without pay from the government. Because they feel Kuta Beach is where they make money and work all day. If the beach looks very dirty, then the loss is the workers around the coast. They would be embarrassed if asked by tourists about the garbage piling up on the beach. The efforts of workers around the beach is very appropriate for the appreciation and any support given serious. Because they have been keeping the beach with sincere iklas.

Every effort has been made by the government to stop the garbage heap is always the case at Kuta Beach. However, efforts are made not maximized. Still occur piles of garbage on Kuta Beach. Indispensable support of communities around the river to always maintain the cleanliness of the river. They must have a high awareness of the cleanliness of the river. Because the people who live on the river are the ones who most know the condition of the river.

Bali dubbed as the best island in ASIA, but the beach was very dirty conditions are not comparable with the predicate. Even Bali also received the title as the second best islands in the world. But the real conditions in Bali was terrible. Garbage everywhere. Makes the display becomes very poor and dirty. This condition is very alarming. Foreign tourists who should get the satisfaction and comfort in Bali, must feel bad to stay together with a pile of garbage on the beach, in the river, in the market, by the roadside. Garbage everywhere in Bali.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Barong festival will be held in Bali on 22-23 January 2016

Bali will host a unique festival, Barong Festival 2016 in Denpasar Cultural Park, 22 to January 23, to support the barong ket, one dances in Bali which has been recognized as an intangible world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

The number of participants is 54 barong, which consists of 19 dancers barong buntut, and 35 dancers barong ket. The activities can take place on an ongoing basis every January.

Although art barong ket has received international recognition, the type of dance it must still be developed and maintained continuity. Pregina Art & Showbiz Bali to support these activities which cooperates with Seka Kubu Barong to hold Bali Barong Festival 2016 in Denpasar Cultural Park. The festival will be an interesting thing, because it is something new and nature conservation for the sets.

Barong in Bali mythology is the king of the spirits that symbolize of good. Figure as symbolized by a lion protector. Barong have enemy named Rangda and they both are often involved in a battle. The thrill of battle this is brought into a show at the same time barong Bali tourist attraction.

The excitement of the attractions you can see in Bali Barong Festival event held at Taman Budaya Art Center Denpasar Bali on 22-23 January 2016.

The event was titled "Regeneration Competition" Bapang Barong & Makendang. Categories barong contested among others Barong Ket, Barong buntut and makendang.

Bali are two worlds in one island, paradise and hell

Once upon a time Bali has a designation as a paradise island. But now Bali is also called the island of hell. But heaven and hell in Bali collected in one island. If enjoyed with a feeling of calm and patience, then Bali will be a paradise. If spidered with impatience and not sincere, then Bali will become like hell.

Bali is a paradise, it is true if the island of Bali known as paradise. Because there are many beautiful places on this island. Ranging from mountain to sea, lakes, rivers, fields, beaches, bays, water rides, zoo, Bali has all the desirable place for recreation. With family or lovers, friends, all can be done in Bali. Deep sea diving on the various types of unique and beautiful fish and stunning coral reefs. High mountain climbing while watching a beautiful sunrise. Sun bathing on the beach with white sand. Surfting on the river with rushing water and clean. Cycling along rice paddies and beautiful boutiques. And there are many fun activities to do in Bali.

Bali is very layat referred to as heaven. All there is, is cheap, beautiful, and fun. Attractions which are many and varied. Hotel choices are numerous, ranging from very cheap price, up to the hotel with a private beach which is very convenient. A wide selection of food and drinks are cheap and tasty. People who had a holiday in Bali will feel satisfied and want to come back to Bali.

But paradise in Bali can only be enjoyed in certain moments. Bali is not always a paradise. Sometimes Bali into hell. Hell in Bali comes at certain seasons.

Bali is hell if people visit at certain seasons. Time magazine once preached about Bali, that Bali is hell. Many bad things that exist in the island of Bali so-called hell. Congestion-leech, garbage on Kuta Beach, pickpocket, murder, robbery, rabies, bird flu outbreaks, floods, the threat of bombings, natural disasters, and a lot of bad things are very annoying tourists comfort while on vacation.

Bali is hell during the rainy season. Because of the rainy season in Bali many natural disasters. Landslides, floods, tornadoes beliun, fallen trees on the road, and a lot of bad things that can happen in Bali during the rainy season. The most annoying is flooded and trash on the beach. Flooding occurs in the city, resulting in congestion Lintan, thereby inhibiting the vehicle speed. Flooding also memngakibatkan beach filled with rubbish.

All roads in Bali packed with cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles. So every day will always traffic jams occur. Traffic congestion in Bali is a nightmare for tourists who are traveling to the attractions. If stuck in a traffic jam, then the time will be wasted on the road only to be quieted cars go hand in hand. Traffic jams in Bali very difficult to overcome. Because of the number of vehicles continues to grow, but the road was never increased.

Heaven and Hell is a different world. Bali has two of the world. But if we enjoy what is encountered on this island, then Bali will be a very beautiful paradise. However, if the island is enjoyed with impatience, then the island will be hell.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

After the bombings in 2016 in Jakarta, Bali police on alert

Bombing in Jakarta on January 14, 2016 terror attacks are carried out by ISIS. The attack was very similar to what happened in Paris in 2015 ago. Similarities seen in bombing undertaken in crowded places to be followed blindly against the police action.

Bombing in Jakarta making the police in Bali set a security emergency. Clearly visible police posted everywhere. On the street, in the center of tourism, in Kuta. Tumben police as much as it looks on guard.

ISIS attack was expected to occur in Indonesia since December 2015. The threat of blasting have been warned. A lot of information that says that there will be a massive bomb blast in Indonesia.

Bali is one area that became the target of a bomb attack. Since December 2015, the police had been on full alert to provide security against terrorist attacks. Places vital and is considered as a region vulnerable to terrorist attacks continue digaja by police. Kuta is one of the most dangerous to visit at this time.

Bomb: Bali is probably the main goal for the bombing in 2016 by ISIS

Indonesian security emergencies and acts of terrorism. In Jakarata bombings have occurred on January 14, 2016, the culprit is a group claiming to be a member of ISIS. In preach as much as 53 bombs have been deployed at some point the crowd in Jakarta. 7 bomb explodes, the rest are still in the search.

The security situation in Bali is very tense. Reportedly Bali is the main purpose of ISIS in the bombings in Bali in 2016. Now police are on high alert. Because Bali is a major tourist destination of the world, then the police should keep the situation in Bali to remain conducive and safe.

Residents of Bali are very concerned with the situation and security conditions at the moment. Terrorists are the main threat to security in Bali. If a bomb exploded in Bali back in 2016, then the economy will be worse off in Bali. Because of Bali's economy is very dependent on a conducive security. 2016 bomb explosions might occur in Bali, having occurred in Jakarta, which killed police officer who was on duty.

Terrorism is a crime against humanity that is very cruel and horrible. Acts of terrorism have occurred in Bali in 2002 and 2005. The bomb exploded in Bali and resulted in many foreign tourists died. Many local residents also died due to bombing. If it happened again in Bali in 2016, the island is no longer a haven for vacationers. Then the island of Bali will be hell for foreign tourists.

2016 Jakarta bombing resulted in the death of the police. Reportedly as many as three police died while on duty. Deliberately detonated a bomb near the police. People passing also a victim. Some people affected by bombing were injured, one person reportedly died.

Bomb in place in crowded places, particularly in shops and restaurants owned by foreigners, especially Americans and Europeans belong. Terror by ISIS resulted in deep fear to the citizens of Jakarta and Bali.

In the television media is shown shootout between police and terrorists. Crossfire between police and terrorist looks very clear. Visible police managed to shoot and kill the terrorists. Gated terrorists using a gun to attack the police.

Three policemen died in a bomb blast in Jakarta in 2016 by ISIS. Deliberately throwing bombs by terrorists at the police who were on guard. Since then, all the police in Alert to always keep the situation and security. Because the police in Indonesia is one of the main targets of terrorist attacks. Has several times the police become victims of terrorist attacks.

Bali is one of the targets of terrorist attacks. Bali bombing also targeted in 2016 by ISIS. The goal is the same as bombings in 2002, killing an American foreign citizens and allies. Target unclear goals and objectives.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Living in Bali, European Americans could get rich quick

Differences in the currency in Indonesia with the developed countries make a different exchange rate differences. 1 dollar can be worth 13000 rupiah in Indonesia, and it also applies to in Bali. When compared with the value of the goods, then one dollar can buy a bottle of beer favors in Bali. Very cheap for earning dollars. But if the people who earn the rupiah, it is not cheap.

Europeans and Americans who have never visited and stayed in Bali will feel shocked. They will feel themselves to be a millionaire when staying in Bali. Because the money they bring will be worth very expensive in Bali. They will find it to be very rich in Bali, and can buy whatever they want. Because the dollar alone, can be used to purchase a portion of freshfood delicious food. Food freshfood in Bali cheaper than junk food.

Foreigners living in Bali is very easy to buy the house. Because home prices in Bali is still relatively cheap. Foreigners as very rich while in Bali. Although actually in the country of origin is a normal. Many foreigners who build a business in Bali only with small capital. They make shops, inns, restaurants, bars, cafes. Only the little capital they can build a business in Bali.

Many success stories of foreigners who build a business in Bali. They become richer, even very rich after building a business in Bali. Since most tourists in Bali are strangers, then all forms of business and business is made by foreigners in Bali, definitely got success. Because they know what foreign tourists need in Bali.

Foreigners residing in Bali becomes the target of women. Indonesian women really like male strangers. Because male strangers diangkap has a wealth of very much, and are considered able to provide for them. That is why male strangers is very easy to get women in Indonesia.

In Bali everything is cheap, which is why Bali is the best island in Asia, and the second best in the world as a destination for a vacation. With a little pocket money can be as much a holiday in Bali. Everything is cheap, cheap food, cheap hotel, cheap beer, cheap souvenirs, anything cheap in Bali. Strangers would become very rich if you are in Bali.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Three weaknesses that become tourist complaints while in Bali

Bali is often awarded as the best island for sightseeing. But in fact there are many things tourists yangselalu into complaints while in Bali. This weakness also always been a weakness for Bali to remain in existence to remain a world tourist destination island.

There tida major drawbacks that make the tourism industry in Bali is difficult to survive if not dealt with seriously. The weakness is, garbage, congestion-linyas, and tour guides are not permitted. Three weakness it has always been a complaint by tourists. So that needs to be addressed more seriously by the government to the tourism still exist.

1. Garbage
Garbage is a classic problem in Bali, it is very difficult to be handled. The level of public awareness is very low in keeping the environment clean is one of the factors. Garbage is polemic in areas with dense population. Because Bali is an island with a population very much, so garbage is a very difficult problem to be handled properly.

Sightings of garbage most embarrassing for the tourism industry in Bali is Kuta Beach. Garbage always meets the coast every year during the rainy season. During the rainy season in Bali, Kuta Beach and the surrounding is always filled with garbage. The garbage from the river-Sangai which empties into the sea. The river is a place to dispose of garbage by people who do not care about cleanliness. The river is also a waste disposal site by shops and houses nearby.

The local government has been doing a lot of ways to cope with garbage in Bali. But always happens heap of garbage on the beach. Rules are made as unable to stop the habit of people to throw garbage into the river. Decisive action from the government is also not able to kick the habit.

2. Traffic congestion
Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia with a very high economic growth. High economic growth impact on the purchasing power of people to have a higher personal car. Mulau so Bali becomes very congested by cars.

Now, Bali has become a metropolitan city with the number of cars continues to grow. The absence of adequate public transport also exacerbate congestion-leech in Bali. Almost all roads in Bali packed vehicle. Especially in Denpasar, Badung, Tabanan and Gianyar, the three cities most severe road conditions and the number of vehicles on the road so much. If you want to travel in Bali, preferably using a motorcycle. Because it is easier through road with traffic congestion.

3. unlicensed tour guide
There are many illegal tour guides in Bali. They became guides without foreign language skills were good. Even the tour guide in Bali who did not know the condition of the real Bali. There are many guides who talk nonsense and tells of Bali. They are only concerned with money from the tourists. Even many of the guides who lied about the state of every attraction in Bali.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Travel+Leisure, Bali the best island in Asia, the second best in the world.

Pura Ulun Danu Bedugul Bali

Based on Travel n Leisure magazine, in New York City, Bali is the gbest island in Asia, and became the second best island in the world. The rankings were announced at the end of 2015.

The advantages of the Galapagos Islands is an island that is very clean and still awake d beauty. Has a lot of flora and fauna that are still well preserved. So that tourists are very interested to visit this island.

Why Bali has always been the best of the island? Because Bali provides all the necessary tourists who want to vacation. Beautiful nature ranging from mountains, lakes, rivers, fields, beach and sea. Hotel is varied and inexpensive with many options. Very friendly community with a unique culture and religion. Art and architecture of the building is very artistic. There are a variety of amusement rides in the family can enjoy many circles, and anything cheap in Bali.

Despite being the best island in the world, but the island has many lack. Problems of environmental hygiene is the most horrible thing in Bali. Kuta Beach is the dirtiest beaches in the world during the rainy season. Not just a matter of hygiene, now Bali is an island that is very crowded with cars and trucks. Almost all roads in Bali are always traffic jams. Crime is also very much in Bali. Theft, pickpocket, violence, beggars. In addition, health issues are becoming a deadly outbreak in Bali is rabies. Because Bali is an island for millions of stray dogs, then the outbreak of rabies is one of the terrible plague. Even malajah Times once named Bali as the island hell.

For 2015, Bali scores thin lead over Maldives, Tasmania, and well ahead of the island of Hawaii. Here are the best islands in the world rankings:

Here are ranked the best island in the world by Travel + Leisure:
1. Galpagos Island, Equador (score: 90.82)
2. Bali, Indonesia (score: 88.98)
3. Maldives (score: 88.53)
4. Tasmania, Australia (score: 88.32)
5. Santorini, Greece (score: 87.93)
6. Moorea, French Polynesia (score: 87.90)
7. Maui, Hawaii (score: 87.89)
8. Kauai, Hawaii (score: 87.88)
9. Great Barrier Reef, Australia (score: 87.31)
10. Malta (score: 86.90).t

People call Kuta Beach as a beach of love

Kuta Beach has always had a strong appeal to anyone who was in Bali. This beach has always been a popular location to perform any activity related to tourism, leisure, recreation, and a place to relax. Kuta beach is also the beach to earn money and build up the work by several people. Because there are many people who gathered at this beach every day from morning to night.

Kuta beach is also known as the beach of love. Many people agreed that designation. Because on the beach there are a lot of people met between men and women. Local residents also makes Kuta Beach for a place to meet between men and women doing a blind date. Not only as a place for a blind date, a lot of people who do not have a lover accidentally walk in Kuta Beach to be able to find a partner. There are many men and perembuan bachelor who still roam this beach. From morning to night. They deliberately manifest themselves without a partner to be known by many people that he has not had a girlfriend. Walk alone along the coast from east to west, north and south.

Many lovers are reunited at Kuta Beach. They make a pact and meet with a predefined time. Every afternoon there is always a pair of lovers who make a pact. It looked as originally only seen one person sitting holding phonesel. Then someone came over and sat together. You can bet they are lovers who make a pact at Kuta Beach. Pact on Kuta Beach is a usual thing in doing the Balinese people. Because Kuta beach is public and crowded place, with beautiful scenery and white sand can make the atmosphere to be very romantic.

Kuta beach during the afternoon it was very romantic. Sunset will be beautiful scenery for lovers who are both. Sitting on the white sands during the afternoon looking at the sunset. Both chatted playfully. A walk along the beach accompanied by sunset. Holding hands with both of them do not care about the people around. As if the world is theirs.

Kuta Beach is very inappropriate at a beach called love. Because there are a lot of lovers reunited on this beach. Kuta is also the center of tourism industry in Bali. Kuta also has a nickname as an international city. Because there are many people from different countries gathered in this city. Jagi Kuta Beach is the most appropriate location to meet the men and women who want to establish love.

January is the season for planting rice in Bali

January 2016 rain continues in Bali. Rain in Bali is a blessing for the farmers. Because of the rain to bring water. If the water is met, then the agricultural land may continue to produce rice. Because rice is a major requirement for human life in Bali.

January 2016 is the season to plant rice in Bali. Rice was planted in the paddy fields in Bali. Farmers have been cultivating the land in order to be ready for planting. Clearly visible in many places have started to grow rice. Rice is grown based on the season and water availability. When water is plentiful, then that's the right time to start planting rice. Because from the beginning to grow rice until the rice begins to bear fruit, water should always be available.

Rice fields in Bali when the growing season becomes interesting sights to be seen. Paddies rice crop has a beautiful view. Green rice terraces has a beautiful view. Ubud and Jatiluwih is the famous places and the most in the search for beauty staring at the terraced rice paddies.

Many people ask, is there a schedule of planting by farmers to grow rice in the rice fields? Until now scheduled for planting paddy yet. Due to current weather conditions is uncertain, can not be determined, and unpredictable. So it is very difficult to determine the schedule of planting rice in Bali. Farmers rely solely on the existing water supply. If the water is estimated to be sufficient to grow rice, so when they grow rice.

But, to be able to determine the right time to see the beauty of the terraced rice fields of Bali, tourists can come to Bali in February to April and September to November. Because usually in the rice fields in Bali has had a fairly high rice plants. So the rice fields in Bali have been met by green rice. If you look at the rice harvest, mostly rice looks barren, because all the rice has been harvested.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jatiluwih is the real of Bali

 Girl in Jatiluwih, Tabanan, Bali
Girl in Jatiluwih, Tabanan, Bali
Jatiluwih is an agricultural village that produce rice in a large quantity in Tabanan. The village is located in the middle latitudes with moderate humidity. Jatiluwih area is well known as a tourist attraction very wide terraced rice fields. Most of the region is Jatiluwih rice paddies commodities.

Jatiluwih village is a picture of the real Bali. The village is still very beautiful. Some people in the village still use traditional ways to work their fields. In fact, many are still living in a very traditional life, ranging from the cooking process to build a house. But the traditional life by the community in Jatiluwih very rarely known by outsiders. Because their lives are very far away from the eye.

Jatiluwih very famous rice terraces are very broad. In this village still retains an ancient organization in terms of irrigation. Subak Jatiluwih very well-organized. So that farm life by the people in this village are very good. All the rice gets a fair share, so that the water as the most important part of the farm can be managed well by the organization Subak.

With terraced rice fields in Jatiluwih Subak therein organization has received recognition by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage that should be protected. Rice fields in Jatiluwih now a living museum, so it can be maintained and the preservation of its existence. As it gets protection and protection from the government in order not to disappear by changing times and people's lifestyles.

Since recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, Jatiluwih is now the most sought-after tourist attraction in Bali. Travelers who come to Bali will make themselves available to see views of terraced rice fields in Jatiluwih. When the rice planting season, rice fields in Jatiluwih will look green. Green scenery in this village can be soothing eye and create a feeling of being very quiet.

Terraced rice paddies in Bali is very typical. Because of the soil conditions in Bali uneven, also in Jatiluwih, so farmers had the idea to make a rice field in uneven ground. Farmers make terraced rice to be planted rice. Terraced rice paddies also give more benefits to the water distribution process. So the water can be shared with good and fair set and controlled by the organization Subak.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The northern side of Mount Agung is dry and arid region

Mount Agung in Bali is the highest mountain on the island. The mountain is very sacred because it is considered as the abode of ancestral spirits. The mountain is also very active and could erupt at any time. Gunung Agung Balinese people are also greatly feared, because many mystical things that often happen at this mountain.

Volcano in Bali
Galungan and Kuningan 2014 in Bali
Bali volcano: Mount Agung
Karangasem regency

In the vicinity of Mount Agung is the area of ​​black rocks. The stones were a constituent part of the mountain to be very high. Black rock very hard. This stone is widely used as materials for building ornaments in Bali. Many temples using stone from Mount Agung to make ornaments to decorate the building.

Area around Mount Agung has two parts very berdeda. Namely the north and south. This difference can be seen from the natural conditions and the number of plants that grow around the foot of the mountain.

On the south side of Mount Agung is lush and green region. Many fertile agricultural land. Rice paddies, plantations, and green fields. Water is very abundant were always there throughout the year.

The opposite, north of Mount Agung. Almost all areas in the north of the mountain is dry and arid region. Very difficult to find water. There is no agricultural land that can properly planting crops. Just rocks and sand are visible, only plants that are suitable and can be grown in arid and rocky areas.

Mount Agung in Bali is often the place to climb by adventure enthusiasts. This mountain is part of the tourist attraction in Bali. Climb Mount Agung has a unique sensation. Because the terrain is quite difficult to reach the top. Because the mountain is very steep and rocky.

Nusa Lembongan island which is now mandatory in the tourist visit


Nusa Lembongan in Bali

Nusa Lembongan is an island that is part of Bali. Nusa Lembongan is a beautiful island with amazing beaches. This small island surrounded by coral reefs and beaches with beautiful cliffs. Beach at Nusa Lembongan also has beautiful white sand.



Visiting Bali Nusa Lembongan is a viable tourism activities to be undertaken. Because there are many interesting places on this island. Tourist attractions with beautiful beaches which are very different from the feel of Bali. Large ocean waves crashing on the shore cliff, forming aktraksi scenery and beauty second to none.

A walk along the beach with beautiful rock is an activity that must be undertaken in Nusa Lembongan. Beauty has been seen from a distance merely the eye can see. Strong winds blown in ramput.

The curve of the beach in Nusa Lembongan show the natural beauty that can be difficult on the island of Bali. Winding coast with sea waves is always crashing.

There are many activities that can be done in Nusa Lembongan. Just sitting and staring at the sea. Beauty seen throughout the island. Although impressed deserted, but behind the visible beauty that is second to none. Nusa Lembongan is the most beautiful island in Bali.

Beginning in 2016 in Bali, garbage piled up on Kuta Beach

As in previous years, in 2016 these Kuta Beach always got a shipment of garbage from the river. Kuta Beach at the beginning of the year is filled with garbage. The rain that occurred previously resulted in the upstream garbage into hanyud, heading out to sea and washed up on beach.

Based on the report of the sanitary service by the local government, beginning in 2016 at Kuta Beach, there are about 260 tons of garbage collected. Trash it meets the beach. Derived from the sea that is also filled with trash.

Janitor helped by traders who used to sell along Kuta Beach, clean up trash. From the west end to the east, trash picked up and stacked in several places. Garbage heap and then transported by truck, and taken to a landfill.

Garbage on Kuta Beach every year has always been a disgusting phenomenon that often happens. Garbage always fouled Kuta Beach. Whenever there is heavy rain in Bali, the trash always meet Kuta Beach.

Travelers who are in Kuta Beach worried if they indulge in seawater. Because garbage also meets the water. Garbage floats, and also at the bottom of the water. They are afraid of getting hurt and become sick if the water playing with garbage.

The local government has done everything possible to maintain the cleanliness of Kuta Beach during the rainy season. Clean up the river, to educate people not to throw garbage into the river, do the relocation of residents living along the rivers. But always piled up garbage on Kuta Beach during the rainy season.