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New hotels building in Bali should be evenly distributed in all regions

The island of Bali is the most favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. In fact, Bali has become the most recognized brands abroad, even more famous than the name of Indonesia, as a country that houses this tiny island. There are 40 percent of foreign tourists entering through the airport in Bali. That is why a lot of investors that make Bali as the site of the new hotel.

According to the minister of tourism in Indonesia, Bali still has a 50 percent hotel occupation, so, if it was up 20 percent again, only a total of 60 percent of the available capacity. Bali still choose a great opportunity to add a new hotel, even though increased by 50 percent.

Therefore, Bali remains to be promoted with great composition, to obtain a larger number of foreign tourists. Then, from Bali disseminated to all other destinations in Indonesia. Bali to liaise other attractions in Indonesia.

The Government invited the tourism industry to initiate entry into Bali region other than in the area of South Bali to build new hotels. To ensure a more equitable distribution. Because the area of South Bali was very crowded by the hotel. So that appear unhealthy price competition. Hotel gets cheaper, even a four star hotel in Bali, the room price per night is around 10 dollars. Very cheap and ridiculous.

The government should begin to make a moratorium on building have a new hotel in the area of South Bali. So that investors will switch to go to another area in Bali if it wants to build a hotel. South Bali is too crowded by the hotel. The most important thing is how it spreads. Hotels in South Bali very much, while in other areas is much less counted. It should be our common concern, from the government and private sectors.

According to the data, currently has 1300 rooms spread across Bali. However, 70 percent in South Bali region, such as in the area of Sanur and Kuta, Sanur and Kuta even now known as the area with the least expensive hotel in Bali, so it takes equalization accommodation. While the north and east Bali still require investors to make the new hotel. In order occurred equitable development and economic growth. Because the hotel is one of the sources of government revenue and be a source of jobs for residents of Bali.

The development of tourist destinations in Bali is very necessary. Very obvious, that in the area of South Bali during the holiday season into a very dense area by people who are on vacation in Bali. Roads in Kuta always traffic jams occur. South Bali is too crowded by tourists. It also deals with hotel mura area of South Bali is very much with various options.

If traced, eastern Bali region has a uniqueness, beauty is not inferior to the attractions in southern Bali. Tourist attractions in East Bali in between is, Taman Ujung Karangasem, Tirta Gangga Water Palace, Candidasa, Tenganan Pegringsingan, Kerta Gosa, Besakih, Pura Goa Lawah Klungkung, Tulamben, Virgin Beach Karangasem, Padang Bai Beach. Only the attraction is less popular among those who like the rapid wisatasan and entertainment. That is what causes the East Bali area is still very deserted by tourists.

Meanwhile in North Bali, many tourist areas are also lovely but the accommodations were sangay bit. Although North Bali just become a crossroads and is not a major holiday destination. North Bali has a tourist attraction which was very nice and interesting, the attraction of which is, Niagara Sekumpul, Hot Water Banjar, Swimming Pool Water Sanih, Niagara Bite, Bali Cown Dive, Lovina Beach, Lake Buyan and Tamblingan, Singsing Waterfall, Pelabuhan Buleleng, weighing Beach, Yeh Sanih, Menjangan Island.

The moratorium is indispensable to South Bali, and to boost the equity of the new building have accommodation facilities in other regions. Because Bali need pemeratanaan, economic equality to occur. North Bali is a poor area that requires attention. With the construction of new accommodation facilities in North Bali, economic growth in North Bali can be better. See also: Hotels in South Bali is very much, needed a moratorium on new hotel development.

10 hotels with the best service in Bali, in 2016

Bali has a lot of attractions that the beautiful, that is why Bali has many hotels ranging from cheap to the most expensive price with excellent service quality.

Hotels in Bali not only with a very setrategid location, friendly service also become tourist options while staying at the hotel, while on holiday in Bali. Bali has many of the best with very satisfactory service visitors. 10 hotels with the best service in Indonesia in 2016 is a list released by TripAdvisor, but all the best hotels in Indonesia it was in Bali.

TripAdvisor lists the best hotel in Travellers'Choice. One is a list of 10 hotels with the best service in Indonesia in 2016 in the judgment of the visitors. The hotel was chosen as the best based assessment TripAdvisor members who've been there. How they experience being there. As well, how the impression gained with the services received by visitors is one of the assessment criteria used.

Of the 10 list, there are three same hotel that was awarded the best service according to its guests. Komaneka hotel, spread in Ubud managed to occupy the first position, eighth and ninth. See also: Hotels in South Bali is very much, needed a moratorium on new hotel development.

In addition, there are again some other hotel. This is the 10th hotel with the best service in Indonesia by TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice 2016:
1. Komaneka at Bisma, Ubud
Address: Jalan Bisma, Ubud, district. Gianyar, Bali 80571

2. The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah, Ubud
Address: Tengkulak Kaja, Jl. Raya Goa Gajah, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571

3. The Legian Bali, Seminyak
Address: Kuta, Jl. Kayu Aya, Badung Regency, Bali 80361 80361

4. The Kayon Resort, Ubud
Address: Ubud Bali

5. Luna2 Studiotel, Seminyak
Address:  Jalan Sarinande No. 20, Seminyak, Bali 80361

6. The Samaya Bali Ubud, Ubud
Address: Banjar Baung, Desa Sayan, Ubud, Kec. Gianyar, Bali 80571

7. Viceroy Bali, Ubud
Address: Jln. Lanyahan, Ubud, Bali 80571

8. Komaneka at Monkey Forest, Ubud
Address: Jl. Monkey Forest, Kec. Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

9. Komaneka at Tanggayuda, Ubud
Address: Ubud, Bali

10. Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa, Nusa Dua
Address: BTDC Area Nusa Dua, Bali 80363

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Canang Sari, offerings for the means of worship

Canang Sari is the main component for worship by Hindus in Bali. Especially the residents of the Balinese are Hindu. Canang Sari often found in front of the house, in front of the store, at the checkout counter, everywhere.

Picture: Tourist attraction of Tanah Lot Temple, Tabanan, Bali

Tanah Lot is a temple that is located on a large rock very beautiful and unique. Tanah Lot is located in Tabanan, Bali.

Every day, Tanah Lot is always crowded by tourists, ranging from children to adults. The most wonderful time seeing the sights Tanah Lot is in the late afternoon. Watch the sun set in the west.

Every day, Tanah Lot is always crowded by tourists, ranging from children to adults.

Hotels in South Bali is very much, needed a moratorium on new hotel development

Moratorium cessation and prohibition of the construction of tourist accommodation in the area of ​​South Bali is considered necessary and urgent to implement, because the number of existing accommodation has exceeded the capacity of the region. Especially in the area of ​​Kuta, so make this area as an area of ​​cheap hotels because of the competition among hotels to lure guests.

The construction of tourist accommodation in South Bali include Badung and Denpasar uncontrolled, and not its designation. Feared it keberlangsungkan negative impact on people's lives around. Association of entrepreneurs in Bali begged Pre siden Joko Widodo take action on this issue by issuing a moratorium on new hotel development, so as not to harm the people of Bali.

The proposed letter sent to the President and copied to the House of Representatives, ministries concerned as well as the Governor of Bali. There are three points behind the need to publish the moratirum. Road infrastructure and its accessories are no longer sufficient, especially the capacity of the number of tourists and local communities in South Bali, that is, Badung and Denpasar. The need for clean water in the area, especially the tourist accommodation and tourism facilities are not sufficient.

Currently, most of the hotels and restaurants in Bali using underground water, are particularly at risk as a result of the intrusion of sea water into the ground around Metro South Bali. The impact is very vital concern for ecology and ecosystems. Due to the increasing number of tourist accommodation, sewage and garbage very much and ti are not able to be processed and managed well, arriving MPAK negatively on surrounding communities. Basic final consideration, due membludaknya tourist accommodation, an unfair competition in determining the price of a hotel room that is ultimately detrimental to all parties.

A moratorium on new hotel construction in Bali, if realized will help the equalization of Bali's economy. It can happen, if the moratorium then travel accommodation investment is directed to the eastern area (Klungkung and Karangasem), western (Tabanan and Jembrana), and northern (Buleleng and Bangli).

For Gianyar, specifically the construction of tourist accommodation and the selective licensing requirements closely monitored. This moratorium will be able to lead to investment outside the region of South Bali, occurred long term economic equality in all areas of Bali. Currently, the construction of tourist accommodation is only done in Badung and Denpasar, leading to a favorable economic growth that area alone.

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika has not expressed approval or rejection of the proposal for a moratorium on new hotel. The governor has sent a letter to a five star moratorium on the central government to the construction of five-star hotel by domestic and foreign investors have been stopped. The problem, as long as it turns direct investor filed a permit to the area, in this case the Badung and Denpasar without going through the central government, so that the construction of accommodation still a lot to do.

A moratorium on new hotel construction in Bali will solve the problems of the tourism industry in Bali today. The results of the government study in 2015, the number of hotel rooms to villas in the Badung district is already reached 95,000 rooms. Amount to very much. With a five-star hotel room occupancy was only 60%, while the non-star hotel rooms are only 45%. Number of foreign tourists to Badung growth of only 10% per year, while the growth of tourist accommodation reach 15% -17% per year.

The condition indicates that there is an imbalance between supply and demand, or over supply. It is feared that if left to the construction of new hotels, there will be unfair competition for the tourism industry in Bali.

The negative impact of tourism on the environment and local wisdom in Bali

The tourism industry is a clear positive impact in terms of the economy, also have negative impacts on all aspects of life in Bali. The negative impact is most keenly felt by residents of Bali is the destruction of the environment and cultural changes.

Environment in Bali is everything to be around people who live on the island of Bali, and affect the lives of citizens of the Balinese, directly or indirectly, from the negative impact of very small to very large negative impact. From the description of the environment, describing that the environment has an important role in the life of the Balinese people. If the environment in Bali damaged by the negative impacts of tourism, the residents of the Balinese people who will feel the impact. However, the current environmental problems in Bali is a problem that most often occurs in the life of the Balinese people. Although much has been learned that the environment is a very important part in the lives of humans, but humans are still not prioritizing environmental sustainability as a priority in the development of all sectors, especially the tourism sector in Bali's most threatening environmental sustainability and natural. Environmental problems are problems experienced by all countries in the world, including Bali as the island is not only famous because of local knowledge, but also the scenery supported by state of the natural environment of Bali.

Bali as a world tourism destination, facing a difficult situation and in doubt, due to the negative impact of the tourism industry. Globalization makes people tend to be human individualist and consumerist impressed, so trying to get what it needs to process natural resources without regard to environmental sustainability. This is causing many environmental problems faced and have a negative impact on all sectors, ranging from the industrial sector and the tourism sector. Pollution and contamination is one of the negative impacts and become like a tradition that is always there in the corners of the city. Damage to the environment is also an impact on the flora and fauna because their habitats are disturbed so that makes shortages for some populations. The tourism industry can provide positive and negative impacts for Bali.

One of the negative impacts of tourism in Bali is globalization, making large-scale development of profitability without regard to environmental conservation. Pollution on water, soil, and air caused by development that exploit resources that lead to reduced soil fertility, irrigation stunted, as well as air pollution is getting worse. Piles of garbage everywhere, the result of the behavior patterns of society create pollution and environmental damage. In addition, the development of tourism in Bali has a negative impact on the physical environment that is easily visible dikawasana waters, soil, or air.

The negative impact on the tourism industry is the rapid growth of property development. Thus, the area of ​​forest cleared for tourism facilities, it has an impact on the preservation of the environment in Bali. If the entire forest area is cut down and used for tourism purposes as well as the exclusion of forest functions, will bring negative impact is very bad for the life of the Balinese people, such as floods and landslides. So that although the purpose of development of tourism facilities, but the negative impact this can certainly be a boomerang deadly for Bali tourism.

The negative impact resulting from the tourism industry in Bali's most visible is conversion. Expanse of agricultural land has now turned into buildings, villas, shopping malls, and hotels, built with the override function of the land. Many of productive land were transformed to enable just for tourism development. Just look at the tourist area of ​​Ubud, Gianyar Bali as well as the southern region, and other places in Bali. Many tourist attraction built by utilizing the productive land. Not only that, the development of tourism often displace or disrupt the presence of the holy places. This is an increasingly implies that the progress of science and technology in this era make more and more people are guided by the interests of each and the race for profit as much as possible and ignore the environment in which we live. Not only that, people also further eroded the moral and cultural values ​​in the building of tourism facilities so that the exclusion of the customs and cultures and beliefs held by citizens of the Balinese.

Many construction of accommodation and tourism in Bali did not pay attention to the customs and cultures that have run on Bali. Development of tourism accommodation is often put aside the concept of Tri Hita Karana, namely the human relationship with God, man's relationship to man, and man's relationship with the environment. Often accommodation and tourist attraction built on a strategic place, as well as imposing building with a background image only, without seeing the trust that the citizens of the Balinese, causing problems and friction with communities around the construction, related to the development of tourism, accommodation, restaurants, bars, and cafes in Bali. Also the development of tourism accommodation ruin places that are considered sacred by the people around, so the disruption in traditional ceremonies and religious processions. For example, a tourist attraction that closed the beach area in Bali and closing function of the beach as a sacred place for the people of Bali in conducting traditional ceremonies and religious processions. Padaha beach has become a ritual by the Balinese since dahuli time, and it must be respected.

Changes over the function of productive land for agriculture, are now mostly used for construction of uncontrolled and unsupervised well. These conditions have a negative impact on the environment, also have a negative impact on flora and fauna. The decreasing availability of land and a place to live for wild animals and many of them became angry, and evacuate to a safer place, and then create new problems by the animals. If the physical development of tourism only promote the beauty and the exclusion of environmental sustainability, the impact is not only on environmental pollution alone, also can disrupt ecosystems. Tourism development which also does not pay attention to public confidence in Bali, will cause a negative impact to the survival of the citizens of the Balinese.

Any damage and environmental problems that occurred in Bali is one of the negative impact caused by the absence of rules which strictly regulates the layout of the development of tourism in Bali. As well as law enforcement officers are unprepared in meninkap violations occurred. However, Bali Clean and Green program launched by the provincial government of Bali is a significant step as an attempt of the government to overcome the environmental pollution. In addition, the support of the community is very important to realize the program of the government for survival together. Society should not be easily affected by the lure of money on tourism development is not systematic, thus causing damage to the local wisdom and balance reduced.

A systematic environmental management and integrated carried out to preserve the environment and prevent pollution and environmental damage. Balancing trust and local knowledge is a key point that a government priority and the citizens of the Balinese in maintaining harmony with God, fellow human beings, and the environment as part of the successful implementation of the development of tourism and the environment in Bali.

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Pictures: Uluwatu, stunningly beautiful place

Uluwatu is the Bali beach, but do not like the beach, because the form of steep cliffs with a vast sea. Uluwatu is a very beautiful place to look for freshness and tranquility. The breeze was very gentle, but sometimes very tight.

Monkeys in Uluwatu very annoying. They sometimes like seizure of the property that visitors. This monkey jug Asering offends visitors carrying food. Because the food is the main target of their attack the visitors.

Lekung Uluwatu cliff at coast suggests that this is part of the fault of a large continent which later became small. Fragments that are difficult to predict. the contours are very captivating and beautiful.

The edges of Uluwatu has been limited by the brick fence so that visitors do not fall into the sea. The road on the edge of the cliff to be a part of the beautiful scenery and charming at Uluwatu.

12 cheap accommodation or hotels near Sanur Beach, Bali

Sanur Bali is known for having beautiful beaches and cheap hotels. Accommodations in Sanur is the most sought after by tourists because it is cheap and close to the attractions. Sanur is located in the city of DenpasarKuta Beach Bali also has many cheap hotels.

Hearing about Sanur, people will think of the beach with views of the sunrise in the morning. Beautiful beaches with white sand, the sea is calm and the fresh breeze. The beach is the most cool for cycling along the sand from the west end to the east. Sanur is also identical to that always flood every rainy season in Bali. Sanur is also famous for Sindhu Beach, and Sindhu market.

Sanur has plenty of cheap hotels and become the most sought after in Bali. Hotels around Bali beach most favored international tourists. Quiet neighborhood and still very beautiful with a very refreshing air of urban environment. Sanur also has many places of localization lower-class ..... who can be hired. The most famous place in the Sanur area  is on Jalan Danau Tempe.

If you're on vacation to Bali, and in need of lodging or hotel in Sanur there are quite a lot of accommodation or hotel that you can choose. Hotel in Sanur Bali is the average offer price is quite cheap. If you want to stay in a cheap hotel in Sanur Bali, you can also stay at the Guest House or Homestay in Sanur Bali. There are several guest houses which offer a relatively cheap price under Rp. 100000.

Bumi Ayu Rising Sun B & B

hotels near Sanur Beach, Bali: Bumi Ayu Rising Sun B & B

Bumi Ayu Rising Sun B & B is a cheap hotel around Sanur, Bali. This hotel is located in Jalan Bumi Ayu No. 17/39, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia 88280. Distance to Ngurah Rai airport is about 12.5 km. Number of rooms in this hotel is 5 rooms. Room prices per night start from Rp. 500000, -

Prima Cottage Bali

Accommodation or hotels near Sanur Beach, Bali: Prima Cottage Bali

Prima Cottage Bali is a cheap hotel in Sanur located around Bali beach. This cheap hotel is located at Jl. Bumi Ayu 23, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia. Distance to Ngurah Rai International Airport is approximately 12.4 km. The number of rooms there are the hotel room 18. The room price per night is ranging from Rp. 200000, -

Puri Mango Guest House

Accommodation or hotels near Sanur Beach, Bali: Puri Mango Guest House

Puri Mango Guest House is around Sanur Beach, and relatively cheap hotel in Bali. The hotel is located at Jalan Danau Toba, Sanur Beach, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. This cheap hotel is located at Jalan Danau Toba 15, Sindu, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia 80228. Distance to Ngurah Rai International Airport is approximately 12.6 Km. The number of rooms is 24 rooms prepared. Room price per night at this hotel is quite cheap in Bali, is from Rp. 300000, -

Laghawa Beach Inn

Accommodation or hotels near Sanur Beach, Bali: Laghawa Beach Inn

Laghawa Beach Inn is a cheap hotel in Sanur near Sanur Bali beach. This hotel is in Bali to address Jl. Lake Tamblingan, Denpasar, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia. Number of rooms in this hotel is quite a lot, 38 rooms. Room price per night is from Rp. 400000.

Kubu Made Homestay

Accommodation or hotels near Sanur Beach, Bali: Kubu Made Homestay

Kubu Made Homestay is a homestay at bargain prices around Sanur, close to Sanur Beach Bali. Located along the road to Sindhu Beach. This homestay address is on Jl. Sindu market, Gg 2, Sanur Beach, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Number of rooms provided are 4 rooms. Room price per night is ranging from Rp. 200000, -. Relatively cheap accommodation in setrategis place in Bali.

Rita Hotel Bali

Accommodation or hotels near Sanur Beach, Bali: Rita Hotel Bali

Rita Hotel Bali is a cheap hotel in Sanur, close to Sanur Bali Beach. Located on Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia. Distance from Ngurah Rai International Airport is approximately 12.4 Km. 25. With the number of rooms with room price per night is from Rp. 300000, -. Cheap hotel belonging to the area of Sanur and nearby Bali Beach.

Swastika Bungalow

Accommodation or hotels near Sanur Beach, Bali: Swastika Bungalow

Swastika Bungalow is a cheap hotel in Sanur is located in Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Close to the airport, the distance to the Ngurah Rai International Airport is 12.3 Km. Number of rooms in this hotel is 106 rooms. Room price per night from Rp. 300000, -

Ida Homestay

Accommodation or hotels near Sanur Beach, Bali: Ida Homestay

Ida Homestay is a homestay class accommodation at cheap prices in Sanur near Sanur Beach Bali. This hotel is located in Jl Danau Toba Gg I, Sanur Beach, Bali, Indonesia. With the number of rooms is 9 rooms. The distance to the airport is 12.7 km. With the room price per night is Rp. 100000 cheapest hotel in Sanur that deserves to be tried while on vacation to Bali.

Abian Srama Hotel & Spa

Abian Srama Hotel & Spa

Abian Srama Hotel & Spa is a cheap hotel in Sanur with the number of rooms is 44 rooms. This hotel is located in Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. It is very close to the Ngurah Rai International Airport, about 12.5 km. Room price per night is from Rp. 200 000, which is very cheap accommodation in Bali.

Puri Kelapa Garden Cottages

Puri Kelapa Garden Cottages is one of the cheap hotels in Sanur very close to Sanur Beach, Bali. The number of rooms available at the hotel are 48 rooms, with the price per night is ranging from Rp 400000. Cheap Hotel in Bali is located at Jl. Bumi Ayu, Sanur Beach, Bali, Indonesia. Distance from Ngurah Rai International Airport is approximately 12.8 km.

Puri Sanur Hotel

Puri Sanur Hotel is a cheap hotel in Sanur near Sanur Beach Bali. This hotel is located in Jl. DanauButyan, Sanur Beach, Bali, Indonesia. The number of rooms available is 9 rooms. Room price per night is ranging from Rp 200000. It is very close to the Ngurah Rai International Airport, a distance of about 12.60 km.

Puri Sading Hotel

Puri Sading Hotel is near Sanur Beach Bali is located on Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia. Room price per night is ranging from Rp 400000. category in cheap hotels are located in the renowned tourist area in Bali. The hotel is quite close to the Ngurah Rai International Airport with a distance of about 12.5 km.

4 unique hotel in Bali

Bali has various types of furnished accommodation, cheap hotels to luxurious and expensive. Hotels in Bali also has a lot of variety, uniqueness, and furnished according to the needs of guests. There are hundreds of hotels in Bali with cheap prices and can provide service and convenience for hotel guests. Kuta is an area with many cheap hotels. Kuta Beach into the shaft in hotel construction in Bali.

Not just a cheap hotel in Bali also has a unique and attractive design. But not with the hotel around Kuta Beach who prefers a number of rooms at a bargain price. Unique Hotel will give guests a different experience while staying the hotel room, while on holiday in Bali. Design hotels in Bali is quite a lot. Can be selected in accordance with the wishes. Design hotels in Bali is made with a different concept than usual and can give the sensation of staying hotel guests. Bali holidays will feel different if staying at the hotel deng unique and exciting concept.

Here are four unique hotels in Bali that can provide different sensations while on holiday in Bali.

1. Le Pirate Beach Club, Ceningan

Between the two islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, an island with the name of Ceningan. The island is small, Ceningan island area is 300.6 ha. One of the most unique hotels in Ceningan is Le Pirate Beach Club.

There are 10 rooms in this unique hotel, which is 2 Bunk Bed room type, 8 room types Beach Box. Bunk Bed room contains 4 single beds that can be filled 4 people. Meanwhile Beach Box contains one double bed. What is unique here is the inn with modern facilities but clad young and fresh concepts, remained with the nuances of local wisdom. Le Pirate Beach Club has service casual lifestyle, music up to date, but still offer local knowledge.

NusaCeningan famous for seaweed cultivation. Guests staying at the Le Pirate Beach Club can participate in the activities of planting or harvesting seaweed. If you want to stay at this unique hotel, should have booked a room in advance, because the number of rooms was very little, and you get a chance very little room.

2. Sandat Glamping Tents, Ubud

Design hotels in Bali with the theme of the tent. Not just a tent, because the tent shown impression is very glamorous and festive. This unique hotel in Ubud, Gianyar. This unique hotel is located at Jl Subak Sala, Banjar Sala, Pejeng Kawan, Ubud.

There are five rooms in a tent and three rooms in a granary that can be selected. Tents at this unique hotel there are manifold Suite and Luxury. Because of tents, then there is no wall in this room type. But the furniture in it was very glamorous.

While the room is a barn-type building made of bamboo epic. As philosophy barns, room type is also shaped house on stilts. So it is very unique and can provide different sensations while on holiday in Bali.

3. Mara River Safari Lodge, Gianyar

Mara River Safari Lodge is a unique hotel in Bali which gives a feel of nature in Africa. So when you holiday in Bali will be able to feel the nuances of nature in Africa and experience the resort in the middle of the wild. Because Mara River Safari Lodge can present it all. Imagine, can swim in front of the room, rhino,

If you want a room with a view of the wild, can book a room types is Swala fillable 2 adults and 1 infant. Whereas if you want a family room can choose the room types is Kivaru and Tembo. Swala through room types, guests could see herbivorous animals such as rhinos and zebras. While in the room types and Tembo Kivaru can get the service shocking, was picked up by riding an elephant at breakfast.

For one night, the rooms Swala priced at Rp 2800000 per night. While Kivaru room is Rp 5500000 per night, could be for four adults, and Tembo worth USD 7400000 per night, can be for 6 adults.

4. Komune Resort & Beach Club, Gianyar

Komune Resort & Beach Club is situated at Keramas Beach in Gianyar, Bali. This inn is for the surfer. But the concept is really unique so that anyone would be interested in staying here. There are 2 types of rooms available at the inn is Suite Room and Standard Room. Total room is 66. As other lodging for the surfer, the location of this resort is located right on the waterfront. So guests who stay can sunbathe while watching surfers play with the waves.

With the majority of the colors blue and white, this resort looks so united with the existing landscape. The most fun, swimming in the pool while enjoying the scenery around. For a one-bedroom suite per night is US Rp. 2100000, and the standard room is Rp 1400000 per night.

Hotel Unique is very expensive. Unlike in Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur. Unique hotel prefers a different experience to the guests while staying. That led to a unique hotel to be very expensive. Sensation for guests take precedence over price. If you want to get a cheaper hotel, then go to Kuta or Sanur. In the region is very much a cheap hotel with mediocre service.

If the rain continues, then the Kuta Beach remains filled with garbage

Since the end of 2015 until today, Kuta Beach Bali is always filled with garbage from the river around the beach. Garbage is always piled the beach. Every trash day definitely continue to look. This phenomenon continues to occur each year. Trash in Bali's Kuta Beach is a regular occurrence every muaim rain in Bali.

Weather in Bali today is very bad for the rain and storm. Sometimes the rain is accompanied by a hurricane. Even last week at Gilimanuk occur tornado at Bali Strait were very surprised people in the port of Gilimanuk.

Flooding in Denpasar impact negative impact on Bali's Kuta Beach. Flood carrying garbage from the gutter to the river. Garbage in the river hanyud rushing water swept away and large. Garbage into the sea, and then stranded in Bali's Kuta Beach. Every day, every hour, continuously until the beach was filled with garbage from the river. This year's holiday is probably the worst for foreign tourists who were in Bali.

Piles of garbage on Kuta Beach Bali this year is very much. Per day of waste can reach 8 tons. Janitor so overwhelmed with this situation. The government has tried to use his best effort, but the garbage continues to accumulate at Kuta Beach Bali. Janitor clean up the garbage in order to give a sense of comfort to the tourists who are on holiday in Bali. However it was difficult to realize.

Kuta Beach Bali is dubbed as hell beaches in Bali. Since it is very dirty and full of trash. Even the garbage on Kuta Beach exceeded garbage in remote beaches in Bali. The beach is the gathering place of the garbage mountain, but in very poor condition Kuta and disgusting. Hard to imagine. If only a small garbage and a few, may be excused. But this rubbish is very much, a lot, exceeding the capacity of jumbo trucks. Terrible, the main goal of foreign tourists beach while on vacation to Bali.

Disgusting, that's the first impression on foreign tourists felt at the sight of Kuta Beach are filled with garbage. Not only wood and leaf litter, as well as plastic and cans. Many tourists are disappointed when they will be sunbathing, or wish to surf. Attraction with trash. Vacation in Bali with trash is a terrible experience.

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Cheap Hotels in Kuta Beach Bali is more and more

Kuta Beach is a beautiful beach in Bali, which became the main destination for holiday travelers to Bali. Accommodation is very much available with various options. Vacation spots around Kuta Beach is also very much, make Kuta as the most preferred tourism city in the world.

Cheap Hotels in Kuta Beach Bali is more and moreNow, the hotel in Kuta Beach Bali increasing number and growing. Investor makes Kuta is a hotel development targets. Because this city is where the most visited by foreign tourists. There are thousands of tourists in Kuta, and it is a great potential for profit. Hotel is one of the most profitable investments in Kuta. With beaches that are the main assets as a decoy to tourists. The beach is very long to be developed into a hospitality area in Bali. The coastal scenery is the most sought after tourist locations while on holiday in Bali. That is why Kuta Beach be the best location to build hotels and other accommodation. One hotel in Kuta is The Playa Hotel & Villas.

Because the number of hotels in Kuta Beach Bali is more, the room price competition even more stringent. Every hotel in Kuta strive to provide the most affordable price with the best service. The price war is the most commonly heard in Bali. The price war with a growing number of hotels, impact on competition to provide the best quality services. It also affects the image of the island of Bali continues to improve in terms of availability and comfort of accommodation services. Bali island increasingly in demand as the main destination for the holidays.

Jalan Pantai Kuta BaliCheap hotels are one tourist destination for a vacation to the island of Bali. Because the cost of stay to be one of the considerations during the holidays. Bali now has many cheap hotels. Many cheap hotels in Kuta Beach is the impact of a growing number of hotels. Kuta Beach Bali is one area that can provide cheap accommodation, with the best service. Of each survey conducted by the independent media, around Kuta Beach in Bali is the best in terms of price, service, and comfort. Cheap Hotels in Kuta Beach Bali is one of the main lure tourists to holiday in Bali.

Not only is the hotel that makes Kuta Beach Bali became the city's most desirable. Also homestay, villas, boarding houses, and other small inns. This type of lodging is in high demand by tourists with a small capital. They chose the inn cost of this type in Kuta with is just to the bed and put the luggage only. No need of service, comfort is not a priority, it takes just a pretty place and secure. This type rating only spend the time to walk around, have fun, and enjoy nature outdoors. Then the inn is not important.

Kuta Beach BaliCheap Hotels in Kuta Beach is a great choice of accommodation very easily obtainable. Data are many hotels in Kuta, ranging from the location close to the beach, up in the small alleys and narrow, very easy to find cheap hotels in Kuta. Class accommodation boarding house is also very much in Kuta. Locals house also provides room to be rented by tourists with little buged, which only require a room and the room for sleep, comfort is not a priority.

Because so many cheap hotels in Kuta, five-star hotel with the best service must be willing to lower their room rates, if not inging bankrupt and sold his hotel to the other party. Make the price becomes cheaper is one way to compete in Kuta to continue to get guests to stay. Even to reduce costs, the hotel sometimes layoffs on employees, to save expenses.

Jalan Pantai Kuta BaliBali Provincial Government has issued a moratorium on new hotel development. But the moratorium is unable to stop the construction of a new hotel in Kuta Beach. In fact, there are many new hotels continue to wake up after the moratorium was issued. They argue they have got permission to construct hotel in Bali. It seems that there is foul play in the process for issuing the permit. Permit toyed with how to set the date and license number. That led to more and more cheap hotel in Kuta Beach Bali

Residents who live in the surrounding Kuta they are very uncomfortable with the construction of new hotels. High buildings are made close to home is very disturbing local residents their views. Their life was interrupted by tall buildings that block sunlight.

The proliferation of hotels in Bali, resulting in fierce competition arising between fighting hotel guests or tourists as customers. Also in Kuta and around Kuta beach. Result, various hotel pursuing a strategy to reduce the cost of management while still providing the advantages, one of which improve doing things repairs. As is commonly done is to improve the quality of service. Improving the quality to attract customers is a good thing, but in fact many hotels do not do that. In fact, more hotels are lowering prices to win the hearts of tourists both local and foreign tourists. By lowering the price, the more cheap hotels in Bali, but the quality of the service is getting worse. This has an impact on the business climate is getting worse.

If the price is cheap but do not provide good service to the guests, it will clear the lower the quality of tourism in Bali. In fact, the price of the most fantastic room, very cheap at all and surprising is the rate below 10 dollars for a 3 star class hotel room's price for star hotel is commonly found in Bali.

Growth in the number of hotels in Bali since 2014 is very much fast, like a mushroom. Hotel built not only in the near-near the beach or attractions, such as near Kuta Beach, but uneven in many big cities in Bali. The moratorium is needed to be able to build a good kualialitas hotel services, for the sake of the good image of Bali tourism. Because this time the image of tourism in Bali worsened with various problems.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hotel in Kuta Beach Bali, The Playa Hotel & Villas

The Playa Hotel & Villas is in front of Kuta Beach Bali. The hotel previously named Namaste Villas, after undergoing refurbishment and expansion of the building, now has a new name. Located at Jalan Pantai Kuta No. 99X, Kuta, Bali 80361. The hotel is facing the Kuta Beach, the hotel is very setrategis and easy to reach from any beach in Kuta. The hotel phone number is + 62361-755755.

Hotel in Kuta Beach Bali, The Playa Hotel & Villas
The Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas is located in the best location in Bali, precisely located on Kuta Beach. Very close to the beach, and even can be said to be a hotel on the coast. Between the hotel to the beach is limited only by the road, Jalan Pantai Kuta. Even from a hotel room on the top floor, you can see beautiful views of the Kuta Beach, the activities of people on the beach, surfers, people jogging on the beach, looking at the people who are playing on the beach. Vacation would have been nice if staying at this hotel. Accommodation in Bali with a layout that is very setrategis and in the region penus with a party and excitement throughout the day (if it does not happen bombings).

Front view, Hotel in Kuta Beach Bali, The Playa Hotel & VillasLocation The Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas is very strategic, the hotel is close to the Ngurah Rai Airport. The distance from the airport to the hotel is about 4 km, with only 15 minutes on the way. So it is very easy to reach and close to the international airport. In addition to its strategic location, The Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas is also the hotel is close to Kendra Gallery, located about 470 meters, and with Beachwalk Mall is about 500 meters, the coastal area which is full of fun places. Very setrategis, you will not be bored if it is in the hotel area while on vacation in Bali with family or lover. Because whatever you are looking for is very close.

Spa room, Hotel in Kuta Beach Bali, The Playa Hotel & VillasThe Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas is a great choice for those who want to spend time with a variety of luxurious amenities. Enjoy the best quality of service and a memorable experience during your stay at this hotel. Luxurious feel have felt when entering the hotel lobby. Welcoming the guests were very memorable. Make your experience will be unforgettable after a stay at this hotel. Holiday in Bali will feel memorable while staying at this hotel.

The Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas is a place to sleep that is right for your vacation with family at Kuta Beach and surrounding areas. Enjoy all the amenities of entertainment for you and your family. Falisitas entertainment provided by the hotel is very adequate to accompany your days while on vacation in Kuta Bali, with beautiful beaches in Bali. Kuta is the place filled with entertainment and festivities throughout the day. This hotel is located in the nicest location for a holiday.

Hotel in Kuta Beach Bali, The Playa Hotel & VillasThis hotel is a fitting choice for those of you who like the feel crowded but quiet. When the morning, around the beach there are a lot of people go jogging on the beach and sidewalk along Jalan Pantai Kuta. Your holiday will not be boring, because every day you can do different activities near the hotel. Your stay will be unforgettable thanks to special services are accompanied by various supporting facilities for your convenience.

There are swimming pools for guests to relax alone or with friends and family. The swimming pool you can use to relieve the heat in the tropical air of the sunlit. The pool is adequate for a swim or eliminate hot flashes during the day.

Hotel in Kuta Beach Bali, The Playa Hotel & VillasThe Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas also has a spa facility that provides price and the best quality service. Spa is one of many services provided by hotels in Bali. Spa Bali is one offered to try and dibikmati by the guests. Spa Bali is very famous with traditional ingredients and naturally. Holiday in Bali will be very pleasant when you enjoy spa at this hotel. Friendly service, with softness spa that relaxes the body and can make your body relax.

The Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas has a 24-hour front desk ready to serve the process of check-in, check-out and your other needs. Feel free to contact the front desk, because your satisfaction is the primary goal of this hotel services.

Room hotel, Hotel in Kuta Beach Bali, The Playa Hotel & VillasThere is a restaurant serving a delicious menu a la The Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas specially for you. Restaurant with delicious and typical food from the best chef. So you do not have to worry about food for your breakfast in the morning. Holiday in Bali will feel comfortable, calm and contented when staying at this hotel. Bali beach in front of the eyes while enjoying good food and fresh in the morning. Kuta will be very beautiful if you are satisfied morning with tasty food typical of this hotel.

In order to support your mobility during the stay, provided WiFi network access throughout the hotel. So no need to worry if you want to communicate with family or friends at home. Free WiFi access is a standard service hotel in Kuta.

Memorable and unforgettable experience you would get during a stay at The Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas. Holiday in Bali will be very pleasant and unforgettable. The best accommodation with views of bustling Kuta Beach and fun. Hotels in Bali's Kuta Beach is one of the best for you.