Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 18, 2015 tragedy in Bali, the conflict between the two groups of thugs

The situation in Bali in December this year is very tense. Insecurity is felt on the island. Not because of a bomb threat by terrorists, but the threat comes from the Balinese.

On 18 December, the deadly events in Denpasar, until the resulting casualties. The event is a clash between two groups of the biggest thugs in Bali, LaskarBali and Baladika. Two groups of thugs who called himself as a protector of the people of Bali, but to make a scene and resulted in the emergence of fear in the community.

December 18 in Bali tragedy originated from the noise and the killing that occurred in prison. Several members of the group daru two different gangs of thugs who were arrested by the police, in the process of the court, and then taken to Kerobokan Prison. When brought to prison, thugs at the guard and followed by members and friends who feel sympathy. On arriving at the prison area, two gangs that involved a fight until the condition gets chaos.

Kerobokan prison in Denpasar commotion between two groups of inmates who are part of two groups of thugs. In prison unrest, hitting each other and clashing weapons. Out of nowhere came a sharp weapon, fellow inmates clashed to cause two prisoners died in prison.

A brawl between two groups of thugs in prison is not over. Fellow thugs outside the prison heard the deadly incident in prison, they avenge his death by attacking their enemies. Resulting in a clash between two groups of thugs on public roads.

The atmosphere was tense and clashes took place from 2:00 pm until late. Two groups of thugs to attack each other using swords, knives, throwing stones, sharp spears, and some even use a gun. Beangsung clash in the middle of the road, thereby disrupting the traffic, congestion occurs.

Residents who live in the area of ​​the clashes became frantic and tense. Shops are closed. The pace of the road vehicle stalled. Many divert the driver's vehicle to avoid clashes.

When evening around 4:00 pm getting hot and tense atmosphere. Between two groups of thugs to attack each other. Many of them clearly visible knife wound, hit by a stone, hit, beaten. Cars hit by rocks. People look more and more, whether it is a member of two thugs, or the people who saw the clashes.

When clashes on the street, no police came. Because police are still focused on clashes in prison. Police are still securing the area of ​​the prison in order to avoid subsequent clashes. But clashes even extends outside the prison. Police were missed.

The clashes are happening outside the prison caused many casualties. Many of the two groups of thugs were wounded. People were seen running injured. Blood scattered everywhere. Stabbings and beatings took place in front of the store. A horrible spectacle for shop owners. Seeing human blood scattered on the shop door, floor, and seats. There is even one person who clashed into the store with a full body injuries. The store owner saw him get into the kitchen with blood constantly dripping. Thugs were lying and lying in the kitchen and eventually die.

A small bank in the vicinity of the clashes became a shelter by the perpetrators of the clashes were seriously injured. Many of those seriously injured to the bank to ask for help. People who are injured from a group of thugs gathered at the bank with a full body stab wounds and bleeding. Bank employees are panicking, because thugs were asked for help with the horrible condition.

After many casualties occurred when the evening, the police came to the scene of clashes. Police secured the area to prevent clashes subsequent clashes. A condition more conducive clash, although there are still many people who get together, whether they are the two groups of thugs, or those who just want to see the situation on the spot.

From the police reports about the clash, four people died in clashes in prison and on the street. All the dead were members of two gangs of thugs. They died in vain, without a clear goal of what is done until death.

After the incident, two civilian leaders finally agreed on a peace treaty, and ready arrested by police if his men made a fuss again in Bali. Perhaps by making a deal that could stop the conflict between gangs in Bali.

Groups of thugs that formed the grounds for keeping Bali. Though Bali has had a strong customary with good security system by pecalang. Pecalang is customary in the safety organization by custom shape. Influence and power of pecalang very well and was well respected by the people. So a group of thugs that only damage the image of Bali as the island safe and enjoyable.