Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ahead of New Year's Eve 2015 in Bali, police tightened

Sanur Beach

Precautions against the bombing in Bali ahead of the new year should be increased. Because of bombing by terrorists can occur at any time without our knowledge. Because the incidence of bombing never happened in Paris, France. The bomb in France makes can not say anything. Because Paris is known as the City of Love.

Bali is an island for a vacation destination by tourists from different countries. Threats to the safety of foreign tourists in Bali still remains the case. Because there are a lot of people from countries which become terrorist targets in Bali. That is why Bali must remain vigilant against any threats that may interfere with the comfort of tourists while traveling in Bali.

Since December 25, police began tightened in places prone to crime, in the center of the crowd, gathered in the center of the tourists. Police security guard for the celebration of Christmas, until New Year's Eve. Because in 2015 this has happened many events that endanger people and foreign tourists.

Not only the crime of terrorism, riots and clashes between gangs in Bali. In order to maintain the comfort and security of tourists who vacation in Bali, the police keep an eye on all those who are considered suspicious. Starting from the guard at the port, to the guard at the airport. All the entrance to the island of Bali in strict guard by police.