Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bomb blast 2015 in Paris, whether tourists will switch to Bali?

If Bali is safe from terrorist bombings, after the terrorist attacks in France?. 2015 bombings in France have an impact on people's fears to visit the country. Tensions are still happening today. France still grieving for the incident to result in hundreds of people dead. Travelers who are planning a vacation to France will cancel keinginnannya. Of course with good reason, better stay at home than to visit a country filled with deadly terror.

2002 Bali bombing have an impact on tourist arrivals continue to decline. Obviously France would feel the same way. Travelers are beginning to be a holiday to France would cancel his desire, or perhaps would divert to other kengara. Countries that are considered safer for the moment, although with a feeling forced.
The businessmen accommodation and restaurants in Bali have great expectations of kejidian that occurred in France. Travelers who canceled his visit to France is expected to divert their holidays Bali.Jika to divert tourist visit to Bali, then chances Bali will receive a lot of foreign tourists. Tourists visiting Bali as their holiday destination diversion of the feeling forced. Because of their intent in wanting to France, but for fear of their safety, so they switched to Bali.

Post-terror Paris, France, the Indonesian government tightened security in areas vital to anticipate the entry of terrorist networks or other criminals. Including Bali, security and entrance examinations in Bali was tightened to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents.

Security and inspection entrance Bali like in Gilimanuk, involves a number of personnel from the ranks of the police and army. Examination conducted on persons, vehicles and goods. In addition, checks are also carried out in each sector of the police who carry out the operation on the highway.