Thursday, November 19, 2015

9 Balinese dance is proposed as a World Cultural Heritage, UNESCO

Nine Balinese dance is a dance that was created, danced by the Balinese people to be proposed as a World Cultural Heritage. Three dancers from Bali will bring nine dances typical of the area in the UNESCO meeting in Namibia, Africa, which will take place at 1-2 December 2015. Three dancers that later will bring nine dance performance that had previously been proposed. They will be accompanied by Prof. I Wayan Dibia, professor of Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar.

Nine Balinese dances are proposed for establishment as a World Cultural Heritage (WBD) is the Tari Barong Ket, Tari Joged, Tari Legong Kraton, Drama Tari Wayang Wong, Drama Tari Gambuh, Topeng Sidakarya, Baris Upacara , Tari Sanghyang dan Tari Rejang. The Balinese are very hopeful nine dances that can be set as WBD so it will not easily be claimed by another party. Because it has a lot of art and culture of Indonesian people who dklaim as have other countries. And it is very detrimental and hurt the feelings of people of Indonesia.

If they already have a nine dance determination of the United Nations in charge of education, science and culture (UNESCO), it is incumbent on all parties, particularly the Balinese to keep it. So that the art and culture of the Balinese people stay awake and sustainable, can be continuously enjoyed by everyone, not extinct, and remains the pride of Bali, as heir to the art and culture that has been created by the ancestors.

If nine Balinese dance that has been recognized by UNESCO, the culture will survive, if not acted in any culture would die. Because Indonesia is a lot of art and culture is dead and extinct, because there is no concern and a sense of pride in one's own culture. Most of culture and art in Indonesia has lenyak by penyaruh foreign culture actually does not fit, do not characterize an Indonesian.

Earlier, on October 20, 2015, nine Balinese dance has also been set to get a certificate of Cultural Heritage Objects Indonesia submitted by the Minister of Basic Education, Secondary and Culture Anies Baswedan. Bali then get a certificate of Cultural Heritage Objects of Indonesia to 12 cultural work, nine of them dance and three other cultural works is in the form of Kain Gringsing Tenganan, Seni Lukis Kamasan, dan Tenun Endek Bali.