Thursday, September 24, 2015

When there is rain in Bali

In 2015, Bali experienced a drought so painful for people. The heat can burn the skin. Because the air is very hot with the sun is very hot, making the soil becomes very dry. So that the dust becomes very much.

Currently premises through highway motorcycles, the heat was excruciating. As motorcyclists passed a huge blaze.

Weather forecast released by the government said that the rain will occur in Bala in early October. However, the possibility will predikdi melengceng, because until now there has been no sign of rain, although it has entered mid-September.

Bali is currently experiencing a water crisis. Dry rivers, dry wells, fields drought. Usually the dry season is not as it is today. But as excruciating and alarming. Who feel the impact of the dry season when it is farmers. They can not grow rice. So they do not have income.

When is the rainy season in Bali will happen? I do not know, nobody knows, although it is expected to happen in early October, but it is not certain, it is not clear when exactly.