Saturday, September 5, 2015

Weather conditions in Bali at this time are very hot

Weather in Bali is now very hot. Due to a very long summer drought resulted in nearly all areas of Bali. Paddy water shortages as rivers dry up. Plants wither, the grass dries up, the lake receded.

Weather in Bali today is very unfriendly, if during the rainy season floods, the dry season forest fires. Erratic weather, sometimes rain during the dry season, sometimes hot during the rainy season. All became chaotic.

The dry season is very hot at this time. The heat was excruciating, burning the skin, makes the head ache when exposed to sunlight. Very uncomfortable for humans.

The wind was blowing very hard. Hot air with strong winds carrying dust. Currently floating dust, the air becomes very dirty. If inhaled through the nose, is likely to be inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Currently in Bali there are many people suffering from inflammation of the airways. It was caused by the hot weather and dust. Not only the respiratory tract inflammation, as well as the human digestive tract diseases. Typhoid, diarrhea, and abdominal bloating experienced by many people in Bali today.