Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trevel agent in Bali is deceiving many tourists

Normally tourists will use a travel agent to facilitate their activities while on vacation le Bali. Travel agents in Bali very much, but not all travel agents have a business license from the government. The agency came up with unfair competition.

Competition is commonplace business greetings. Any travel agent in Bali must compete but unfair competition often occurs. The competition impact on the quality of service and honesty in every agency. This has an impact on the satisfaction and comfort of tourists who were vacationing in Bali.

Fraud and deception to tourists carried out by the travel agent is very common in Bali. Tourists often feel cheated by promises and tempting offer, but while in Bali, a tourist just got something that is not in accordance with the previously offered.

Additionally, when visiting certain attractions in Bali, a tourist just invited to places that are considered profitable travel agency. Tourists often invited to shops, galleries, malls, and places that will give great rewards to agents when brought many tourists to their place.

The tourists are also often invited to a place that is not in accordance with the previous bid. Suppose, on the tourist offer is brought to Besakih that is located in the mountains, but while in Bali, a tourist just invited to a temple in a remote village and say that it is Besakih. This is done to save gasoline and time, so that the benefits agency.