Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kuta Beach Bali danger of being lost

Kuta Beach Bali is now very poor condition. At some point there has been a reduction in the beach due to abrasion. Even when compared to the first beach now, formerly a wider and wider. But now Kuta Beach is getting smaller and narrower.

Abrasion has occurred in all the beaches in Bali. Especially at the beach with sand. The most severe abrasion occurs in the area of ​​West Bali. Kuta as a famous tourist area, not escape from abrasion on the beach. Sand scrape abrasion and cut off the sand that forms the beach.

If abrasion on Kuta Beach continues, then this beach will be lost, what remains is the former concrete hotel near the beach. Abrasion will eliminate Kuta Beach to Seminyak Beach.

Ocean currents in the Strait of Bali is very tight. These currents can sweep large vessels. A very strong current in the ocean can be clearly seen in Gilimanuk. From the beach can be seen very strong current flows. If the passing ship at sea do not have a powerful engine, the ship can be washed away.

Many opinions and speculation in the community about the causes abrasion on Kuta Beach. Many people say that the abrasion caused by the reclamation will be undertaken at the Ngurah Rai Airport to extend the runway trajectory plane. Many also believe that the abrasion occurred at Kuta Beach caused by global warming. Whatever the cause, the fact that Kuta Beach in danger of disappearing due to abrasion.