Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hotel continues to grow, the area of ​​rice fields on the wane, Subak organization threatened

Bali, tourism, hotel, art, culture, tradition, rice, sunset, beach, mountains, and the sea, all of it is owned by Bali's capital to benefit from the interest of foreigners. Tourism continues to grow and develop in Bali. Residents of Bali is getting carried away with the tourism industry which provides many advantages. Money becomes a priority in this industry, without knowing much has been sacrificed for short-term gain.

Much has been sacrificed for the sake of the development of the tourism industry in Bali. Bring investors to make a hotel, hoping to add jobs for the young residents of Bali. Large-scale promotion abroad so more and more foreigners who vacation in Bali. Transform vacant land into luxury resorts and villas. All for one purpose, the money for the welfare of all people.

After all the potential in developing tourism, after all vacant land used as luxury resorts and villas, after the promotion is done to attract tourists, tujuanpun achieved, more and more tourists coming to Bali, the potential for any business to grow well.

When all the potential in developed and functioned vacant land, it appears a new Moses, find and utilize all available land to be converted into luxury resorts and villas. All changed, no longer to earn money and new jobs, but to ivestasi for owners money.

Bali became a profitable investment for the owner of the money. The sale value of the property continues to grow and increasingly expensive. Sale value of land increasingly unnatural. Property prices are increasingly unable to be purchased by the local residents. Investors continue to flock to Bali just to build an investment without control. The government can not do anything because they are still concerned with profit.

The fields become the target of new investors, because there are no more vacant land to build a new hotel. Sawah converted into hotels, luxury resorts, villas, shopping malls, stores, and housing. Every year tens of hectares of rice fields converted into residential areas. Farmers can not do much, because they also need money to live. Because the agricultural sector no longer has the potential to benefit and to make ends meet. Paddy sold by farmers to developers.

If a lot of rice is sold, then the Subak organization will disappear over time. Subak will be the history of the development of the tourism industry as a result of uncontrolled and controlled by the government. Subak is a large and complex system of water flow. If one of the flow of water in the rice field closed because of construction of the property, then this system will be chaotic. Because water is the essence of Subak in Bali.

Government as a controller and the controller in any change in Bali, must have the courage to act decisively with a strong commitment, that the rice should be saved and maintained so as not to be lost. Sawah is the sustainer of human life. Because rice is a producer of food for humans, so that people can stay alive. If all the rice fields in Bali has gone into, turn into the building and housing, the Balinese culture will disappear, because the culture in Bali came from the fields.