Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weather in Bali today is rainying all day

Weather in Bali now erratic, unpredictable, and confusing. All were caused by climate change, resulting in changes in the weather cycle. The longer rainy season, sometimes there is no rain at all every year.

Weather in Bali today was raining all day. From morning to evening is always raining. In fact, if calculated based on annual rain cycle, today is the beginning of the dry season, but in fact the rain continued to occur since a few days ago.

Farmers become confused, because today is the harvest season. Harvesting rice in the fields. If the rain continues, it will dry out the rice should be soaked by rain. Rice became loss that farmers will get less yield.

In the area of ​​central Bali, rain intensity is higher. More rain water discharge. It can be seen from the looks cloudy and very swift river water and flooding. Whereas in the coastal area is very little rainfall intensity.

 In the Tabanan area of ​​rain accompanied by hurricanes. Many trees uprooted. In road traffic accidents often occur because of slippery roads. Branches broken from trees perindang road resulted in traffic jams.

Because of the rain that continued to occur since a few days ago. Tourism activities to be disrupted. Garbage piled up on the beach, tourists terbena hard to see the sun, because the sky was overcast, traffic congestion, moist air. Tourism activities are very disturbed by the weather conditions always rains.