Sunday, May 24, 2015

Seaweed farming in Pandawa Beach has ended

Pandawa Beach Bali
Pandawa Beach, South of Kuta, Badung Bali.

Pandawa Beach has become a new tourist attraction in Bali. This beach used to be called the Secret Beach, because it is difficult to access. Now the road to reach the beach have been made, so it is no longer a secret beach.

In the past, before tourism became the mainstay of economies in Bali, Pandawa Beach is a seaweed cultivation. Farming seaweed on the beach is known for having the best quality. Seaweeds the garden because of the shallow sea that support for agriculture. People call Pandavas Beach is the beach seaweed.

Now the seaweed farm in Pandawa Beach was over. No more activities of farmers around the coast. That there are only traces of land cultivation. Seaweed farmers prefer to be traders, because it is easier and can get results quickly.

Seaweed farmers in a large part of the Pandawa Beach now selling around the coast. Small stalls provided by the government as a place to trade. In general, the Pandawa Beach is managed by the local village administration.

There is a discourse that is discussed by people around the Pandavas Beach, that the government would bring back farming of seaweed on this beach. But whether it will materialize discourse. Therefore, the coastal area has been transformed into a tourist area. Hotel and luxury villas will be built around the beach. Even in some locations on the waterfront, has been installed on the ground patot tenure.

The question is, whether the farmers will want to go back to planting of seaweed in the Pandawa Beach?!.