Friday, May 22, 2015

Populist tourism turn into lifestyle tourism

Bali Indonesia, since time immemorial been known as a tourist destination. Since before Indonesia's independence from the colonizers, Bali has become a place of research and always in the search by the Europeans. Europeans came to Bali because of the people who live in Bali have a social life that is very unique, never found in any other country in the world. Bali is unique, all aspects of life and culture has grown and developed dynamically and full of magical shades that blend with nature. Arts, culture, social life, organization, and all aspects of Balinese people life is very different from life in other nations.

Initially the European people go to Bali to see the unique way of life, culture, religion, and organizations in Bali. They were amazed by the unique traditional life, but old-fashioned, well-organized, has elements of art with a very high taste, different religions that exist in other countries, but it is very similar in some aspects.

Europeans who've been to Bali disseminate interesting information about the unique life of the Balinese to the state of nature is very beautiful and attractive. So since Indonesia's independence in 1945, tourism in Bali is growing and developing well. All the runs in order and based on the beauty of art and culture in Bali. Tourists come to feel the nuances of life of the Balinese. The tourists blend into one with local residents, visiting remote villages with indigenous life and culture that is still well preserved. Seeing Balinese people dancing in temples, see traditional buildings throughout the village, follow the religious rituals, and trying to be part of the social life of the people of Bali are filled with hospitality.

Each year of life is constantly changing. Money is a top priority in the work and run life. Balinese people lifestyle habits began to imitate the Westerners who berprioritaskan on money. Since then the Balinese people way of life began to change, also affect the model of tourism in Bali.

Since the economic crisis that hit Indonesia and the world in 1997, life became chaotic. Money becomes a top priority so that people were able to survive very well. Tourism began affected. Sales of craft and art has decreased drastically.

Not only the economic crisis, the tragedy of the Bali bombing also resulted in deterioration of the economy and tourism in Bali. Kuta bombing has killed many foreign tourists and local residents. Ironically bombing in Bali is not just one time, but it happened twice with plenty of blasting. The tourism industry in Bali was being crushed and sunk. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, all relevant threatened with bankruptcy. Many workers in layoffs. Unemployment continues to grow.

Due to the further decline of the tourism industry, making the government intervened and tried to arouse in every way. The promotion continues to do to attract tourists. Ironically, the campaign carried impressed sell everything that is in Bali. Since then tourism in Bali began to change, initially was later turned into a populist tourism lifestyle tourism.

Since the Bali tourism industry began to grow very rapidly in 2007. Since then tourists visiting Bali shows different styles. They tend to come to Bali to find a beautiful place premises suitable accommodation. Not again to see the cultural life and traditions that exist in Bali.

Ironically, foreign tourists who come to Bali has a dual purpose, their vacation while doing business. They are looking for any opportunity to benefit in Bali. Buy property, build hotels, buy souvenirs for resale in their home country. And many business models do. This resulted in chaotic economic model in Bali. Bali many people should benefit from the development of the tourism industry, but in fact all just false.