Monday, May 18, 2015

Pandawa Beach, the secret beach but has now opened

Pandawa Beach is one of the tourist area in the southern area of Kuta, Badung regency, Bali. This beach is located behind the hills and is often referred to as Secret Beach. Almost all the area around this beach is limestone hills. This hill covered the beauty of the beach.

But now the secret beaches have been opened. Opened for by splitting limestone hill, so that access to Secret Beach can be easily reached. Chalk hills in dredger and shaped in such a way. The Government gives permission to the investor to manage the region's limestone hills. Villas and luxury resort to be built in this region.

Beginning, before Pandawa Beach can be visited by tourists, this beach is the place for seaweed cultivation. Seaweed cultivation by residents living near the coast. Seaweed from Pandawa Beach is known to have the best quality. However, since the natural conditions of uncertainty, as well as the increasingly polluted sea water, seaweed production in Pandawa Beach wane.

Pandawa Beach is a beach that is very popular with local residents for a vacation. Beach with white sand, the sea is shallow at the edges, calm water, with a cluster of rocks that will be seen during low tide. Travelers can freely play in the water around the coast. Along the beach are also provided an umbrella for shade.

The parking lot at Pandawa Beach, there are plenty of traders that is owned by a local. They mostly only sell snacks and cold drinks. Degan ice is most easily found.

There are no hotels or villas around. Since the Pandawa Beach area is known by the public as a new tourist destination, government and investors began to make the access road to the beach. Boutique shaped not begin flattened, making it easy to build.

Pandawa beach can be reached approximately one hour from Ngurah Rai Airport. The journey can be directed from Kuta to Garuda Wismu Kencana then turn left towards Nusa Dua or Bali Cliff. You just need to pay attention to signpost reading "Pandawa Beach" to turn left to arrive at the intersection and follow the track finally arrived in Coast region Pandawa. The streets will pass rock cliffs and hills perforated wall is then filled with five Pandawa figures as the name implies.

The beginning, the road to Pandawa Beach is the road to the mining of lime. At the beginning, the way it was designed to facilitate the miners blurred transporting mining products. The road has now been expanded and dilate. The road also refine by asphalting.

When entering the Pandawa Beach area, along the road will be visible cliffs and limestone hills that have been laid out and shaped, so neat and beautiful to look at. Before arriving at the court parker, to the left of the road there is a row of large sculptures. The statue is a figure from Indian mythology. Pandawa is a character in the mythology of five dashing and handsome young man with a beautiful woman.