Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pandawa Beach sea water is very clear

Pandawa Beach has a very white sand. Because the Pandavas area is very wide limestone hill. Lime that has been formed since thousands of years ago when Bali was still submerged.

Pandawa Beach has a very clear sea water. That's because the beach is located at the southern tip of the island of Bali. Around the beach there is no river with water that normally carries sewage and garbage. Thus, along the shoreline are rarely found garbage and waste.

If you are standing in the water at Pandawa Beach, then look at your feet were sunk, then you will see clearly legs. Underwater sand can also be seen very clearly. As if the sea water in the Pandava Beach does not have dirt and waste.

Since it is very clean and clear, the Pandavas Beach was once a place to cultivate seaweed. Seaweed is predictably high quality. Water conditions will determine the quality of seaweed. If the water is polluted and dirty, then the seaweed would be nice. If the sea water is not clear, then the seaweed growth will be hampered.