Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Manufacture of new hotels in Bali are continuing

Although the moratorium on the construction of new hotels have been issued by the provincial government of Bali, but in fact there are many new hotels built in the absence of action to prevent increasing the number of hotels in Bali.

Bali is the land of the most promising investments for large capital invertor. Being the region's most famous tourist destinations in the world, make Bali as a destination for a vacation and have fun. This condition is a great opportunity for investors to continue to invest in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Undeniably, the number of hotels in Bali very much. Each block of shops and housing, can easily find the hotel. Starting from the lowest class, up to five-star hotel with a very expensive price. Ranging from rooms that can be rented only one hour, until the cheap rooms that can be rented for months.

Although there are a lot of hotels with a total room in the thousands, but it did not deter the investor to make a hotel in Bali. I wonder what that into consideration, but many hoteliers in Bali are complaining, because the hotel room occupancy rate in Bali has declined. Although more and more tourists to Bali, but every hotel just get a few customers. Even customers that they can are tourists with small buged.

Low levels of hotel occupancy in Bali at this time due to the growing number of hotels. Although the number of tourists who vacation in Bali semakain increased, but they prefer to live and stay in cheap hotels. With a budget saving reasons. This condition is more difficult managing five-star hotel with expensive rates. They have to compete with cheap hotels to attract customers. Various promos and services offered, but it is still very difficult to obtain a high number of customers. Because the number of hotels continues to grow.

Bali provincial government as the main controller development in Bali, was not able to cope with this. Collusion, corruption, and nepotism became a big gap for investors to smooth their efforts to build a hotel in Bali. Various methods are used to obtain building permits, although it has imposed a moratorium on the construction of new hotels. Ironic for Bali.