Sunday, May 3, 2015

Beaches in Bali dirty due to flooding in the river

Beaches in Bali today mostly dirty and murky. It was caused by mud from the river. Because this time in Bali was rain throughout the day since a few days ago.

The rivers in Bali met by floods. The water comes from the river, carrying mud and debris. Flood on the river empties into the sea. Floods brought mud and garbage. All the dirt in the river to the sea.

When garbage and lumbur bucket in the ocean, all leading to the beach. Mud will be seen very clearly when sea waves occur. Ocean waves usually seen with white foam, but it looks like a brownish sludge. That mud is mixed with sea water.

On the beach, garbage strewn. All trash on the beach from the river being flooded. This season was the worst on the beach. Because almost every day of rain which resulted in the beach being dirty and full of trash. Also sea water with mud and trash.

Very disgusting is Kuta Beach, a famous beach gathering place for foreign tourists, is now the beach with a lot of garbage. Conditions like this are very common. Government can only clean up the garbage, without being able to seek and find solutions to prevent this condition happen again.