Monday, April 27, 2015

Extortionist and pickpockets in Jalan Popies 2 Kuta

Jalan Popies 2 kuta is a very crowded by foreign tourists who were walking. Because in this way there are many cheap hotels where foreigners stay while in Bali. This street also became an icon of a gathering place of people from different countries.

Pickpockets and transvestites are very much in JalanPopies2Kuta. Perpetrators of pickpockets in Jalan Popies 2 Kuta is the transvestites who are hung. This was evident after the arrest of a transvestite who has pilfer a foreign tourist. Shemale pickpocket has been arrested by the police with evidence of a gold necklace.

Besides pickpocket, too many extortionists are made by newcomers. Extortionist in Jalan Popies 2 Kuta mostly migrants who do not have jobs. They usually memalak foreign tourists who were walking on the road. Police have arrested extortionists often acting in JalanPopies2Kuta. But these criminal acts continue to be the case until now, as the number of extortionists in this way very much, so it is very difficult to eradicate.

Pickpockets and extortionists in Jalan Popies 2 Kuta action at midnight to early morning. They act as the road deserted and only crossed by one or two tourists. They extort of foreign tourists because they think has a lot of money and valuables.

The extortionists and pickpockets in Jalan Popies 2 Kuta, which has been caught by the police, not all local residents. Even when criminal acts that happens, local residents who know the incidence of extortion and mugging directly pursue the perpetrators and beat up battered. Locals were furious with the act of the pickpocket and extortionists that interfere with foreign tourists, so that the good name of their region being damaged by a criminal act by evil people.

Bali then and now is very different, if formerly known as the island of Bali is safe, comfortable and clean, now known as the island of Bali hell. Because many criminal acts against foreign tourists in Bali who was on holiday in Bali.