Monday, April 6, 2015

Chinese tourists do not like to shop in Bali

Shopping is part of the tourist activities. But unlike China that tourists on holiday in Bali. They do not like it if the invite to the shopping places in Bali.

Bali is one of the most preferred tourist destination by Chinese citizens. Because Bali is a small island with an abundance of charm and sightseeing options. Bali is also regarded as a cheap tourist destination. Because whatever you want to come by for a tour, all in Bali.

Chinese citizens who are traveling in Bali prefer to visit the beach and lazy river at Benoa Bay. They prefer the beach because of the country's very difficult to find a nice beach for vacation. Beaches in Bali is very famous, and almost all of the beach in South Bali can be visited and has a natural charm that is very beautiful.

Chinese citizens who were on vacation in Bali prefer to be invited to the beach than to the shopping center, although the art market to sell Balinese handicrafts. Because they assume that products made in the country better and cheaper prices.

Undeniably, many products sold in the market are made in China (China). Even products made in china are of varying quality, ranging from low quality products, to products with high quality, the price is very cheap. Types of products from China are also very diverse.

For that reason most people in china who vacation in Bali do not like shopping. They prefer to visit a culinary and entertainment and family rides. There are some people who complain when invited china shop by tour guides, they assume that the products sold are not special for them, because most of the products that are sold in Bali is made in china. Except for handicrafts and art.