Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bali will be a drought without water

Ground water reserves in Bali is below 20 percent. This condition is believed to be getting worse. Predicted, the ecological crisis will happen in 2020, because there is no mitigation and prevention measures in response to this situation.

High demand for clean water in Bali, especially in densely populated urban areas and tourism areas has resulted in reserves of clean water a very vital. In fact, for this purpose, the need for agricultural areas, transferred to a tourism area in southern Bali.

Long ago, Bali has a very abundant water reserves. It can be seen from the amount of rice fields that is very much in the whole area of Bali. Subak as a traditional organization which regulates the distribution of water, be evidence that water in Bali is very easy to obtain.

Central Bali, is a mountain area and forest, which saves a lot of water reserves. Almost all areas of Bali has a river with plenty of water and clean. Long ago, during the rainy season, flooding is very rare, because the water directly on hold by trees and seep into the ground through cracks roots of plants in the forest.

Now the water has become expensive product in Bali. Forest has been converted to agricultural areas. Rice fields converted into a housing and shopping complex. Hill has been decorated with luxurious villas with a water pump that sucks water directly from underground. The rivers are the source of the springs has been dominated by the water company, and sold it to the entire region. Springs on the wane, because the ground water is getting dry.

In densely populated areas, especially in large cities in Bali, the water is obtained by taking it directly from the ground. So the availability of groundwater in Bali dwindling. Bali threatened by drought.

In fact, the current water crisis began to be felt by the people of Bali. Every dry season, the water is very difficult to obtain. Rivers become dry, rice fields had no moisture. Although in some places, the residents of Bali can easily get water from a water company, but must be paid at a very expensive price. By reason of water increasingly difficult to obtain.

The results of the expert technicians Bali water rescue program announced a collaborative solution that can be made public to restore the soil water reserves and the accompanying reduction of water crisis.

A researcher at a university in Bali said, research on economical and effective solution that has been started since 2012, the prime water rescue program at a cost of less than one million US dollars.

The program operates after getting funding and targeting the scarcity of ground water by building wells catcher rainwater system as much as 136 catches in 13 strategic locations are actually interfering sources of water.

Based system that has been successful in various areas with high levels of drought, such as in India, the model becomes groundwater recharge techniques that have been globally and by a team of academics in Bali to get maximum results and quickly restore order to increase the level of water within a period of three up to five years in areas experiencing water crises and threatened sea water intrusion.