Thursday, April 30, 2015

A thief was beaten to death without any evidence at Kuta Beach

A young man from Java, for the first time to wander in Bali, because amazed at the freedom and sparkling in Kuta Beach, he immediately darting see the bags belonging to foreign tourists were placed in the sand and left for sun bathing and water play.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015, a young man from Java, it was a walk in the Kuta Beach. He saw a bag lying on the beach. Without thinking, he took the bag that is in the sand. The bag belonged to a foreign tourist from Sweden who were playing the water at the beach. The actions seen a number of vendors on the beach of Kuta. When the thief yelled at, he is actually directly laid back black cloth bag is in place. Unfortunately, the time will be approached guard Kuta beach, it actually ran.

Achmad pursue mass made itself increasingly frantic. Even then he actually was rescued by one of the police officers. Unfortunately, when arrested by the police, the police instead slammed into the sand. Seeing the policeman fell in the sand, the masses increasingly annoyed and eventually the thief was pursued. Achmad currently no loopholes to escape, he instead chose to swim out to sea. A number of officers waiting at the edge of the beach, even two officers come to swim.

When lifeguards swam to shore, after thieves to sea, security had warned me not to fight and requested quiet. On arriving at the beach, the masses too much, because upset, direct mass thieves beat up battered. A number of lifeguards tried to dispel even had time to hit by stray. Offender accused thief without holding the evidence was finally killed on their way to Sanglah.