Thursday, April 30, 2015

A thief was beaten to death without any evidence at Kuta Beach

A young man from Java, for the first time to wander in Bali, because amazed at the freedom and sparkling in Kuta Beach, he immediately darting see the bags belonging to foreign tourists were placed in the sand and left for sun bathing and water play.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015, a young man from Java, it was a walk in the Kuta Beach. He saw a bag lying on the beach. Without thinking, he took the bag that is in the sand. The bag belonged to a foreign tourist from Sweden who were playing the water at the beach. The actions seen a number of vendors on the beach of Kuta. When the thief yelled at, he is actually directly laid back black cloth bag is in place. Unfortunately, the time will be approached guard Kuta beach, it actually ran.

Achmad pursue mass made itself increasingly frantic. Even then he actually was rescued by one of the police officers. Unfortunately, when arrested by the police, the police instead slammed into the sand. Seeing the policeman fell in the sand, the masses increasingly annoyed and eventually the thief was pursued. Achmad currently no loopholes to escape, he instead chose to swim out to sea. A number of officers waiting at the edge of the beach, even two officers come to swim.

When lifeguards swam to shore, after thieves to sea, security had warned me not to fight and requested quiet. On arriving at the beach, the masses too much, because upset, direct mass thieves beat up battered. A number of lifeguards tried to dispel even had time to hit by stray. Offender accused thief without holding the evidence was finally killed on their way to Sanglah.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The new toll road, a feasibility study into the development plan of toll roads in Bali

New Toll Road Plan in Bali

Estimated construction plan of new toll roads in Bali, a picture by

Bali provincial government began to carry out a feasibility study related to the development plan of Bali toll road project linking South and North of Bali, which through the streets of Denpasar-Gilimanuk. The feasibility study for the Denpasar-Gilimanuk toll road will begin this year. There are seven points that will be built.

According to the Deputy Governor of Bali in his statement related to the construction of a toll road in Bali, seven points are located at the four toll roads, that Kuta-Canggu-Tanah Lot-Soka toll road, Soka-Pekutatan toll road, Pekutatan-Gilimanuk toll road, and Pekutatan-Lovina toll road.

The toll road is predicted to have a total length of about 156.7 kilometers with the cost of construction of trillions rupiah. The contractor had previously conducted a survey in order to complete the pre-feasibility study, among others, focused on the analysis of the development of the region, traffic projections, the selection of the trace with a review of the environmental aspects, costs and technical, construction cost estimates, economic analysis and financial analysis.

Construction of toll roads in Bali are expected to unravel traffic congestion that often occurs in the path of Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway. This pathway is not pernar deserted by vehicles, especially by large trucks carrying goods from Java and vice versa. Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway also be lanes for trucks from Lombok Island is heading to Java, and vice versa. Not only a large truck very much, too large buses that pass from morning to night.

During this time, Bali does not have an alternative way to connect the west, north, and the southern region. In case of accidents which have an impact on traffic congestion, the traffic flow will be paralyzed. The vehicle is not moving at all. In fact, often have to stay overnight journey.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ngurah Rai Airport Bali, one of the best airports in the world

I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport Bali was awarded the 7th best service in the world, based on a survey Airport Service Quality (ASQ), which is conducted by the Airport Council International (ACI), in the period from the fourth quarter (October to December) 2014.

Based on the survey, I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport Bali is ranked seventh world in the category of 5-15 million passengers per year, as well as the airports in Indonesia with world ranking best in class.

For the category of airports with passenger numbers 15-25 million passengers per year, ACI assessed at 31 airports in the world, Ngurah Rai is considered better when compared to Osaka Kansai Airport in Japan, San Diego California Airport in the US, Zurich Airport in Switzerland, Brisbane Queensland Airport in Australia, and Manchester Airport in England. As for the airport, which is ranked first in the ASQ survey is Wuhan Tianhe Airport, China.

Airport Service Quality (ASQ) is the only global benchmarking program that measures the level of satisfaction of passengers at the airport, which is conducted by the Airport Council International (ACI), a leading global airport affairs organization based in Montreal, Canada.

Aspects that are valued in the ASQ survey, among others, the atmosphere airports, shopping facilities, restaurants and dining facilities, the availability of bank / ATM / money changer, entertainment and recreation facilities at the airport, as well as the friendliness and attentiveness of the airport staff.

Bali will be a drought without water

Ground water reserves in Bali is below 20 percent. This condition is believed to be getting worse. Predicted, the ecological crisis will happen in 2020, because there is no mitigation and prevention measures in response to this situation.

High demand for clean water in Bali, especially in densely populated urban areas and tourism areas has resulted in reserves of clean water a very vital. In fact, for this purpose, the need for agricultural areas, transferred to a tourism area in southern Bali.

Long ago, Bali has a very abundant water reserves. It can be seen from the amount of rice fields that is very much in the whole area of Bali. Subak as a traditional organization which regulates the distribution of water, be evidence that water in Bali is very easy to obtain.

Central Bali, is a mountain area and forest, which saves a lot of water reserves. Almost all areas of Bali has a river with plenty of water and clean. Long ago, during the rainy season, flooding is very rare, because the water directly on hold by trees and seep into the ground through cracks roots of plants in the forest.

Now the water has become expensive product in Bali. Forest has been converted to agricultural areas. Rice fields converted into a housing and shopping complex. Hill has been decorated with luxurious villas with a water pump that sucks water directly from underground. The rivers are the source of the springs has been dominated by the water company, and sold it to the entire region. Springs on the wane, because the ground water is getting dry.

In densely populated areas, especially in large cities in Bali, the water is obtained by taking it directly from the ground. So the availability of groundwater in Bali dwindling. Bali threatened by drought.

In fact, the current water crisis began to be felt by the people of Bali. Every dry season, the water is very difficult to obtain. Rivers become dry, rice fields had no moisture. Although in some places, the residents of Bali can easily get water from a water company, but must be paid at a very expensive price. By reason of water increasingly difficult to obtain.

The results of the expert technicians Bali water rescue program announced a collaborative solution that can be made public to restore the soil water reserves and the accompanying reduction of water crisis.

A researcher at a university in Bali said, research on economical and effective solution that has been started since 2012, the prime water rescue program at a cost of less than one million US dollars.

The program operates after getting funding and targeting the scarcity of ground water by building wells catcher rainwater system as much as 136 catches in 13 strategic locations are actually interfering sources of water.

Based system that has been successful in various areas with high levels of drought, such as in India, the model becomes groundwater recharge techniques that have been globally and by a team of academics in Bali to get maximum results and quickly restore order to increase the level of water within a period of three up to five years in areas experiencing water crises and threatened sea water intrusion.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Extortionist and pickpockets in Jalan Popies 2 Kuta

Jalan Popies 2 kuta is a very crowded by foreign tourists who were walking. Because in this way there are many cheap hotels where foreigners stay while in Bali. This street also became an icon of a gathering place of people from different countries.

Pickpockets and transvestites are very much in JalanPopies2Kuta. Perpetrators of pickpockets in Jalan Popies 2 Kuta is the transvestites who are hung. This was evident after the arrest of a transvestite who has pilfer a foreign tourist. Shemale pickpocket has been arrested by the police with evidence of a gold necklace.

Besides pickpocket, too many extortionists are made by newcomers. Extortionist in Jalan Popies 2 Kuta mostly migrants who do not have jobs. They usually memalak foreign tourists who were walking on the road. Police have arrested extortionists often acting in JalanPopies2Kuta. But these criminal acts continue to be the case until now, as the number of extortionists in this way very much, so it is very difficult to eradicate.

Pickpockets and extortionists in Jalan Popies 2 Kuta action at midnight to early morning. They act as the road deserted and only crossed by one or two tourists. They extort of foreign tourists because they think has a lot of money and valuables.

The extortionists and pickpockets in Jalan Popies 2 Kuta, which has been caught by the police, not all local residents. Even when criminal acts that happens, local residents who know the incidence of extortion and mugging directly pursue the perpetrators and beat up battered. Locals were furious with the act of the pickpocket and extortionists that interfere with foreign tourists, so that the good name of their region being damaged by a criminal act by evil people.

Bali then and now is very different, if formerly known as the island of Bali is safe, comfortable and clean, now known as the island of Bali hell. Because many criminal acts against foreign tourists in Bali who was on holiday in Bali.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Canggu Intercontinental hotel development resulted in angry local residents

Bali News: Canggu Intercontinental hotel has been built in Canggu Beach. This hotel development has raised the ire of local residents. Because the hotel building parapet who take public space in Canggu Beach.

Development parapet conducted by Canggu Intercontinental hotel has violated the rules set by the Provincial Government of Bali. Menganggag trivial as the developer of the building's parapet. Though the walls have been completed seize public space. Causing public can not indulge freely around Canggu Beach.

Canggu residents had complained the matter to the local government. The complaint has responded well by the government. Badung Government conferred the hotel building permits Municipal Police have been deployed to provide a warning to the developer.

Parliament was also very angry with the construction of the separation barrier in Canggu Beach. Because the wall was built in the sterile area, which in coastal areas should be accessible and be passed by anyone.

In the local regulations governing the spatial, explained that any development in Bali, especially near the sea, all buildings must be at least 100 meters from the sea water at high tide. But the developer Canggu Intercontinental hotel has violated these regulations.

Bali is the best island in the world and Asia

Bali News: The world's largest travel site, TripAdvisor announces the Best Island in the World. This year's awards were announced to honor the more than 100 islands around the world, including a list of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, South Pacific, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This annual award is based on millions of valuable reviews and opinions from TripAdvisor travelers worldwide.

TripAdvisor community conducting traveling has found the best islands in the world as a perfect escape. Most of the tourists feel comfortable in these islands. They assess, these islands are very suitable as a place to lay on the beach or looking for adventure.

Visiting the place, it will be an incredible journey. In the list of 10 best islands in the world, Bali entered as the seventh position. And for Asia, Bali entered as the best island in Asia are in the second rank.

10 Best Island in the world by TripAdvisor:

1. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
2. Maui, Hawaii
3. Roatan, Honduras
4. Santorini, Greece
5. Ko Tao, Thailand
6. Madeira, Portugal
7. Bali, Indonesia
8. Mauritius, Africa
9. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
10. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

10 Best Island in Asia:

1. Ko Tao, Thailand
2. Bali, Indonesia
3. Phuket, Thailand
4. Ko Samui, Thailand
5. Lombok, Indonesia
6. Ko Lanta, Thailand
7. Ko Phangan, Thailand
8. Boracay, Philippines
9. Palawan, Philippines
10. Langkawi, Malaysia

The winner of this award, determined by using an algorithm that takes into account the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings hotels, restaurants and attractions on the islands around the world, collected over 12 months.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pictures: Overcrowding at Tirta Empul Temple, Gianyar

Overcrowding at Tirta Empul Temple, Gianyar

When the full moon, is the most excellent moment for the ritual purification of the soul in Tirta Empul Temple, Gianyar Bali. Every full moon, Pura Tirta Empul is always crowded with people who come from various regions in Bali. A bathing pool into a jostling. Men and women are in the pool. They are lining up to get holy water for cleansing the soul.

Murder on the corpse in a suitcase was sentenced to 10 years in prison

Bali News: Court in Denpasar, Bali, sentenced 10 years in prison for Heather Mack, Tuesday, October 21, 2015. The young woman from the United States (US) was found guilty of the murder of his mother.

Heather from Chicago, was arrested along with his partner Tommy Schaefer, in August 2014, after the body of his mother Sheila von Wiese-Mack, was found in a suitcase in a taxi. Penalties imposed by a court lighter than the prosecution of 15 years in prison.

Tommy tried separately, was sentenced to longer that 18 years in prison. Prosecution for 19-year-old Heather, is considered very light because he can actually under sentence of death.

Prosecutors said Heather, who continued to hold her baby daughter during the trial, that he had done sadistic acts on his birth mother.

But Heather was not charged with the death penalty, because he repeatedly expressed remorse, and has had a newborn baby.

Since being held in jail Kerobokan, Bali, Heather allowed to care for her baby in a prison cell. He said plans to breastfeed their babies until the age of two years.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pictures: Pura Besakih, Temple in Bali

Pura Besakih, Temple in Bali

Gate of the temple

 People in the Pura Besakih

Saturday, April 18, 2015

4 toll roads construction plan in Bali

Bali News: Bali will have a new toll road. 4 toll roads prepared to be made in Bali. The new toll roads are planned to be built is the Kuta-Canggu-Tanah Lot-Soka Toll Road, Soka-Pekutatan Toll road, Pekutatan-Gilimanuk Toll Road, and Pekutatan-Lovina Toll Road.

Construction of a toll road in Bali is very urgent for realized. Because Bali has become the region with the number of the number of cars are very fast. The number of cars in Bali each year continues to increase. However, the increase of roads has not increased. The impact is traffic congestion that can not tackle well.

Four toll roads connecting the North to the South Bali with a total length of 156.7 kilometers is planned to be built in Bali. This toll road will pass in seven districts and four regency. The regency is Jembrana, Tabanan, Badung, and Buleleng.

One of the most common path traffic congestion in Bali is Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway. Lots of vehicles from Gilimanuk to Denpasar will be stuck in traffic jams. It happened because the line was very crowded, and the terrain is very heavy to be passed by a truck with a heavy load.

The national highway is projected for completion in late 2019. Waskita Karya become one of the state who are members of the Toll Road Enterprises. The survey results indicate southern Bali has been very solid and inequality development occurs with the northern region. Development of four toll roads is an important part of the accelerated and equitable development in the area of Bali.

The total length of the four toll roads reached 156.7 km. The details are Kuta-Canggu-Tanah Lot-Soka (28 km), Soka-Pekutatan (25,1 km), Pekutatan-Gilimanuk (54.4 km), and Pekutatan-Lovina (46.7 km). The consultant has carried out a survey pre-feasibility study that focused analyzes the development of the region, traffic projections, and the selection of alignment. They also consider a review of the environmental aspects, technical and construction cost estimates, economic and financial analysis.

Bali governor appreciates good idea of the construction of this toll road. Therefore, the provincial government of Bali has often proposed the construction of toll roads, but never responded to by the central government. If the construction of toll roads in this area can be done, then the region will be Pekutatan-Jembrana benefit the surrounding community.

Jatiluwih in Tabanan Bali

Rice field in Bali and Subak System.

Tourist arrivals to the agricultural area in Jatiluwih, Tabanan, Bali Indonesia, has increased significantly since the UNESCO confirmed Subak System as a world cultural heritage. Since inaugurated on June 20, 2012, many television media praised the natural beauty Jatiluwih, the Subak system, so that people of the world are interested in to Jatiluwih.

Since in the world strengthen our cultural heritage, the number of visitors to the tourist area of Jatiluwih for 2012 only about 97 909 people, increased to 101 560 tourists in 2013, and during 2014 increased to 165 158 people.

Rice field in Bali and Subak System.

The international community would like to know from near the irrigation system which regulates the distribution of water in the rice fields of Bali. Traditional organization that regulates water for paddy irrigation system called Subak. Subak has got the status of a World Heritage cultural landscape category.

Management of tourist attraction in the form of a beautiful stretch of paddy fields Jatiluwih began providing benefits, both to the people who came there and the farmers themselves. The more the international community who visit the lowland region, would be able to increase the income of managers, because each visitor to it charged admission and reserved parking space vehicles.

Domestic and foreign tourists who come to Jatiluwih will feel satisfied after seeing the expanse of agricultural land with irrigation system. The fields in Jatiluwih is one of the most beautiful in Bali. With paddy berundag and life and activities of farmers, looks very beautiful and peaceful when witnessed.

Three other areas in Bali which confirmed the UNESCO world cultural heritage is the tourist area of Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi (Badung), Gunung Kawi Temple area Sukawati (Gianyar), and Ulun Danu Batur (Bangli).

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ubud Arts Market Gianyar Bali

If a visit to the island of Bali, is incomplete if it did not bring a gift when back home. In Bali there is a very suitable place for shopping, the Ubud Art Market.

In Ubud Art Market is open every day. In this market you can find various crafts suitable for souvenirs, such as various kinds of silver, silk scarves, handmade woven handbags, hats, sculptures, and various other handicrafts.

Items made of silver sold at a price range starting from Rp. 500000 to USD 1000000. Interestingly, the silver is produced solely by the local traditional silversmiths.

Most of the items contained in Ubud Art Market is handmade from residents of neighboring villages such as, Pengosekan, Tegallalang, Seminyak and Peliatan.

Ubud Art Market is not only visited by local tourists, as well as by foreign tourists. They rollicking visit Ubud Art Market. The market has become one part of the attractions in Bali.

Nusa Lembongan, island, diving, villas on the cliffs

Nusa Lembongan Bali, Indonesia
Nusa Lembongan is part of Bali Province, the location of the island is separated from the mainland island of Bali. The beauty of the scenery Nusa Lembongan only villas scattered on the cliffs by the sea to be the location of the dive.

Travelers who come to Nusa Lembongan usually do dive. In Nusa Lembongan sea to dive, although some point fairly swift current, but many travelers who dive in the sea around Lembongan. Fish, coral, other marine life is very nice and interesting.

Nusa Lembongan incoming Klungkung regency. The island is famous for sea travel. If tourists who want to dive, usually many who stay in hotels or villas that surround the beach. But there are also staying on the mainland island of Bali and travel by sea.

If you want to Nusa Lembongan, may from Sanur Beach, Denpasar, with fast boat fare per person Rp. 175,000. Within about 45 minutes, the trip could take passengers to their destination. The number of passengers quickly around 20 people. Feels exciting and boisterous when the ship broke the waves in the ocean, especially when the ship a little shake. Fast boat schedule Sanur-Nusa Lembongan service is available every day.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ultra Music Festival in Bali, Ultra Bali will be held on September 25


Bali News: Ultra Music Festival is a music performance in the title by Ultra Worldwide. This year is the 17th show.

Ultra Bali is the biggest Ultra Music Festival will be held in Bali. This news expressed by many dance music fans around the world. That's because Bali is a small island with a foreign tourist visits with a number of very much. As happened in Dreamfield Festival in Bali last year, the number of visitors to the festival it is very much. Even in the many visitors who did not get admission because it has been sold out.

Ultra Bali will be a success because of the security conditions in Bali is still favorable. Bali is still the main destination for vacation. The cost of living is very low because of differences eyes very much money, resulting in Bali a cheap destination in the world, with all the facilities and accommodation on offer in Bali.

In Asia, the Ultra Music Festival held in five different locations, namely in Thailand, Macau, Japan, and Bali. Bali is the final location of the festival. Bali will be held on September 25, 2015. It is not known where the location of the festival will take place. Not to information when tickets go on sale. Which obviously Bali will be a very exciting if this music festival held.

EDM, Electronic Dance Music is the kind of music that is displayed at the Ultra Music Festival. Electronic dance music (also known as EDM, dance music, club music) is a genre of electronic music percussion produced especially for dance-based entertainment (dance), as to the dancefloor in a nightclub. EDM music mostly made to be used by disc jockeys and played by DJs continuously, in the sense of one song to another song connect or synchronized.

One of the things that causes rapidly growing EDM music and loved by the people in different parts of the world is because it is universal. This music can still be enjoyed to the fullest, even if the listener does not understand the lyrics of the EDM music. Moreover, most of the actual EDM music has no lyrics are sung, and the only form of musical accompaniment only. This is because more EDM music highlight the sounds of music, such as beat percussion, bass, and game sounds and instead highlight the lyrics or singing vocals. So language is not a barrier for someone to be able to enjoy this kind of music.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ultra, Ultra Music Festival will be held in Bali

Ultra Bali, are two words that became popular at this time in Bali. Ultra Bali is the name for the international music festival that will be held in Bali by Ultra Worldwide.

Ultra Music Festivals is an international music festivals. This year the festival held in various countries, Bali became one of the chosen among several countries. This season Ultra Music Festivals starts from South Africa in February. Bali will be held in September 2015. Not to know the location where the festival will be held.

Ultra Music Festivals seems almost identical to Dreamfield Festivals. Music festivals the most sought after by those music fans from all over the world. If the Ultra Music Festival held in Bali, likely to take place at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Because at that location is very appropriate and suitable as a main place international music festival.

Ultra Music Festival will be held in Bali, party goers immediately greeted this with great excitement. Because Ultra Worldwide is the global edition of the event Electronic Dance Music (EDM) which is the largest in the world, namely, "Ultra Music Festival", in addition to that previously existed in Bali, namely Dreamfield Festival. Festival on the season is the first time in Indonesia, and Bali as a destination that could be considered as the best location in Indonesia, because Bali is a gathering place for people from various countries, including the fans of Electronic Dance Music (EMD).

Partygoers are the people who most love this festival. Because they can gather at the same place. As Dreamfield Festival at GWK, they come together and enjoy all the music until morning.

Schedule will be convening Ultra Bali (Ultra Music Festival) is on September 25, 2015. However, there has been no updates on the location to be used as a music festiva this. The artists who will fill the festival also has not been announced. Also on the ticket will be sold in Bali. So fans of the festival is to be patient and keep looking for the latest info on this music festival.

Pictures: Medewi Beach in Pekutatan Jembrana, Bali Indonesia

Medewi Beach, located in the village of Medewi, Pekutatan Jembrana, West of Bali, Indonesia. This beach is famous as the spot for surfing. Although the beach is not as beautiful as Kuta beach, but this beach is one of the very famous in Jembrana, and is the only beach that attracts most foreign tourists in search in Jembrana.

Signs that directed toward Medewi beach.
Signs that directed toward Medewi beach.

Medewi beach with big stones on the beach.
Medewi beach with big stones on the beach.

Medewi Beach and sea in Pekutatan Jembrana Bali
Medewi Beach and sea

Medewi Beach seen from the highway with a paddy field near the beach.
Medewi Beach seen from the highway with a paddy field near the beach.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Balinese girl's body

Balinese girl's body in general have a high stature and thin. Because the body of the Balinese are generally tall and strong. It is closely related to the level of prosperity and good nutrition since time immemorial.

Balinese body in general the average is high, when compared with the Indonesian people in general. Also in the body of the girl Bali. But unlike the Balinese body in urban areas. Balinese people living in cities have shorter posture. Because of the pressures of life and decide to meet the needs by searching for more money. Intense competition in the city also adds pressure Balinese life, so the effect on the posture of Bali.

Balinese girl's body in a mountainous region in the lowlands, are generally higher than those living in urban areas. It's because they live and work in the fields. They are also more food needs are met. Most of the food eaten is organic and fresh. The drinking water also comes from protected springs and clean. Their lives free from environmental pollution, so they are healthy and growing well.

The human body is the entire physical structure of the human organism. The human body consists of the head, neck, trunk body, 2 arms and 2 legs. The average height of an adult human body is about 1.6 m (5-6 ft). The size of the human body is usually determined by genes. The type and composition of the body is affected by postnatal factors such as diet and exercise. Balinese body is the same as other human beings.

Pictures: Yeh Leh Beach in Pekutatan Jembrana, Bali

Yeh Leh beach, located in the village of Pengeragoan, Pekutatan Jembrana, West of Bali. This beach is located on the border of the two different regency, among Jembrana and Tabanan. It is located right on the edge of the highway. The highway that connects Depnasar and Gilimanuk.

eh Leh beach on the west side.
Yeh Leh beach on the west side.

Yeh Leh beach on the east side.
Yeh Leh beach on the east side.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Canangsari and Segehan for offerings

Canangsari and Segehan is the most basic component in an offering by Hindus in Bali. Two of these facilities is a form of respect, devotion, and thanks of man to God. Not only that, canangsari and segehan is a manifestation of human brotherhood to the ancestral spirits and demons.

Canangsari and Segehan
Canangsari and Segehan

There are three basic components to any offerings by Hindus in Bali, namely flower / leaf / fruit, fire, and water. Canangsari is the most complete group of flower / leaf / fruit. Tirta is representing the water. Incense represents fire. See also: Canang sari is characteristic of Bali.

It is true that God does not take food from humans, but all offerings made by Hindus in Bali, with a number of very large and very many, it all is a manifestation of human devotion and gratitude for all fertility and blessing given by God. See also: Banten, canangsari, segehan, Pajegan, rarapan, all of it is a means to worship by Hindus in Bali.

The shape is more complex than a offerings to canangsari in it.
The shape is more complex than a offerings to canangsari in it.

Threats to the sustainability and continuity of Subak in Bali

Rice field in Bali, Indonesia
Rice field in Bali, Indonesia
In the case Subak system model of social cooperation in managing water, essentially in the social system, the landscape should not be changed. River flow created by the volcanic mountain streams are not changed, but regulated the flow of water to meet the needs of the rice field. In case of violation, the penalty imposed, made through the payment of financial penalties in the form of money or obligation to conduct the ceremony. Because it is built from the bottom (bottom up), the government does not intervene in the management of this Subak system.

But along with the times, as well as changes in lifestyle and needs, now increasingly threatened the existence of Subak. Subak sustainability as a world cultural heritage threatened by the rapid development and the need to support tourism. Sale of land and water become the most vital factor in the preservation of Subak.

Here are the factors that threaten the existence of Subak in Bali:

  1. The use of harmful chemicals as pesticides that affect soil fertility. Farmers increasingly difficult to restore soil fertility for organic farming needs, because the land has already chemicals to fertilize the soil for many years.
  2. Tourism is causing fragmentation Subak rice field terraces, thus increasing the rate of sale of agricultural land and eliminate the unity of landscape, the land with one another, thus speeding up the transfer of agricultural land conversion in a place into shopping complex, housing, villas, hotels, and shopping centers.
  3. Water quality is declining as a result of the rapid development in the upstream region and the loss of forest area were converted into new agricultural land.
  4. The potential for the occurrence of natural disasters, including earthquakes and landslides, causing changes in the landscape and waterways, because Bali is formed from volcanic eruptions.
  5. Climate change can affect the cycle of the seasons and changes in the frequency of rainfall, rainfall is increasingly rare, or vice versa, so that the growing seasons can not be determined with certainty.

The problem that occurs is systemic. When a plot of land have been sold to be converted to commercial buildings such as hotels, then automatic property tax and the land will be increased, not only to the field of the land sold, but also an impact on the field of land neighbors who are in one area. Read also: Agricultural land conversion to residential in Bali.

Although it has been since the year 2012 be declared Subak Cultural Landscape World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but until now the cultural heritage site management model is still being sought and formulated. In contrast to the cultural heritage of the dead, then Subak is a living cultural heritage, dynamic on the one hand, but if not maintained properly will turn into damaged or lost. Read also: Subak a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Chinese tourists do not like to shop in Bali

Shopping is part of the tourist activities. But unlike China that tourists on holiday in Bali. They do not like it if the invite to the shopping places in Bali.

Bali is one of the most preferred tourist destination by Chinese citizens. Because Bali is a small island with an abundance of charm and sightseeing options. Bali is also regarded as a cheap tourist destination. Because whatever you want to come by for a tour, all in Bali.

Chinese citizens who are traveling in Bali prefer to visit the beach and lazy river at Benoa Bay. They prefer the beach because of the country's very difficult to find a nice beach for vacation. Beaches in Bali is very famous, and almost all of the beach in South Bali can be visited and has a natural charm that is very beautiful.

Chinese citizens who were on vacation in Bali prefer to be invited to the beach than to the shopping center, although the art market to sell Balinese handicrafts. Because they assume that products made in the country better and cheaper prices.

Undeniably, many products sold in the market are made in China (China). Even products made in china are of varying quality, ranging from low quality products, to products with high quality, the price is very cheap. Types of products from China are also very diverse.

For that reason most people in china who vacation in Bali do not like shopping. They prefer to visit a culinary and entertainment and family rides. There are some people who complain when invited china shop by tour guides, they assume that the products sold are not special for them, because most of the products that are sold in Bali is made in china. Except for handicrafts and art.

Suicides in Bali is very high

Bali News: The Balinese are known to be very friendly and has a very high social life. The Balinese also known as the man who always used the time well, like working and helping others. It can be seen from the existence of various social organizations that are traditional, and has formed since hundreds of years ago. Social life of the people of Bali are very good can be seen from Subak organizations, youth organizations each village, farmers' groups, indigenous groups, the laws in each village, as well as activities in each temple ceremonies are organized and always goes well because traditional organizations that go with it.

However, most of the area in Bali, especially in urban areas and new settlements are filled by migrants, the more complex the life of the Balinese people. Social and tradition do not become a good part of their lives. Time is money is the basis of their life, such as that applied in western countries. Money is the focus of attention of the Balinese people living in urban and densely populated area. Social life in general becomes the identity of the people of Bali has faded. This resulted in changes in patterns of thought and behavior of society.

Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia with suicides are very high. Criticize the government, every three days there was one case of suicide in Bali. The possibility that more than recorded. Because suicides in Bali numbers like icebergs in the ocean. Looks small on the surface, but very large and much underneath. This is because the majority of suicides in Bali is not reported by the family due to menjada the image and reputation of the family.

For residents of Bali, suicide is a very embarrassing case the family. Because suicide is equal to a failure in life. Someone committed suicide that means he can not solve the problems in his life. When in fact any problem can be solved with rhyme families and communities to prevent suicide.

In Bali during 2014 recorded 120 cases of suicide, or almost every three days one case of suicide occurred. The number of such cases increased compared to in 2013 recorded 95 cases. When compared to ten years ago in 2004 and 2005, suicide was almost the same, up from 124 cases to 137 cases. The last ten years most suicides occurred in 2008 was 150 cases.

A year later been 147 cases. The number on the suicide case is flawed on paper, because the real number that occurred in the community very much, because there is a tendency embarrassed victim's family reported to the police or feel no need to be reported.

Bali's tourism economy that lifts since the 1960s, slowly has changed the character of the Balinese people are largely agrarian and social culture. By the tourism industry in Bali, time modified and assessed based on the money, the Bali increasingly individualistic and materialistic.

If the agrarian culture, Balinese more relaxed. Leisure time owned by the Balinese was originally used to build good social relationships Atar citizens, through the sharing of stories, jokes, and laughter. By the tourism industry is converted into value for money alone, so that the Bali increasingly individualistic and consumerist.

In an agrarian culture of Bali is more humane society, so that it becomes a pressure against the rampant cases of suicide. Bali nationally in 2014 was five areas with the most suicides in Indonesia, after Central Java, East Java and Jakarta.