Friday, March 6, 2015

Underwater coral reefs in Menjangan Island has been in a bomb

Coral reefs in the sea around the island has been damaged. Residents found a number of coral reefs damaged by a bomb in by the person who is not responsible for the purpose of getting the fish. Location reefs in the bomb is in the diving spots, Sandy Slopes, precisely in the north on PosIPulauMenjangan. Residents and tour guides have many times found the coral reefs damaged in bombing by someone unknown.

Local residents were furious with the act committed by an unknown person for having bombed coral reefs in Menjangan Island to get the fish. Coral reefs crumble and fall apart. Local residents expect the local police to investigate this incident from happening again, and have an impact on the further degradation of coral reefs in the sea around the island.

On coral reefs damaged in the bombing is a live fish very interesting and beautiful. In some locations where the bombing, there are some fish that died. It is estimated that the bombs used toxic, because a lot of dead fish around the coral reefs are damaged.

Currently diving activity continues normally. The whole diving guides are instructed to be able to educate novice divers to participate in the effort to save the environment, especially the coral reefs around the island. The tour guide invites tourists to dive in a location that is not damaged by bombings that have been carried out under the sea. With the hope that tourists are not disappointed because it has been discovered reefs have been damaged by human activity.

Water Police in Buleleng has confirmed that indeed there has been a destruction of coral reefs with a bomb. Bombing incident at sea coral reefs around the island occurred around 06:00 pm. At the time of the tour guides and divers have stopped their activities in these waters. Provisional estimates, actors bomber coral reefs comes from Banyuwangi, East Java.

Underwater at Menjangan Island is known as a very famous dive spots. Has a diverse fish with a very beautiful corals and colorful. Menjangan Island is a small island that is protected and become part of the West Bali National Park.