Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ogoh-ogoh parade before Nyepi Day 2015

Ogoh-ogoh parade
Ogoh-ogoh is a paper doll with a very large size. Made of paper with the frame of bamboo. Tangible spooky with fangs and long fingernails. Ogoh-ogoh is a symbol of evil, negative energy.

The day before Nyepi Day 2015, ogoh-ogoh parade by residents to get around the village. Balinese youth is becoming a major pioneer in the manufacture and parading of ogoh-ogoh. Creating and parading of ogoh-ogoh is youth activities supported by the parents and the government. Because this activity is part of the tradition and to foster a sense of brotherhood and kinship between people.

Ogoh-ogoh parade 2015 will be very lively. There is no appeal from the government, to prohibit the making and parading of ogoh-ogoh. So that residents increasingly passion to make ogoh-ogoh. Not only that, the support of the government to held a competition of ogoh-ogoh to spur the spirit of youth in order to make ogoh-ogoh, to make it more attractive and beautifull.

In some villages and districts in Bali, the government appealed to the young people in order to make ogoh-ogoh by using bamboo as a framework, and waste paper as a cover frame. It was submitted to the government for young people back to the traditions of Bali and concepts that have been passed down by their ancestors. Bali young people currently in the making ogoh-ogoh have used modern materials. They use a sponge and steyrofom to form ogoh-ogoh to become more beautiful and good, but require greater cost than using bamboo and paper.

Almost all district governments in Bali held a competition when ogoh-ogoh parade. Even the government to provide financial assistance to groups of young people who have chosen to make better ogoh-ogoh and beautiful, for in procession in the city center.

Ogoh-ogoh in Bali is not only a tradition and ritual repellent evil spirits. Ogoh-ogoh in Bali has now become a tourist attraction that is able to attract the attention of local and foreign tourists to come to Bali for vacation. Ogoh-ogoh parade also become an annual event in Bali for tourist attractions.