Monday, March 16, 2015

Did you know, almost all houses in Bali are frangipani trees

Bali is known for tradition, culture, and art. Balinese people also have high confidence on the environment and nature. Life balance with nature and the environment is the primary goal of life.

Did you know that almost all houses in Bali, especially those owned by people who are Hindus, there frangipani tree in their yard. The frangipani tree is considered to generate positive energy in the yard of the house, so that almost all the residents of Bali yard of his house plant frangipani trees. Flowers of this plant is also a raw material for the ritual.

There are many types of frangipani, differentiated by size of flowers, flower color. Most frangipani trees planted by residents of Bali is a flower that has a yellowish white color. This color is considered to be more interesting and fresh.