Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Complete and inexpensive vacation? Choose Bali

is located in Indonesia, Indonesia is the least expensive holiday locations in the world. But to get everything they need during the holidays, choose Bali. Because Bali has everything needed by tourists.

Bali is a small island but has plenty of choice for a cheap and enjoyable vacation. Place a holiday in Bali are complete, ranging from high mountain peaks to the deepest ocean with amazing beauty and charm. Start hiking with family and children, to surf and play banana boat with the children. All there was in Bali.

Bali also has many cheap hotels to stay. Many foreign tourists choose Bali as a holiday destination with a reason to save the budget. 1/3 hotel in Indonesia in Bali, even many hotels in other provinces in Indonesia became bankrupt and move the business to Bali. Because the number of tourist arrivals to Bali are very high. Since the number of the hotel very much, almost reaching 5000 for star hotel room, make Bali as the island with the rental price of the most inexpensive hotel rooms in the world. Every year the number of hotels in Bali continues to grow. Regulations that prohibit the construction of new hotels in Bali are not able to stop the investors to build hotels in Bali.

Bali is the lowest island for a vacation is also affected by exchange rate Indonesia. Indonesian Rupiah currency is very unstable against foreign currency exchange rates, particularly for developed countries and Western countries. For one US dollar is worth in dollars Rp. 13,000. The average citizen of the lunch portion of Bali is Rp.10000. So, just one dollar, foreign tourists can buy lunch complete with a cool drink.

If you want to get around the island with the family, you can rent a car MPV at a low price. Enough with the Rp. 250,000, tourists can rent a car MVP with a carrying capacity 8 people for each car, very cheap for foreign tourists with money dollar. Not only that, if the price of gasoline in Indonesia are also very cheap. A liter of petrol costs only Rp. 6700.

Cheap holiday in Bali is a favorite of tourists from Australia. Bali even considered a second home for them. By reason of proximity to Australia, and Bali is a very attractive and comfortable to have fun, make Australians are most foreigners in Bali.

Cheap hotels in Bali is a benchmark for the category of cheap holiday. Bali has many cheap hotels. Although inexpensive, there are many cheap hotels with satisfactory service and appropriate. Not just a cheap hotel, if someone wants to stay longer in Bali, but without being burdened with rents hotels, boarding houses can choose which many exist in Bali. Boarding in Bali can be rented from a week to a month. Average price of a dorm room rental in Bali is very cheap. Only Rp. 300000 for the cheapest dorm room types in Bali for a month.