Thursday, March 26, 2015

Balian, Balinese healer man

In Bali, the name for the Balinese healer called Balian. Balian in Bali working as a healer in the traditional way and a little magical.

Balinese healer called Balian with the ability to detect the magical and non-magical disease. Ability comes from giving god. There is no formal education to become a Balinese healer (Balian). Balinese healer working traditionally, based on the revelation of the ancestors. They detect a person's disease based on the instructions from the ancestral spirits. Ridiculous, but that's the fact that there are in Bali.

The Balinese (Balian) have a very close relationship with the ancestral spirits, and gods were considered as a guide in their lives. Ancestral spirits are able to provide guidance to the person's best or worst, depending on the kindness and faith possessed. Even in the case of one's profession, ancestral spirits are considered to have a role in a person's success. If a person designated by the ancestral spirits or gods to be a healer, then he can not refuse. That is why in Bali there are many healers with supernatural abilities that are difficult to think with logic.

Balinese healer (Balian) very much. They can be found all over Bali with different abilities. The famous one is Ketut Liyer. But he is more popular among foreign tourists. He was such a celebrity that people search for his name in an American-made movie titled Eat Pray Love. Read also: Not only Ketut Liyer.

Balinese healers (Balian) practicing in their homes. Its ability at set of capabilities that their ancestral spirits stretcher. Every healer is considered to have different abilities.

Not only based on the designation of ancestral spirits, there is also a Balinese healer who learn from an ancient book and develop individual abilities. Ordinary healer like this is more rational. They detect a person's disease by detecting the vibration energy that is unusual in a person's body. Healer type is very much in Bali. Usually they open practice and create a staging and treatment of mass. Among them there are also teaches yoga and power generation in.

Whatever the type, every Balinese healers have the same goal, to help people find healing and solution of diseases of every patient. Do not see and judge logically about their abilities, because whatever is in Bali, sometimes things tough on the value and contemplated logically.