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Related celebration of Nyepi, is now re-emerging various traditions that had disappeared for decades

Bali has many unique traditions and interesting to see. But along with the changing times and habits of life that is filled with economic demands, many traditions that began to disappear and no longer done by the Balinese people. Though every tradition that has high social value, and can strengthen the sense of brotherhood among people.

There are many common traditions before and after Nyepi day. Besides ogoh-ogoh, one of the famous is Omed-omedan in Denpasar. Omed-omedan is a tradition that has existed since decades ago and became a routine habit after Nyepi. Omed-omedan now also become a tourist attraction is the main attraction for tourists visiting Bali.

The following is unique tradition of concern to many people before and after Nyepi, worthy to see, and become part of the tourist attractions:

1. Ogoh-ogoh (giant paper dolls).

Ogoh-ogoh parade is part of the celebration of Nyepi, a day before Nyepi day. Beginning ogoh-ogoh is a ritual to ward off evil spirits from the village environment. Ogoh-ogoh is also a symbol of evil in humans that must be destroyed. But now ogoh-ogoh not only become part of the ritual and celebration of Nyepi, is also a tourist attraction and an annual event to attract tourists to come to Bali. Ogoh-ogoh parade routinely performed before Nyepi, implementation is determined based on the Balinese calendar.

2. Omed-omedan (mass kiss).

Omed-omedan better known as mass kiss attraction between men and women. Omed-omedan done after Nyepi, and only performed by youth groups of Satya Dharma Kerti, Banjar Kaja, Sesetan Village, South of Denpasar. Omed-omedan has become a tradition and part of the ritual. Many foreign tourists accidentally saw this tradition and is part of the tour during Nyepi.

3. Mebuwug-buwugan (playing mud).

Mebuwug-buwugan tradition is relatively new, but actually never done about 60 years ago, but lost and was not performed again for 60 years, has now raised again by the residents of Denpasar, after a reclamation plan in Benoa Bay. Mebuwug-buwugan is playing mud activities. Only done by males, children to parents. They first perform naked without clothing, but now only wearing a tank top to cover the genitals. Mebuwug-buwugan done the day after the Nyepi, along with tradition of Omed-omedan in Sesetan, Denpasar Bali.

4. Med-field (tug of war).

For more than 34 years, Med-medan tradition never done, now raised again by the citizens of Desa Adat Tuban, Kuta, Badung. Med-medan is a traditional sport, tug of war rope of banyan tree roots. Med-medan tradition held the day after Nyepi Day (NgembakGeni).

5. Mesabatan Api (fire war).

Mesabatan Api is a ritual done by the villagers of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. Residents of Banjar Nagi, Ubud Bali, held tradition Mesabatan Api (fire war), a day before Nyepi. This tradition followed by all youth or anyone resident in the village who were brave enough to take part in this tradition. This tradition comes a day before Nyepi Day, after ogoh-ogoh parade, carried out at night.

6. Lukat Geni (bath fire)

This tradition is almost the same as that carried out by residents of Ubud in Banjar Nagi. Lukat Geni often called bath with fire. Performed by members of Puri Satria Kawan, Banjar Satria, Dawan village, Klungkung. Lukat Geni is a tradition that has been inherited from generation to generation Puri Satria Kawan citizens. This tradition comes a day before Nyepi, after ogoh-ogoh parade.

Balian, Balinese healer man

In Bali, the name for the Balinese healer called Balian. Balian in Bali working as a healer in the traditional way and a little magical.

Balinese healer called Balian with the ability to detect the magical and non-magical disease. Ability comes from giving god. There is no formal education to become a Balinese healer (Balian). Balinese healer working traditionally, based on the revelation of the ancestors. They detect a person's disease based on the instructions from the ancestral spirits. Ridiculous, but that's the fact that there are in Bali.

The Balinese (Balian) have a very close relationship with the ancestral spirits, and gods were considered as a guide in their lives. Ancestral spirits are able to provide guidance to the person's best or worst, depending on the kindness and faith possessed. Even in the case of one's profession, ancestral spirits are considered to have a role in a person's success. If a person designated by the ancestral spirits or gods to be a healer, then he can not refuse. That is why in Bali there are many healers with supernatural abilities that are difficult to think with logic.

Balinese healer (Balian) very much. They can be found all over Bali with different abilities. The famous one is Ketut Liyer. But he is more popular among foreign tourists. He was such a celebrity that people search for his name in an American-made movie titled Eat Pray Love. Read also: Not only Ketut Liyer.

Balinese healers (Balian) practicing in their homes. Its ability at set of capabilities that their ancestral spirits stretcher. Every healer is considered to have different abilities.

Not only based on the designation of ancestral spirits, there is also a Balinese healer who learn from an ancient book and develop individual abilities. Ordinary healer like this is more rational. They detect a person's disease by detecting the vibration energy that is unusual in a person's body. Healer type is very much in Bali. Usually they open practice and create a staging and treatment of mass. Among them there are also teaches yoga and power generation in.

Whatever the type, every Balinese healers have the same goal, to help people find healing and solution of diseases of every patient. Do not see and judge logically about their abilities, because whatever is in Bali, sometimes things tough on the value and contemplated logically.

A local tourist drowned in Tanah Lot

Bali News: A man who was on holiday in Bali and visit Pura Tanah Lot, died of drowning and dragged the ocean waves.

Men who died in the Pura Tanah Lot is a domestic tourists. Male, aged 28 years, native of West Sumba, NTT. He was a crew of fishing vessels in the port of Benoa. He hit the ocean waves while taking pictures with a camera. He drowned in Pantai Batu mejan, west side of PuraBatuBolong in the area of Tanah Lot.

The bodies of the victims have not been found. Rescuers are still conducting searches around the coast. But the quest is not getting results. At that time around Tanah Lot sea was high, so that the sea water is very high, and very large sea waves.

The man drowned on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015, around 01.00 pm. The victim went to Tanah Lot with the group with the aim to travel, as many as nine of his friends to Tanah Lot by car.

While at Tanah Lot, they enjoy the natural beauty around the beach. Around 01.00 pm, the man was heading west Pura Tanah Lot, he headed Pura Batu Bolong. From the temple area, he determined to go down to the beach. At that time there was a warning sign that forbid anyone to go down to the beach because the sea was high tide, and a very large ocean waves. Though the ban boards mounted transversely on the stairs leading to the beach. But the man was reckless and deliberately lifted the ban and open board, and then he went down to the beach.

On arriving at the bottom, the man tried to take a picture of himself with camera phonsel. But suddenly the sea waves hit him, he finally dragged sea water and lead it to sink.

Attractions of Pura Tanah Lot and beach around dikenala very dangerous. There has been a lot of adverse events experienced by tourists. Many of them died due to drowning. Any changes of sea water and the tide, the officer in Land Lot will put up signs warning. Some time ago, a little boy to death for the same event. The boy also died due to hit the waves of the sea.

Cheapest hotels in Kuta Bali, only Rp. 70.000

Cheapest hotels in Kuta Bali contained in an advertisement on a website. The hotel is located in Kuta, with address at Jalan Benesari Poppies II Legian. The hotel is like a boarding house, it's just that every visitor can stay just one day.

Cheapest hotels in Kuta Bali each room can be rented for only Rp. 70000. If the value of the rupiah against the US dollar today is USD 1 = Rp. 13,000, each room can be rented at a cost of USD 5.4 per night. Can be ascertained this hotel does not have facilities to pamper its guests. Hany bed and a bathroom with a narrow room like a boarding house in general.

Location cheap hotels in Kuta Bali is classified as very strategic, Because it is very close to the beach of Kuta, Legian Street, and very close to the center of nightlife options. If all the hotel rooms are fully charged, it is certain that the hotel would be very rowdy as traditional markets.

If you are a backpacker who want to save money while traveling, then this hotel is the right choice to stay. Just a few dollars you can stay and sleep soundly at night, without worrying about the cost will increase.

Cheap hotels in Bali can be viewed on the internet at an ad situ, b a l i k o s a n . c o m. In the ad looks like the hotel building image boarding house that many in Denpasar. Boarding house is rented rooms that can be contracted in a certain period of time. Usually at least a week.

This hotel is definitely no room service, breakfast, and laundry. No pool, no restaurant, no meeting rooms. That there is only so much room and located close together. One bed, no tv, cramped room.

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Be careful, Buleleng is red zone rabies epidemic

Bali News: When you are in Buleleng, you have to be careful with dogs that are near you. The possibility of the dog rabies virus. Since there are 10 villages in Buleleng declared a red zone rabies.

10 villages in Buleleng declared as a red zone rabies, after being found positive cases of rabies in animals and humans. The village is Gobleg, Munduk, Gesing, Selat, Wanagiri, Tembok, Umajero, Suwug, Sinabun, and Sudaji. Ten villages received serious attention from the Provincial Government of Bali.

If a dog tested positive for rabies in a village, the village is considered epidemic village. Because every stray dog, cruising range can reach up to two kilometers. If a village has been declared the epidemic to the spread of rabies virus, then other villages near the village will be considered a rabies-affected villages. So that every village near a village with rabies, will enter the red zone spread of rabies virus.

Bali is an island with the highest rabies cases in Indonesia. Because Bali is the island with the dog very much. Harpir every home in Bali have one dog. Dogs are considered as a good friend to people. Unfortunately there are a lot of stray dogs in Bali. Stray dogs in Bali is derived from the waste by the owner. Ironically stray dogs in Bali are mostly located on public roads.

Highest rabies epidemic occurred in 2008. At that time there were a lot of people are exposed to rabies Bali. Rabies in Bali has been endemic to remote villages and urban areas. Most outbreaks of rabies in Bali is derived from the wild dogs that bite other dogs and humans.

Complete and inexpensive vacation? Choose Bali

is located in Indonesia, Indonesia is the least expensive holiday locations in the world. But to get everything they need during the holidays, choose Bali. Because Bali has everything needed by tourists.

Bali is a small island but has plenty of choice for a cheap and enjoyable vacation. Place a holiday in Bali are complete, ranging from high mountain peaks to the deepest ocean with amazing beauty and charm. Start hiking with family and children, to surf and play banana boat with the children. All there was in Bali.

Bali also has many cheap hotels to stay. Many foreign tourists choose Bali as a holiday destination with a reason to save the budget. 1/3 hotel in Indonesia in Bali, even many hotels in other provinces in Indonesia became bankrupt and move the business to Bali. Because the number of tourist arrivals to Bali are very high. Since the number of the hotel very much, almost reaching 5000 for star hotel room, make Bali as the island with the rental price of the most inexpensive hotel rooms in the world. Every year the number of hotels in Bali continues to grow. Regulations that prohibit the construction of new hotels in Bali are not able to stop the investors to build hotels in Bali.

Bali is the lowest island for a vacation is also affected by exchange rate Indonesia. Indonesian Rupiah currency is very unstable against foreign currency exchange rates, particularly for developed countries and Western countries. For one US dollar is worth in dollars Rp. 13,000. The average citizen of the lunch portion of Bali is Rp.10000. So, just one dollar, foreign tourists can buy lunch complete with a cool drink.

If you want to get around the island with the family, you can rent a car MPV at a low price. Enough with the Rp. 250,000, tourists can rent a car MVP with a carrying capacity 8 people for each car, very cheap for foreign tourists with money dollar. Not only that, if the price of gasoline in Indonesia are also very cheap. A liter of petrol costs only Rp. 6700.

Cheap holiday in Bali is a favorite of tourists from Australia. Bali even considered a second home for them. By reason of proximity to Australia, and Bali is a very attractive and comfortable to have fun, make Australians are most foreigners in Bali.

Cheap hotels in Bali is a benchmark for the category of cheap holiday. Bali has many cheap hotels. Although inexpensive, there are many cheap hotels with satisfactory service and appropriate. Not just a cheap hotel, if someone wants to stay longer in Bali, but without being burdened with rents hotels, boarding houses can choose which many exist in Bali. Boarding in Bali can be rented from a week to a month. Average price of a dorm room rental in Bali is very cheap. Only Rp. 300000 for the cheapest dorm room types in Bali for a month.

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A list of 15 cheap hotels in Ubud, Gianyar Bali

Cheap hotels in Ubud very much. Intense competition led to hotels in Ubud gets cheaper. Because Ubud is the real Bali, make Ubud is one of the most sought after places in Bali. So much visited by local and foreign tourists. The number of hotels in Ubud continues to grow. Even with the increasingly fierce competition, the rental price of hotel rooms in Ubud getting cheaper.

Here is a list of 15 cheap hotels in Ubud, Gianyar Bali.
1. Swan Inn Ubud
Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
2. Teba House Ubud Guest House
Jl.Sugriwa No.59, Ubud
3. Yuliati House
Banjar Tebesaya, Jl.Sukma No.10 Peliatan, Ubud
4. Desak Putu Putra Homestay
Jl.Sukma No.30, Ubud – Bali
5. Gusti Garden Bungalows
Jl.Kajeng No.27, Ubud
6. Pande Permai Bungalows
Jl. Monkey Forest, Gianyar, Ubud, Bali
7. Gusti Garden 2 Guest House
Jalan Abangan, Ubud
8. Agung Trisna Bungalow
Jl.Monkey Forest, Ubud – Bali
9. Puri Sari Cottage
Jl.Penestanan Kelod, Ubud, Indonesia
10. Detri Inn Guest House
Jl.Raya Pengosekan Ubu, Bali
11. Inata Monkey Forest
Jl.Monkey Forest, Ubud-Bali
12. Guest House Kudos
Jl.Suweta, Ubud
13. Adi Cottages Ubud
Jl.Monkey Forest, Ubud
14. Ubud Terrace
Jl.Monkey Forest, Ubud
15. Puri Ulun Carik Bungalows
Jl.Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Tips book cheap hotels in Bali with comfortable

Holidays to Bali does not need to be too concerned about anyone. Because Bali is a very safe and comfortable to visit. Bali also has a lot of choice for cheap hotel very comfortable and satisfying. Because Bali is an island with thousands of hotel rooms, so the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, it is advantageous for tourists who want to vacation in Bali, because it will get cheap and comfortable hotel.

Some of the tips that you should know before vacation to Bali:

  1. Vacationing during low season. Better to schedule a vacation instead of during the holiday season. In the low season time is usually the hotel offers room rates more competitive. If you are lucky, chances are you will get a hotel room with the cheapest price. The usual low season in Bali in June to August, and beyond national holidays.
  2. Find the promo price through the hotel booking website. As most hotels provide special discounts for booking online through a particular site. Site of one another may have different promos. Check multiple hotel booking sites for cheap hotels in Bali.
  3. Choose the appropriate expectations. Check the advantages of the hotel for guests. For example, close to tourist attractions, and so forth. These factors have an influence on spending during the holidays. Including, note the hotel facilities that can make you feel comfortable.
  4. It is better to choose hotels that charge includes breakfast. It will also save money at the same time streamline your morning.
  5. If you take the children during the holidays, think also about the hotel facilities for children. The existence of a pool or playground can minimize saturation children while in the hotel. But when children are likely adaptable, these facilities may be ignored.
  6. Choose the character you like. Usually, the hotel has its own nuances that guests feel at home during their stay. You can find this information through the official website of the hotel or travel sites.

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5 fascinating fact about Nyepi in Bali

Nyepi is a silent day in Bali which has a very impressive fact. Nyepi is known as a silent day, day of inactivity, the day without a vehicle, a day without lights, day without noise. For 24 hours the island without activity and commotion in the street.

Positive impact from Nyepi on the world. Nyepi has been going on since hundreds of years ago, and has become a tradition that is still preserved until now. Even the world have recognized the positive effect from Nyepi. Not only for the residents of Bali, as well as to the world and the earth.

Amazing facts about Nyepi in Bali can provide inspiration for you and the world in terms of saving the environment and the earth.
  1. Nyepi can strengthen the relationship between citizens. Day before Nyepi, the Balinese have prepared all purposes related ritual celebration of Nyepi. From one to two months before Nyepi, Bali young people have started making ogoh-ogoh to parade a day before Nyepi. Ogoh-ogoh made jointly by several youth groups that exist in every village. When they make ogoh-ogoh, togetherness among residents has begun to emerge until the parade took place. When the parade takes place, each youth group together bear ogoh-ogoh and paraded around the village.
  2. Nyepi is able to reduce emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) to 30,000 tons. Nyepi make a significant contribution to the environment on the island of Bali. Nyepi turned out to help reduce CO2 emissions and help prevent damage to the environment. No motorcycles or cars on the road during Nyepi, and it reduces CO2 emissions by 30,000 tons. When Nyepi all Hindus in Bali banned lit a fire, whether it be cigarettes, stoves for cooking, burning trash. Even incense for ritual equipment is not allowed burned. Nyepi also been scientifically proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33 percent to 375 parts per million (ppm) of the normal level of 427 ppm.
  3. The World Silent Day inspired from Nyepi. The World Silent Day is celebrated around the world every March 21, also inspired by the celebration of Nyepi. This was stated at the conference of the United Nations' Climate Change in the year 2007. Seeing the fact that Nyepi capable of protecting the environment and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, environmental activists make Nyepi world as inspiration for The World Silent Day. March 21 was called to the community the world to turn off all electrical devices for about 4 hours.
  4. Nyepi can save electricity usage. Nyepi is able to reduce power consumption by up to 60%, and this means that the country downsize because of Nyepi. During Nyepi, the Balinese are prohibited from turning on the light. Industry, including all the factories, offices, and Ngurah Rai International Airport is closed. Hotels and tour companies are still allowed to turn on the light in a very limited capacity, while hotel guests are not allowed to go outside the hotel. State Electricity Company in Bali estimated decline in the use of electricity of about 40 to 60 percent during Nyepi from year to year. And for 24 hours during Nyepi, the state can save money at least 290 megawatts of electricity.
  5. Nyepi conserve fossil fuels. 1 million liters of petrol and gas successfully saved during the celebration of Nyepi. During Nyepi, the Balinese Hindus refrain from several things, including turning on any lights or using a fire. The street lights are also turned off during Nyepi. All generators in power plants in Bali will still operate normally. However, due to a significant reduction in the demand for electricity and the use of electricity during Nyepi, the generator will consume much less fuel than normal. Estimates of 1 million liters of diesel fuel can be saved during Nyepi.
Ogoh-ogoh before Nyepi day in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Jembrana

Ogoh-ogoh parade 2015 in Jembrana held at the crossroads on Jalan Sudirman. The parade was followed by several representatives from every district in Jembrana. The parade went well even in mid-session occurred heavy rain.

Read also: Ogoh-Ogoh in Jembrana Tabanan Badung Denpasar Bangli Gianyar Klungkung Karangasem Buleleng, Bali's regency.

Ogoh-Ogoh in Jembrana Tabanan Badung Denpasar Bangli Gianyar Klungkung Karangasem Buleleng, Bali's regency.

Ogoh-ogoh parade 2015 has been held in all region in Bali. All regencies held ogoh-ogoh parade. Ogoh-ogoh in Jembrana, Tabanan, Badung, Denpasar, Gianyar, Bangli, Klungkung, Karangasem and Buleleng. All regencies in Bali held ogoh-ogoh parade. The local government supports the implementation of this parade. So Bali becomes lively before Nyepi celebration the next day.

This year ogoh-ogoh parade took place on March 20, 2015 in Jembrana and Tabanan, also in Badung and Denpasar, including in Bangli region and Gianyar, Klungkung Karangasem and Buleleng also enliven Nyepi day by holding a parade of ogoh-ogoh.

Ogoh-ogoh parade that took place in Bali this year is very impressive. Runs fine without unrest and clashes between youth groups.

Read also: Pictures: Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali.

Pictures: Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in BaliOgoh-ogoh parade 2015 has lasted. All ogoh-ogoh made by young people of Bali has been paraded and burned. This year is very impressive for the people of Bali. Because the government is full and unrestricted support in the implementation of ogoh-ogoh parade 2015. Almost all youth groups in Bali make one ogoh-ogoh are paraded in the city and in the village. Down the big road through the village. With great joy all the young people gathered in the streets of Bali witnessed and accompany the staging of ogoh-ogoh.

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in BaliTheme suggested by the relevant government making of ogoh-ogoh is about butakala (evil creatures). The government banned the manufacture of ogoh-ogoh with the theme of one's character. The government also call on all young people of Bali to make ogoh-ogoh using paper and bamboo to make it more environmentally friendly. Prohibit the use of sponge and sterofom. Using natural materials. Read also: Ogoh-Ogoh in Jembrana Tabanan Badung Denpasar Bangli Gianyar Klungkung Karangasem Buleleng, Bali's regency.

Ogoh-ogoh 2015 this year goes well and smoothly. Although some locations unrest and conflict, but all of them can be addressed properly. There is no suspense and action push each other. Supervision of pecalang (custom security officers in Bali) and the police are very optimized, so that young people are parading ogoh-ogoh not triggered emotions when meeting with other groups.

Despite the rain hit almost the entire region of Bali, but the implementation of the parade goes well. Ogoh-ogoh made of paper is not easily damaged by rain water, because all ogoh-ogoh been in the paint with a good and thick. So that the water does not easily damage ogoh-ogoh. Rain was predicted to occur when the parade takes place, young people of Bali are anticipating all the possibilities that can occur when the parade took place.

Not only the young people of Bali who took part in the parade, as well as children participate in ogoh-ogoh parade. This year the children allowed to participate in the parade of ogoh-ogoh. With parental supervision, they create and parading the ogoh-ogoh walk around the village. Ogoh-ogoh are made very small, tailored to their ability to assume and carry around the village.

Ogoh-ogoh are paraded on the highway has caused traffic congestion. Cars and motorcycles can not pass. Most of them is to bring the car are the ones who went to Java to leave the island. Hindus have largely been located in their home to enliven parage of ogoh-ogoh with family.

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 2015 in Bali

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Melasti Ritual in Bali, on March 18, 2015

Melasti Ritual in Bali held before Nyepi. Melasti is basically a ritual cleansing of all objects and equipment contained in the temple ceremony, brought into the sea or water source, to be spiritually cleansed, premises purpose of safeguarding the sanctity of objects equipment for the ceremony at the temple.

Melasti this year took place on March 18, 2015, although it was not done simultaneously by each village in Bali, but in general Melasti ritual took place three days before Nyepi Day. This year, 2015, the Nyepi Day is on March 21, while the Melasti on March 18. There is also a village that has held Melasti ritual on March 15, there is also a ritual of Melasti hold on March 19.

In general, Melasti ritual held on the beach and sea. Because the ocean is the mouth of all the dirt that is in the land, and clean up all the dirty water. So aut is cleaner in nature. That's why Melasti ritual held on the beach for sea water.

Positive and negative impacts on the tourism industry in Bali

Tourism is now the star of the economic growth in Bali. Bali is becoming increasingly crowded by tourists. Despite the impact of tourism is good for the economy of Bali residents, but there are negative impacts faced by Bali overall.

The positive impact of tourism for Bali.

Tourism provides an enormous positive impact on the residents of Bali. Tourism also contributed greatly to the development and economy in Bali. As tourism, Bali became one of the provinces in Indonesia with a very high standard of living, the number of poor people who are low, and unemployment is very little.

With the tourism, many investors flock to Bali. They build a hotel and entertainment venues. Investors who have the money to build a recreation center and a vehicle that is able to attract tourists coming to Bali. Restaurants, villas, large and luxurious resort, malls, and other entertainment facilities.

With the presence of all tourist accommodation in Bali, as well as all the facilities to support the tourism industry. Then Bali has a lot of jobs. Increasing employment, providing an opportunity for residents of Bali to work and earn money. That is why Bali is the province with the lowest unemployment rate in Indonesia. Jobs are very large and continues to grow, providing a great opportunity for residents of Bali to get a job.

In addition, government revenue from tax revenues are increasing. Pirate of the tourism sector provides a huge income to the government in Bali. Large tax provides a great opportunity for the government to build supporting infrastructure economics. Tax is also a major revenue the government.

Another positive impact of the tourism industry in Bali is an opportunity for the preservation of the existing art in Bali. Performers get a great opportunity to earn money. Art that flourished in Bali to be part of tourism. Dance, painting, music, and other arts had the opportunity to perform in any tourist event in the government and private title. With tourism, the arts will survive.

The negative impact of tourism for Bali.

In addition to the positive impact, tourism is also a negative impact on Bali. Even the perceived negative impact of Bali, is greater than the positive impact. That feels is the island increasingly crowded by people who visit Bali. Not only that, the island is getting crowded by large buildings. More hotels, villas damaging rice fields, restaurants and discotheques produce waste. Mall that more and more, thus shifting the traditional market.

The negative impact of tourism is the most visible changes in lifestyle of Balinese people. Balinese people increasingly materialistic, because money is a top priority in life. Social life of the Balinese people are very well known, and are now increasingly chaotic individualism. Money is central to their daily lives.

The negative impact of tourism industry in the rice fields of Bali others are diminishing. Many rice fields were sold for the benefit of foreign investors who want to build luxury resorts and villas. Not only that, malls and shopping complex has been built on a wetland. Subak organizations increasingly threatened. Irrigation channels closed by buildings and roads. So the rice fields droughts and converted into residential and shopping complex.

Growing tourism industry in Bali also have an impact on the increasing number of criminal acts and drug business. Not only that, which is identical to prostitution also developing tourism in Bali. Prostitution is very rampant in Bali. Even in some locations has become a center of prostitution.

Kuta is known as a center of nightlife in Bali. Kuta grew and developed into a center of entertainment in Bali. Not only that, Kuta also became the center of drug trafficking and prostitution. Even the motorcycle taxi drivers become drug dealers, taxi drivers become pimps, surfers become a gigolo. The negative impact of tourism continues to grow and thrive in Bali.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Garuda Wisnu Kencana project stalled due to the economic crisis

In 1995, a large project in Bali was built, namely the construction of the statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). The project is located in the village of Jimbaran, District of South Kuta, Badung. Its location near the campus of the University of Udayana, Bali in Jimbaran.

Some people are great at that time contributed to this ambitious project. They are the Minister of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications, Joop Ave, Minister of Mines and Energy, Ida Bagus Sudjana, and when the Governor of Bali, Ida Bagus Oka.

According to the plan investors, they will build a variety of luxury facilities in an area of ​​200 hectares. These include the giant statue of Garuda Wisnu Kecana (GWK) with a total height of 126 meters. This statue is predicted to exceed the height of the Statue of Liberty in New York, USA.

Funding This project was originally estimated at Rp. 400,000,000,000. But, today, after the economic crisis hit Indonesia, which have an impact on the inflation rate is very high, it takes around Rp 2,000,000,000,000 to complete the Garuda Wisnu Kencana in the Jimbaran Village

The economic crisis in 1998, stopping a dream to load a large statue that bernawa pedestal. The project is then no outcome, and fraught with problems, including problems among fellow investors since the early pioneering development of the project. Investors are also changing, including the last one is now owned by PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk. Other investors who have been involved, among others, PT Multi Matra Indonesia (MMI) and PT Garuda Adi Matra.

After nearly 20 years later, the project has completed approximately 20 percent. GWK statue that has not been fully completed so the main attraction of tourists who visit. Lotus Pond, where open at GWK, also became one of the leading entertainment here. But the project was only completed 20 percent after 20 years later.

Some local residents had complained that their access to the grave instead covered by the manager. Some time ago, the road leading to the pedestal blocked by local residents who protested the manager, because it has closed the access to the Setra owned by residents.

Ngurah Rai Airport Closed On March 21

Ngurah Rai Airport

Bali News: International Airport, I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Bali, was closed for 24 hours while Nyepi, New Year of Çaka 1937, on March 21, 2015. Balinese New Year based of Balinese Calendar.

Closure of Ngurah Rai Airport during Nyepi Day is routine, conducted since 2000, and regularly performed every year until now. based on the Balinese calendar, and covered a total of over 24 hours. During the 24-hour airport does not operate to honor citizens of the Balinese, who celebrates of Nyepi to stop all activities. See also: About Nyepi 2015 in Bali.

The closure of the airport runs from 06.00 am (UTC + 08) on March 21, 2015, until the next day at 06.00 am, March 22, 2015. Although total ditutp airport for 24 hours during Nyepi Day, but for certain conditions, such as emergency landings and medical reasons, it is possible to open the airport operations. Just as the use of an ambulance for medical purposes, ambulances are allowed passing on the highway as Nyepi Day.

Because the Ngurah Rai Airport is an alternative airport, for certain conditions such as emergency, Bali's Ngurah Rai airport remain alert to operational officers who have been provided, security officers, ground handling personnel and other relevant agencies.

Parties to the airport has sent "Notice to Airman" (Notam) with number A0068 / 16 on January 16, 2015 to all airlines and airports around the world so that the airline can adjust or reschedule flights.

Ngurah Rai Airport also has coordinated with a number of agencies including enterprise, security officers, up to village officials around the airport.

During Nyepi, as many as 258 domestic regular flights from 10 national airlines and 164 international flight schedules are served 23 airlines serving routes to the rest of the city in the world does not operate.

The last flight just before the closing will be served by the airline Korean Air destination Incheon, South Korea, which took off at 3:00 am, on March 21, 2015.

Closure of airports in total has been ongoing since 2000. The Ngurah Rai International Airport is one of the busiest in the country with an average movement of both domestic and international passengers as much as 47 370 people per day or 1974 people per hour.

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Did you know, almost all houses in Bali are frangipani trees

Bali is known for tradition, culture, and art. Balinese people also have high confidence on the environment and nature. Life balance with nature and the environment is the primary goal of life.

Did you know that almost all houses in Bali, especially those owned by people who are Hindus, there frangipani tree in their yard. The frangipani tree is considered to generate positive energy in the yard of the house, so that almost all the residents of Bali yard of his house plant frangipani trees. Flowers of this plant is also a raw material for the ritual.

There are many types of frangipani, differentiated by size of flowers, flower color. Most frangipani trees planted by residents of Bali is a flower that has a yellowish white color. This color is considered to be more interesting and fresh.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Rama and Lakshmana in Nusa Dua Beach

Large statue located in the middle of the large field at Nusa Dua Beach. The statue was to be part of the beauty of the beaches and quiet shades on the beach of Nusa Dua. In the west on the statue there is an attraction called the Water Blow, a tourist attraction featuring bursts of sea water from the ocean waves crashing against the rock wall, causing water spray effect is very large and tall.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ogoh-ogoh parade before Nyepi Day 2015

Ogoh-ogoh parade
Ogoh-ogoh is a paper doll with a very large size. Made of paper with the frame of bamboo. Tangible spooky with fangs and long fingernails. Ogoh-ogoh is a symbol of evil, negative energy.

The day before Nyepi Day 2015, ogoh-ogoh parade by residents to get around the village. Balinese youth is becoming a major pioneer in the manufacture and parading of ogoh-ogoh. Creating and parading of ogoh-ogoh is youth activities supported by the parents and the government. Because this activity is part of the tradition and to foster a sense of brotherhood and kinship between people.

Ogoh-ogoh parade 2015 will be very lively. There is no appeal from the government, to prohibit the making and parading of ogoh-ogoh. So that residents increasingly passion to make ogoh-ogoh. Not only that, the support of the government to held a competition of ogoh-ogoh to spur the spirit of youth in order to make ogoh-ogoh, to make it more attractive and beautifull.

In some villages and districts in Bali, the government appealed to the young people in order to make ogoh-ogoh by using bamboo as a framework, and waste paper as a cover frame. It was submitted to the government for young people back to the traditions of Bali and concepts that have been passed down by their ancestors. Bali young people currently in the making ogoh-ogoh have used modern materials. They use a sponge and steyrofom to form ogoh-ogoh to become more beautiful and good, but require greater cost than using bamboo and paper.

Almost all district governments in Bali held a competition when ogoh-ogoh parade. Even the government to provide financial assistance to groups of young people who have chosen to make better ogoh-ogoh and beautiful, for in procession in the city center.

Ogoh-ogoh in Bali is not only a tradition and ritual repellent evil spirits. Ogoh-ogoh in Bali has now become a tourist attraction that is able to attract the attention of local and foreign tourists to come to Bali for vacation. Ogoh-ogoh parade also become an annual event in Bali for tourist attractions.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The entire television broadcast that glows in Bali, turned off during Nyepi Day

Bali News: When Nyepi 2015, all television broadcasts emanating in Bali, will be turned off. As has been done in previous years during Nyepi Day 2015. This rule has been agreed by all the Broadcasting Agency in Bali, with a reason to make Nyepi quieter atmosphere.

When Nyepi, the whole house should be in the dark. There is no light of lamp or fire. broadcasters require considerable electrical energy for daily operations. Similarly, millions of viewers or listeners also requires no small amount of electrical energy to be able to listen to the broadcast emission of broadcasters. For broadcasters, stop broadcasting during Nyepi Day, also the cessation of all activities television broadcasts, for 24 hours, so that all employees can rest and perform rituals in peace.

Head of Information and Communications Department of Transportation Bali Province, said that Nyepi has given the efficiency of the efficient use of fuel in Bali, including also not encountered in exhaust emissions during one day. With that, the air quality can be better and cleaner. Nyepi Day is also a day for the health of the earth. No pulusi air, there is no use of fossil energy and electricity, while Nyepy Day a lot of energy saved, because no energy is burned.

In connection with the Nyepi Day it has coordinated with the district and the city, especially in the transport sector to work together to maintain a conducive atmosphere during the holy day, to no activity at all harbor entrance.

At the time of Nyepi Day in 2015, not only broadcast television is turned off, as well as all transportation activities, sea crossings, airports, all stopped. No one is likely to be allowed to come and go. When Nyepi Day 2015, Ngurah Rai Airport was closed. All flights stopped. When Nyepi, Bali Airport is the only airport that is closed.

About Nyepi 2015 in Bali

Nyepi is the Balinese New Years, silent day in Bali. All activity stopped. Large cities to villages that have been silent. Nyepi celebration consists of several rites performed ranging from a few days before Nyepi, until the day after Nyepi. 

Nyepi is derived from the word seeepi (silent). Nyepi is actually a celebration of the New Year based calendar of Caka. of Caka calendar began in 78 AD. Unlike the New Year celebrations in general, Caka New Year in Bali began to retreat. No activity as usual. All activities were discontinued, including public services, such as International Airport was closed, but the hospital is not covered because it is associated with the interests of the emergency.

Here is the order of the celebration of Nyepi 2015 in Bali: 

1. Makiyis / Melasti 

Makiyis / Melasti performed between four or three days before Nyepi. Melasti Ritual is equipped with an assortment of offerings. Such offerings as a symbol of Trimurti, 3 gods in Hinduism, Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma. And also paraded throne symbol of Brahma is "Jumpana". Melasti ceremony meaning that the cleaning process emotional and physical man and nature, by way of water washed away all the dirt using life. Therefore, prayer procession carried out in water sources. Implemented no later than mid-afternoon. The ceremony is also aimed begged Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa that people are Hindus were given the power to carry out a series of Nyepi.

2. March 20, 2015, Tawur Kesangan 

Tawur Kesanga is pecaruan ceremony held on tilem kesanga, held each end of the year of Saka calendar, a day before Nyepi, namely the "tilem sasih kesanga" (9th dead months), Hindu ceremony of Buta Yadnya at all levels of society, from of each family, villages, districts, and so on, by taking one of the types caru (sort of offerings) according to his ability. Tawur or pecaruan a ceremony to make Buta Kala (demons) became quieter, and all the negative influences (soiling), expected all the negative influences in life and this world can disappear. Mecaru followed by pengerupukan ceremony, which is spread-spread tawur rice, lit a torch in the yard of the house, rang the firecrackers, and hitting any objects (usually gong) to create the atmosphere and sounds crowded / noisy. This stage is to expel of Buta Kala (demons) from the home environment, yard, and the surrounding environment. In Bali, pengrupukan usually enlivened with ogoh-ogoh. Ogoh-ogoh embodies of Buta Kala (demons) who paraded around the village, and then burned. The goal is to expel of Buta Kala from the surrounding environment, so that when the Nyepi Day has a clean environment from negative influences.

3. March 21, 2015, Nyepi Day 

It is the culmination of the celebration of Nyepi in Bali. Started at 06:00 AM on March 21, until 06:00 am on March 22, 2015, the entire people in Bali are not allowed to leave the house, not to be spoken out loud, may not use the vehicle on public roads. Foreign tourists who were in Bali also have to comply with all customs regulations in Bali. At the time of Nyepi Day, Bali's airport closed for 24 hours. No flights from and to Bali. At the time of Nyepi Day, Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport is the only airport in the world that was closed for 24 hours.

4. March 22, 2015, Ngembak Geni Day. 

Ngembak Geni Day is the end of Nyepi Day. When the day, everyone can work as usual. People have been halted since morning activity. All family and relatives visit each other, greetings and devout forgive. Usually when Ngembak Geni Day, people relax into tourist attractions.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kuta is the center of drug trafficking in Bali

In Bali, the drug has become a drug is traded nightlife, one in Kuta. Kuta is the center of nightlife in Bali. Drugs have become a trend for fans to be able to enjoy the discos and feel relaxed when in the discotheque.

Ground zero monument in Jalan Legian Kuta, Bali Indonesia
Ground zero monument in Jalan Legian Kuta, Bali Indonesia

Although the drug is forbidden, but the fact of drugs is very easy in the can in Kuta. Jalan Legian as the most crowded place and the crowd in the center of Bali, is the location where most drug trafficking in Bali. Drug trafficking in Jalan Legian is not only done by the big city. Drugs in Kuta also sold by motorcycle taxi drivers and girls whore. Although selling drugs is not their main profession, but by selling drugs they can gain a huge advantage.

As centers of Kuta in Bali, and earned the nickname as an international city, has now become a potential market for illicit drug trafficking by international drug syndicates. The condition is evidenced by the arrest of members of an international drug syndicate trying to smuggle drugs into Bali in large numbers. Because Bali is a strategic region and the world famous as one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Bali is not only a potential market of illicit drug trafficking, but also some members of an international drug syndicate stay in Bali, and commit crimes of money laundering of illicit drugs. Money laundering of the proceeds of drug crime can be to buy a property in Bali, can be to travel, and so forth.

Based on data from the Bali Provincial Narcotics Agency in average transaction value of drugs in Bali each year, reaching over millions of dollars. Types of drugs most widely consumed in Bali which is a type of methamphetamine.

In 2012, a motorcycle taxi driver, John Edward Siahaan (24) was arrested by the Denpasar Police Narcotics Unit at his boarding house in Jalan Glogor Carik South Denpasar. Of the motorcycle taxis police found 3.65 grams of heroin.

Police had suspected the motorcycle taxi driver for a long time, finally succeeded in boarding houses membututi up to the motorcycle taxi drivers, he had six months of being in Bali.

From a dorm room, the motorcycle taxi drivers, police found heroin with a net weight of 3.65 grams. The information collected in the Denpasar Police arrest suspect thanks to the public information that the suspect often sell drugs in around Jalan Glogor Carik Denpasar.

Ogoh-ogoh is a form of excitement when the residents welcome the new year of Saka

Saka new year is a Balinese new year based calculations on the Balinese calendar. Saka New Year in Bali is often referred to as Nyepi Day. Unlike the other new year, which is celebrated with a festive and party, when Saka New Year, the Balinese people celebrate it with serenity. Saka New Year which this year has been entered into in 1937.

Ogoh-ogoh parade in Bali
Ogoh-ogoh parade in Bali

Saka New Year 1937 will take place on March 21, 2015. The celebration of the New Year of Saka has several series of ceremonies ranging from a few days before the new year. All the rituals and ceremonies before the new year aims to raise the balance of the universe, as well as neutralize any negative effects that may interfere with all of life, so in celebration of Nyepi universe has become calm and free from negative influences.

Nyepi 2015 will take place during the rainy season. When Nyepi Day is estimated rainfall will occur with very dense. Ogoh-ogoh festival will be drenched by rain. These conditions will damage the ogoh-ogoh and disrupt the festival. Ogoh-ogoh will be damaged and heavy rain as it absorbs water. Read also: Ogoh-ogoh parade 2015 will take place on March 20th.

Ogoh-ogoh is a paper doll with a frame made of bamboo. But this time ogoh-ogoh was created using styrofoam. Ogoh-ogoh made by youth groups in a village. Each village consists of several groups of youth. They make ogoh-ogoh with pleasure and joy. Ogoh-ogoh is the embodiment of youth artwork. So ogoh-ogoh not just a suggestion customary rituals and traditions, as well as the embodiment of youth excitement to welcome Nyepi Day in Bali. Read also: Nyepi Day 2015.

When Nyepi Day, all activity stopped. Foreign tourists in Bali must obey all the rules that apply during Nyepi Day. All the people were not allowed out of the house, may not go to use the vehicle on the road. That may be roaming the streets is just a security officer. Pecalang is customary security officers in Bali. Its mandate is to maintain a conducive environment in order to remain free of crime during Nyepi Day.

Ogoh-ogoh 2014 in Bali
Ogoh-ogoh parade of the most festive in the city of Denpasar. In Denpasar, Parade ogoh-ogoh 2015 will be the most colorful, vibrant, and crowded by the audience. Koda Denpasar has always been a tourist destination by tourists during ogoh-ogoh parade took place. In this city all youth groups make ogoh-ogoh with a very large and attractive. With a variety of themes and sizes ogoh-ogoh size is very large.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Underwater coral reefs in Menjangan Island has been in a bomb

Coral reefs in the sea around the island has been damaged. Residents found a number of coral reefs damaged by a bomb in by the person who is not responsible for the purpose of getting the fish. Location reefs in the bomb is in the diving spots, Sandy Slopes, precisely in the north on PosIPulauMenjangan. Residents and tour guides have many times found the coral reefs damaged in bombing by someone unknown.

Local residents were furious with the act committed by an unknown person for having bombed coral reefs in Menjangan Island to get the fish. Coral reefs crumble and fall apart. Local residents expect the local police to investigate this incident from happening again, and have an impact on the further degradation of coral reefs in the sea around the island.

On coral reefs damaged in the bombing is a live fish very interesting and beautiful. In some locations where the bombing, there are some fish that died. It is estimated that the bombs used toxic, because a lot of dead fish around the coral reefs are damaged.

Currently diving activity continues normally. The whole diving guides are instructed to be able to educate novice divers to participate in the effort to save the environment, especially the coral reefs around the island. The tour guide invites tourists to dive in a location that is not damaged by bombings that have been carried out under the sea. With the hope that tourists are not disappointed because it has been discovered reefs have been damaged by human activity.

Water Police in Buleleng has confirmed that indeed there has been a destruction of coral reefs with a bomb. Bombing incident at sea coral reefs around the island occurred around 06:00 pm. At the time of the tour guides and divers have stopped their activities in these waters. Provisional estimates, actors bomber coral reefs comes from Banyuwangi, East Java.

Underwater at Menjangan Island is known as a very famous dive spots. Has a diverse fish with a very beautiful corals and colorful. Menjangan Island is a small island that is protected and become part of the West Bali National Park.