Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's day, the day of love for the young people of Bali

Valentine's day in Bali is now going very lively. Differences with before the Internet was known by all the people of Indonesia. Therefore, valentine day celebration of culture is the culture of western countries. Sign in to Indonesian and well received by the citizens of Indonesia as a good day to express feelings of love and affection.

In Bali, valentine day celebrated by young people of Bali. They celebrate by way of making love with their lovers. Valentine's Day for the people of Bali are still interpreted with narrow thinking. Valentine's day is a day of love for that to have a lover. For youth who do not have a lover, they assume valentine day is a day that is not special, bad day, a day full of flavor too late, because it does not have a lover.

This year, Valentine's Day on February 14, 2015 right on Saturday. So that the celebration of the day of love coincide when the schedule youths meet with their lover.

Towards valentine day shops and supermarkets in Bali looks more lively with decorate their stores with pink ornaments. Decorations for valentine day celebration installed to brighten the day. Chocolate and flowers are the most widely sold ahead of Valentine's Day.

In some districts in Bali, local government makes a celebration of valentine day to provide entertainment to the residents. Held a music concert and a little party that residents feel the love passionately pleasure. This celebration also has a meaning that the government loves its citizens.