Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Traditional fishermen in Bali is getting poorer

Traditional fishermen in Bali increasingly poor due to the decreasing amount of their income from the catch of fish in the sea. Potential ocean around Bali wane. The fewer the number of fish. Abrasion along the coast continues to occur. Impact on poverty that continues to grow in Bali.

Traditional fishermen in Bali is getting poorer
Bali is surrounded by the sea. Bali is a small island that most of the population are farmers. Some residents who live by the sea, they work as fishermen, fishing in the sea. However, the tourism industry in Bali seaenjak growing by leaps and bounds, so many young people who choose to work in Bali tourism midwife, became employees of the hotel and restaurant, become a tour guide. Due to greater benefits than being a farmer and fisherman.

Abrasion in Bali increasingly widespread and occurs almost throughout the entire coastal area in Bali. This resulted in the decreasing segment and damaging coastal settlements in the area of coastal living. Life of traditional fishermen are also increasingly concerned. Not only caused by abrasion on the beach, as well as the number of fish that fewer and fewer. Formerly the fishermen into the sea as the surge to get the money. Now the sea into hell would not want to be in the search in order to get the fish.

Diminishing number of fish caused by many factors. But the biggest factor is the effect of global warming. Global warming resulting in climate change. Climate change impact on current changes, if ocean currents change, there will be changes immortal movement of fish in the sea colony. Plenty of fish in the sea migrate to a better place. That is why now in the ocean around Bali a reduction in the number of fish.

Traditional fishermen in Bali are also increasingly concerned with the arrival of investors who continue to undermine the beach and build hotels and other accommodation facilities. The investors who build hotels and villas around the coast will displace the existence of the enlayan. They have to move to put their boats, as has happened in Kuta Beach.

Once upon a time, Kuta Beach is a traditional fishermen catch fish. Kuta Beach is a place to put a traditional fisherman boats. Kuta Beach has become a tourist attraction that is dominated by foreign investors. So that the traditional fishermen have to move to put their boats. They shifted to the west, to a more quiet and calm. So that they can freely look for fish in the sea.